The Daily Grind: Which NPC would you like to see more of in your MMO?

I think I speak for a majority of Secret World veterans when I say that we need 100% more Hayden Montag in this MMO. The odd headmaster of Innsmouth Academy is endearing with his ill-fitting clothes, complete lack of social tact, and his macabre backstory. He could totally hold up a spin-off of his own.

Sometimes MMO writers (and the characters’ voice actors, if there are any) can strike gold with a particular NPC. These characters become more than placeholder names and faces to us; they make a connection with players and are fleshed out to a greater depth. And when that happens, you naturally want more.

So which NPC would you like to see more of in your MMO? Who needs to come back for more missions and stories?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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40 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Which NPC would you like to see more of in your MMO?"

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Ian Wells

So we are talking Innsmouth Academy of TSW/SWL fame and not about Carter? For shame…


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Aymeric, the Grand Pimp Elf is always good to see in FFXIV.


While you’re on Secret World, PLEASE tell me you didn’t forget the duo of Radcliffe and Blake, the pair of Orochi scientists that enlist you to help, and have such wonderful back and forth banter (the latter of which was voiced by Voyager actor, Leroy Brazile, better known as Tuvoc).

Zen Dadaist

Oh hell yes. Those two need more postings elsewhere in the world.


Yep, caught that, especially their ‘Red Shirt’ reference. :D


I loved the Skysaga chicken. Especially the winter version in tiny cute green sweater.
That was even better than the Wildstar Rowsdower. There was a chicken suit ingame too. Chicken fanart (pics). Chicken sculptures. They had so much great animation, plopped down on its little butt to sleep, walking somewhere an doing this funny animation of looking around … very personable. The penguin cones were great too but the chicken ruled them all.
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Rest in peace little buddy.

Cadwell in ESO is a favorite too.

Sheryl Lard

That indian family running a shop in TSW’s Solomon Island


Kind of guilty pleasures of mine; Elisa Flores and the Andorian Tarsi from the Star Trek Online tutorials. They were campy and gung ho but very likable. Maybe they won’t win any awards for sophisticated NPC’s and voice acting, but I found them rather endearing. Alas, they clam up after the tutorials end. I understand the reasons for this, but still miss their banter.

Another from STO who comes to mind is the Andorian Captain Thelin from the Federation Klingon War arc. The voice actor was a bit over the top in his delivery, making him a dead ringer for Jeff Combs’ Shran from Enterprise. I get the feeling though that he was replaced in the STO universe by the more pedestrian Captain Shon.

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WoW’s Captain Placeholder.

Ashley Bau

Zeid in FFXI is a big one that I wanted to see more of. On a secondary note, while I don’t like FFXIV as a whole, I could always use some more hildibrand.


Hmm… at the moment, I’d like to see more of Jinsoyun. Who, you may ask? The main antagonist in BnS, of course. Yes, yes. The entirety of the game, up to know has been about her, to a great extent. But that is not what I’m talking about.

I want to know about the early years with Jiwan. The good times and how she fared then. I’d also like to know about her years after Jiwan and before she became The Black Rose. Oh, they weren’t pleasant. No, indeed. I’m sure it was a dark time for those got in her way.

So, give me more time with Jinsoyun. It’s a sad story and there so much more to dig into there.

Ariel Domen

I’ll echo the others here about ESO: Razum Dar!!!! Also Darien and Stibbons. <3