Guild Wars 2 races to fix Path of Fire login and instance creation issues during launch weekend

With the popularity of this month’s Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the pressure is on for ArenaNet to keep the game running as smoothly as possible for all veteran, new, and returning players. While we have been hearing positive word-of-mouth about the expansion, there have been some serious issues that have kept many players from enjoying it – including our own columnist.

Login difficulties are the start of ANet’s woes, and the studio is racing to fix them. Even more dire are instance creation problems, which were serious enough to elicit a statement by Mike O’Brien, who said that the team has been “working on the connection and story instance creation problems that have been cropping up during peak hours in Europe.” The Guild Wars 2 boss said that the team believes the underlying issues have been fixed but will be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure this is true.

Meanwhile, there are smaller bugs and corrections that have been addressed via hotfixes to bolster the new expansion.

Let’s assume that you’re not being held back by any of these problems but you are struggling a bit with the new Crystal Oasis mastery. Dulfy has you covered in this tremendous guide:

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14 Comments on "Guild Wars 2 races to fix Path of Fire login and instance creation issues during launch weekend"

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Terren Bruce

On the first day I had some disconnect issues but after a hotfix that night I haven’t had that problem since. I also had low fps on the new zones the first two days but yesterday that wasn’t a problem anymore either.

I’d super enjoyed the expansion so far, it’s the most immersive GW2 has ever been and it really fills that exploration itch. I’m still pretty early in the expansion so no final thoughts on it but I’ve been having a ton of fun so far!


A few hiccups, but otherwise I’ve had an absolute blast!

blah blazh

a few dc’s on the first day but since then it’s been pretty smooth (other than a huge fps drop in Amnoon, which is probably due to my ancient computer).


The wife and I tried 3 times to finish a particular instance, only to be kicked from it at the end (20 minutes per attempt). We will try again tonight, then give up if it doesn’t work.

Austin Alexander

I have to say, I’m very impressed once again with ArenaNet and how they handled this launch. Now granted, I didn’t buy the expac til yesterday, so I didnt encounter issues that had been fixed by then. I did have HORRIBLE lag when I first started, but just needed a driver update and everything has been smooth since then. With that and the fact that there seem to be relatively few issues overall that are being fixed very quickly, I’d say this is one of the best launches I’ve seen in a while.


I’d made a new character and couldn’t figure out why like 30 other people were running around the normally empty newbie human instance. Oh, because nobody could finish the tutorial and leave. OK.

Tina Lauro Pollock

Pleased to say my instance creation problems are (kinda) fixed! Super happy ^.^ It still occasionally crops up but now a relog makes it work.

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Interesting. I played a lot this weekend and hit a few issues (either with login servers going down or the instance creation issues, the latter of which, in my experience, was limited to certain maps and story instances and didn’t affect the whole game), but after I tried again in ten minutes or so it was fine. That combined with the fact that the game was surprisingly lag-free, I’d say that this was actually one of the smoother launch periods I’ve experienced for an MMO expansion. But maybe I was just lucky enough not to be on when the problems were happening.

Nathan Aldana

Yeah, it kinda sucked when we were roadblocked for a few hours from instances. But impressed with anets quick response time and having just finishged the main plot Im ctually insanely excited to just start exploring the zones


Yes, just finished the first Crystal Desert map and it was very satisfying; enjoying Paths of Fire immensely. I’m hard-pressed to think of the last time a game release met or exceeded my pre-release hype expectations like PoF has. At least for me, ArenaNet delivered in spades. High-Five!


…just wait, I thought the maps got progressively better and better


Certainly truer words were never said. Just did the first story and big event in Desert Highlands, and I’m speechless……..epic and breathtaking! :D