The Daily Grind: Are you ever attracted to MMOs that you know you’ll hate?

As an MMO enthusiast, I have this tendency to cheer games on and be interested in all sorts of titles — even the ones that I know deep down to my bones are not for me. For example, I am not a great fan of PvP-centric MMOs. I don’t resent their existence, but that gameplay is too stressful and fraught with drama for my taste.

Yet I can’t help but be attracted to some of these games because I like the art, the passion, or some of the non-PvP mechanics involved. Crowfall looks gorgeous and I’m all about its eternal kingdoms housing system. Camelot Unchained has such a great team and talent behind it that I feel wistful they aren’t making a PvE game. And I’ve even gone on record as saying that Albion Online’s art style and cross-platform accessibility is pretty cool. What is wrong with me?

Are you ever attracted to MMOs that you know you’ll hate? What do you do with that?

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61 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Are you ever attracted to MMOs that you know you’ll hate?"

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Oh, absolutely. Allllll the time.

They’re usually Korean MMOs. I inherently despise them and don’t think I’ve ever played a single one I’ve enjoyed, but they frequently make their gameplay trailers look amazing with beautiful landscapes and armor and what they deceptively make look like fun combat and something different than the usual Korean grind, cash shops, cluttered interface, automatic movement from quest to quest, terrible translation, etc. But, invariably, it’s always the same deal.

So yeah, screenshots and trailers for terrible Korean games often briefly get me before I fully realize what they are.

Rolan Storm

Black Desert Online, certainly.

Malcolm Swoboda

Allods (its core), Neverwinter (DND), Star Trek Online (ST), Aion (its soundtrack!). I fall for the themes in themeparks.

Alex Malone

Sort of.

Both ESO and FFXIV remain tempting options for me. I enjoy the artstyles of both, they are both well supported with large communities and regular content. They both seem like they could be great homes for me.

But, I’ve tried them both. ESO’s combat sucks balls, it is far too basic for my liking and I’m bored within an hour of playing it. FFXIV, the combat is a little more in depth but the zones are too linear, it’s still a boring quest grinder and I know I wouldn’t enjoy it in the long term.

I deal with these urges by strictly sticking to my personal criteria. Over the many years of playing MMOs, I came to identify 4 features that I cannot live without and so I judge all MMOs against that criteria:
* Deep combat system
* Objective-based open world pvp (i.e. fighting over keeps)
* Horizontal progression (at minimum at endgame, but preferably game-wide)
* Strong IP

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Peregrine Falcon

Yep. I still keep wanting to go back and try Star Trek Online.

Robert Mann

Nope. I might like features or ideas in an MMO while disliking the MMO overall, but I’m never attracted or interested in playing. It’s not hard to know I will not enjoy a game. Or that a game will only meet certain desires, albeit poorly, and will have x for negatives.

That said, I’m a little willing to take risks. If a game has reasons in place to avoid unwanted PvP, I will consider it. I know that if it is allowed at all some people will go there. However, if the motivation to avoid it is enough I tend to find that the really bad behavior is mitigated (those who would do so go elsewhere.) That usually means it costs real money in some way, and that it ‘ruins’ an account (or characters in pay per character monetization as per some upcoming games) by forcing those who grief to play for days without any such actions to recover enough to be able to do much. **AKA, not AA style where breaking the rules was encouraged and alts could be abused to grief lowbies constantly.**

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All the time, a nice cinematic trailer or a good art style or intriguing setting..all of these things can grab my attention..however experience has taught me that trying to exist and play the way i like in games which are not catered to my taste is inevitably doomed to disappoint.

This PVE care bear does not do well in angry monkey pvp territories hehe


I blame advertisers and friends. They talk some games up so much… and I bite. In the end the poor mechanics or rule-sets quickly drive me out.

I actually has to be good to retain me and my wallet.

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On occasion I have been attracted to PVP-heavy MMOs because I liked the setting or some of the other systems. I tried WAR, Aion and Archeage even though I knew in the long run the lack of PVE server would be a deal-breaker.

Roger Melly

No but when I was younger I was attracted to women I knew would be bad news . :P