EverQuest II’s summer panda NPC moves into the game for good

With time running out to finish a series of seasonal quests, some EverQuest II players were fretting that they wouldn’t be able to finish everything before the merchant Yun Zi poofed back into the aether for another year. The good news is that this is no longer a concern, as Daybreak decided to make the merchant and his nine-part quest series permanent content.

“There are many reasons for this decision, mostly due to the tithe catch up and balance issues that we wanted to fix before the Planes of Prophecy release,” the team posted. “We decided that leaving the questing content available would help alts, new, and returning players down the line, and that there is no real downside to leaving it active. We also saw a lot of players panicking because they were missing quests due to being out on summer vacations, facing natural disasters, etc, and wanted to ensure no one felt stressed that they were missing out.”

Considering that this NPC’s quests eventually pay out with a new house, a decoration pack, and gear, you can see why this might be a concern for players. The panda merchant can be found on Spire Island, where he’s now residing year-round.

Source: EverQuest II
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Nice! I may never get to this with my super-casual EQ2 play, but at least they’re keeping this…unlike another game I could mention that likes to permanently delete pre-expansion content…

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Marisa Kirisame

This was a good decision. The quests are just sightseeing in different parts of the world, and there were some decent rewards. There was no real reason to not let people who couldn’t play have a chance at them.


The rewards are a uber stepup from the stuff a freshly boosted 100 gets, no doubt there. Even someone who makes 100 the “old fashioned” way, aka organically, will benefit from the stuff. I have been meaning to play around with all the housing rewards. One day… :P

Duey Bear

I am a sucker for pandas.


This is good news for those in hurricane ravaged areas!

Lord Zorvan

Pretty sure the last thing those people are worried about is a fucking panda in a bloated corpse of game.


As someone who has been through many hurricanes, including Ivan, I would tend to agree, but still it’s in the mind of some of them nonetheless. There were other reasons for DBG making this permanent. Probably was a bit narrow minded of me to focus on one reason.