Star Citizen denies claims that a backer sought and received a $45000 refund

[Update: ArsTechnica now reports that a Cloud Imperium rep has gone on the record stating that some of the Redditor’s claims are fabrication, including the amount (CIG maintains it was $330, not $45000) and that the screenshots and videos depicting poor customer service are forgeries. We can confirm the same statements have now been made to us by the same CIG rep. Cheers, Cotic! The original article follows.]

If you’re as “fed up” with waiting for Star Citizen as Chris Roberts is “fed up” with providing endless moving release dates for alpha 3.0, there’s one recourse left to you: get a refund.

That appears to be precisely what one guild has done. A report on ArsTechnica points to claims on the Star Citizen Refunds subreddit, where an anonymous player has seemingly provided proof to the public and to moderators that he and his guild sought and received refunds on $45,000 worth of completionist packages (three for $15,000 apiece). He makes clear his antagonism toward the game, too.

“We sidelined many other great games and commercial opportunities waiting for Star Citizen, but in the end we can’t wait any longer, and a new generation is joining also who have absolutely no interest,” Redditor Mogmentum claims. “The final straw was evidence presented the committee of Chris Roberts blatantly lying, we don’t mind the delays but couldn’t handle the lies anymore, and it left us wondering what else he is knowingly lying about.” He doesn’t elaborate on those accusations.

He also claims “it was a nightmare getting the refund” because of the ID required and corporate credit card process. “Total it took about 5 weeks to get sorted,” he alleges. “They definitely try to delay you as much as possible in the hope you’ll forget or give up.”

The subreddit is filled with claims like this one, though this is surely among the highest – if it’s legitimate. (The general Star Citizen sub, we should note, is skeptical, and has further pointed out that the game earns more from backers in a single day than this refund cost.)

We have reached out to CIG’s PR for comment, but generally studios do not comment on their finances or player accounts, so don’t hold your breath.

Star Citizen has had a bit of a rough couple of weeks; following its impressive real-time facial animation display at Gamescom, CIG has been talking up its survival mechanics, including perceived nuisances or trivialities (depending on your view) like defecation effects while slowly whittling down the alpha 3.0 bug list. A delayed Gamescom interview published this week by Eurogamer has been criticized as a seemingly frustrated Chris Roberts suggested he was tired of “fan trolling” and people asking him for release dates, though he also rejects the exhausting notion that the game is a scam.

Source: Reddit via ArsTechnica. With thanks to Serrenity!
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odin valhalla

Had the investor put that money in the market, giving the bull run we are on… LOL

Rolan Storm

Always fun to know that things are usual in the Realm. ‘Well, not guild… Well, not $45k…’ Heh.

Roger Melly

Like most here I think this is probably just trolling Star Citizen but the damage has been done I have spoken to several people today who are convinced it’s real .

I think it is possible that some people who have invested larger sums of money into the game might seek refunds especially if the rate of development doesn’t pick up .

I guess they could try and sue the person responsible( and to be honest after some of what I have read here I wouldn’t blame them) but can you imagine the online backlash that would provoke .

Joe Blobers

Quote Roger melly:”I think it is possible that some people who have invested larger sums ”

That is exactly the type of comment we can expect after such “fake drama”. Proven fake but who knows… after all it is may be time for refund?
If they are convinced this is real by reading headlines, they will be convinced this is not buy reading updated headlines, right?

The “damage” are negligeable to SC project. Players do not join based on headlines only but contents and perspective.

As you said the rate of development is key. Good news. CIG do have all lights on green in terms of game engine, pipelines, team size and pledges.
3.0 is at one hand of Evocati group of testers and the 4 remaining patch (3.1 to 4.0) are much smaller than 3.0). Expect at least 3 of them released by end of 2018 which make Beta at 5/6 quarters.

Those who have pledged more than a starter package are also the ones who can see the benefit to have exclusive or big ship at Beta and after. Why sell on grey market while you probably can’t buy the same ships, with or without LTI, in a year and half or at a much higher price?

With the right remaining patch timing release, CIG ensure a steady pledges flow, through new backers and older backers.

Patreon Donor

At this point, if SC turns out to not be a game and it was all for the internet drama, I’d be OK with that.


It was Fabricated. The guy got busted and deleted his Reddit account.


too bad CIG knows his identity :))

Roger Melly

Even if they do they would be wise to let the matter rest .


Why is that? He didn’t have a right to a refund of anything in the first place but RSI\CIG were nice enough to give refunds anyways. When you back the game it gives notification that you are not entitled to a refund and once you accept it you acknowledge and accept that and have no legal right to a refund.

Roger Melly

I was referring more to CIG bringing legal action against this guy for lying on reddit . Which I imagine could be construed as defamation maybe ?( as Novascotiacitizen alludes to in another post ) .

Offering refunds is not nice of them it is good business practice because if they refused to do so it would soon get about that something might be amiss with the game and it might deter new backers .

Loyal Patron

I have no idea what did or did not happen but I do have to point
out you are looking at a video which had to be edited and encoded
to end up on the web so saying that it had to be true that it happened
because in an edited video refreshing the page could not be faked is
kinda silly.

Basically if you upload raw avi files they would be hundreds of megabytes instead of the edited footage of screen grabs. Ah I might be wrong but weren’t the high roller packages 12k anyway? which would be 36 thousand dollars. I hope no one short of money bought those but people with disposable income only. Those people kudos for supporting the game development.


