MMORTS War of Conquest is live on Kickstarter now

Are you eager to form a nation, fight your friends, and wage a war of conquest across the land? Then perhaps you’d like to check out War of Conquest on Kickstarter. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the title is derived from the original game of the same name made by ex-Turbine developers, which ran for several years before succumbing to the simple march of technology over time. But now the game is coming back with improved systems and graphics if the Kickstarter meets its lofty goal of… $7,000.

One may well suspect this Kickstarter is as much for promotion as it is for anything else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on it now and reap the appropriate benefits. The project is already just shy of 50% funding at $3,145 (as of this writing) and has quite a way to go in terms of time, so if the idea of a massively multiplayer strategy title tickles your fancy, keep your eye on this one.

Source: Kickstarter
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