Funcom promises better communication for Conan Exiles

Get ready for a flood of information from Conan Exiles. Funcom admitted that it had been dropping the ball on talking with fans about what’s going on with the game — a fault that it wants to correct starting post-haste.

“Unfortunately haven’t been the best at communicating recently, something we’re going to be addressing (and hopefully improving upon) today,” Conan Exiles’ community manager posted on multiple sites. The post went on to promise a weekly meeting with the entire dev team, during which notes will be taken and compiled for a regular Monday post to the community.

If you can stomach even more communication about the early access sandbox, check out this Gamasutra interview with Creative Director Joel Bylos in which he talks about Conan Exiles’ Zelda influences, the rocky rollout of the Xbox One version, and the studio’s decision-making process.

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4 Comments on "Funcom promises better communication for Conan Exiles"

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Zen Dadaist

How about Funcom promises better communication, and ends the sentance right there?


I’d believe it if this wasn’t an issue going all the way back to the launch of Anarchy Online.

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Paragon Lost

Recently? A lack of clear and consistent communication has been a hallmark of Funcom’s as far back as I can recall. Along with promises broken. Joel, just give it up and continue doing what you’re doing and stop trying to color it as anything that resembles “We give a damn”.

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Sorry, stopped reading at “Funcom promises”. Wake me when they actually deliver.