Also think about this. If your guild was requesting refunds why would they refund the money to only one person? That is proof enough that his images and video’s were falsified.

Joe Blobers

Guess what… fake. As I told yesterday before CIG provided an answer.

This subreddit “refund”section is out of any control like Escapist was by providing “proof” of ex-employees ID that was proven fake. Even better This the nest of all guys rushing every SC article to shoot refund. Astormapproachs is one of this subreddit active mods.. who “approved” himself the evidence (jpges and video included) as “valid”… just to say that everything they can do to hurt SC Comunnity will be done…

There is already proven fake Jpge of $16.000 (few weeks ago). OP on Reddit call moron people saying it is fake and provide a few seconds video refreshing a screen on what his supposed to be a 45K refund…

This can be faked with some relatively medium video podcast skill and video editing tools. He could have also simulated the White House garden with alien walking on the grass.

Here is another “Org proof jpges” of +108K$ refund. Totally false of course.

Trolls are desperate for visibility with major patch upcoming in October.

Another “drama”.. another flop. But for now, I am the one with the biggest refund with 108K$ :)

I try to deliver information based on facts and numbers and denounced already months ago the orchastrated campaign of obfuscation, lies and deception used by a very small group of toxic individual to desperately try to hurt CR and SC Community supporting Star Citizen project.
I said also they were going to switch to a more frenetic toxic behavior before 3.0 because this patch is the nail in DS and followers hatred coffin.

Looking at comments poping up like popcorn on PCInvasion comment section, with a military timing, one troll after the orther, each one leaving his pre formatted message, supporting each others. Quite a captivating troll’s ballet indeed :)

Starting with the guy who “validated” the “evidence” (the same guy rushing every sincle SC article to leave message of Doom and Mod/Admin of this very Reddit subsection), followed by is three lieutenant… and the Clown arriving minutes after and leaving his LOL messages.
Same ballet repeated on some others web sites which were more interested by quick buzz headline than anything else… The recent “loan gate” then “Australian tax gate” were probably too far away to remember how they both ends up…

Fascinating. Disgusting human behavior as its best. I did not write “pinnacle” because I expect much bigger lies/hoax in the next coming months, because those guys and their spiritual leader have proved already to have precisely no limits :)

Note: Still that does not mean some backers or none backers can’t have genuine doubt or question. This is fine and only release of major patch like 3.0 and following will lift most of those doubts/questions during following quarters.
In the meantime it is not forbidden to educate ourself and try to sort ou what belong to frustration handling versus scam , con or childish behavior…

PS: Credit to Palonga for the second picture with the Clown
PSbis: lastest news-> Update: The redditor who made the original post on has deleted their account… :)

Fake or not fake.png
Fake DS (palonga).png

Maybe Ars should’ve done some research before copy/pasting GIFs from reddit. I’ve been reading Ars for a long time but since they shifted the focus away from tech/science to gaming coverage and the like, the journalistic quality seems to be going down hill.

Melissa McDonald

Yeah unfortunately too many tech sites have descended into “opinion” instead of “reporting”. ENGADGET published a manifesto last year about how they were changing to a site that was based on their “perspective” and interjected things like evolution, global warming, every possible political slant as being “irrefutable” and something they’d be pushing in their articles.

I pretty much quit reading when their tech articles became soapboxes to push the editor’s political views. Really baffling to me why, but ESPN is doing exactly the same thing – becoming about politics more than sport.

I pray that Massively doesn’t become the same thing, a platform for pushing the views of the writers that transcends game reporting.

Torb Inator

You have absolutely no idea what journalistic standards are. CIG continues to get a free pass from most of the media. There is no balanced reporting on CIG at all – it is all promotion of the “game” and no critical analysis.

Joe Blobers

Quote Torb Inator:”There is no balanced reporting on CIG”

Say the guy who spent tens comments on various sites to copy/paste reddit subsection proven fake stories but still defend them with baseless arguments + direct link to the Clown blog :)

Talk us about balanced reporting Torb :)


PCGamer had an article up as well but removed it shortly after CIG’s response to Ars’ article. had it running far, far earlier in the day.

As long as the article is not presenting the situation as fact then there’s not really any problem. Look at articles where people get arrested, it’s alleged that they commited the crime, should media hold off reporting on such things until it has been proven and the perp convicted?


Didn’t say Ars should only publish info that is 100% proven. I said they shouldn’t publish arbitrary, anonymous (or pseudonymous) posts from one of the most notorious corners of the internet, without at least a minimal fact checking in advance.

BTW: in my OP I’ve not criticised Massively. After it has been published on a site like Ars, it “became news”, in a sense, because it was obvious that a significant discussion would follow and, in addition, part of the news is that Ars publishes such a story. I’d guess that Bree would not have published the article above only based on the reddit post without the Ars article.


Waiting would be the Smart thing to do. However this is about a game not an arrest. So if something like this happens you end up looking like an ass who didn’t do the research which damages your credibility. Ars clearly didn’t do the research and think the story through. I bet their editor hates having egg on their face.

Kickstarter Donor
Loyal Patron
Jack Pipsam

I still don’t understand how people threw thousands upon thousands at a CGI model anyway, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if one of them came to their senses about their ‘purchase’.