Farewell to My.com MOBA Cloud Pirates, which sunsetted over the weekend

If you blinked, you missed it: Cloud Pirates shut down over the weekend.

My.com announced that it was giving up on its Allods-themed Cloud Pirates MOBA back at the end of August; the game’s last day was technically September 29th, although when we tried to stream it Friday, it had already shut down, frustrating our farewell effort.

At the time, My.com didn’t explain the reason for the sunset, but we assumed it was simply a matter of its low numbers on Steam. The game’s western port had only been known for a year; it hit early access in February, then launched in April.

Our condolences to those affected by the shutdown. There’s a little bit of chatter on the game’s subreddit, including a screenshot gallery of the last days of the game, plus check out Last Level Press’ final video of the game.

Source: Reddit
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Grave Knight

Probably closed it due to low player base caused by lack of advertising. Honestly the only reason I even knew about the game was because of some E3 thing a couple years ago, and then nothing.

Yoshi Senpai

I saw the first four words in the headline and was hopeful.

Too bad I was wrong.


Well now I am honestly glad I got to play this before the shutdown~


This one actually had pretty good gameplay. Everything from ship design to abilities was interesting too. The reason I left was the business model and because there just weren’t a lot of players. PvP games that fail to reach a certain threshold of popularity early on tend to die off over time.


So you’re saying they couldn’t acumulus enough players?


I’m Cirrus!



Jack Kerras


Not at all. This was way more like World of Tanks or Star Conflict or Dreadnought. Where do you get MOBA from?


Sunsetting is a term I like to reserve for online games that pass on to the great server in the sky after a long and rich life.

Some games just die.


Yeah I have to agree with the monetization thing. Shame. had a lot of potential.

Nick Smith

Really fun game. I enjoyed this one. I’m upset that it shut down. I had my gems converted to aurums to play revelation… account got hacked. Then my sub prematurly ended for no reasonable explanation. Too much to deal with.

Robert Mann

Yeah, the 3D aspect of this made it a little interesting, but the Pay to get the cool stuff factor, and the standard other issues with MOBAs that somehow still managed to plague it… made it a solid no for me.


MY.Com is failing on all fronts
Revelation Online=Failed
Cloud Pirates=shutdown What’s funny is that they do the same shit in every single fking game lol Pay to fucking win, every one of these games had an aspect of P2W and killed the enjoyment for allot of ppl. They are a hopeless company. They just can’t seem to grasp that P2W does not work period in NA and it does not flourish , there isn’t a single game in NA that is flourishing with legit P2W and i said legit because allot of ppl don’t seem to know what real pay to win means.

Jack Kerras

These folks do seem to have REAL rough times figuring out what monetization works in the West.

Allods Online’s original F2P mechanics were one of the most pay-to-win things I’ve ever seen. Cloud Pirates wasn’t the WORST on that front, but it wasn’t the best either; they do an awful lot of gatekeeping and restricting, when what they should be doing is delivering a great game (they did, Cloud Pirates was fun!) and then keeping up with extras, account bumps, swappable ships with extra slots that makes it cost more ‘maintenance’ to bring extra ships into battles (or just reduces the reward unless you’re a premium member), etc.

They build games like this because they work back home. They don’t work here, and it sucks for them; they need a really good consultant on that front, and they haven’t been getting one for some reason.

Castagere Shaikura

Friend of mine loved the idea of this but was so pissed that it was a moba and not an mmo.


Really? Wow. I saw a stream of it a few months ago. Didn’t seem empty at all, and looked like fun. Maybe I have this confused with another game…

Jack Kerras

Oh, no. Matchmaking for me was nice and snappy even quite recently, just a few minutes to find a game. I’m only T3, though, so it wasn’t MAX LEVEL. Less time than it takes to get a game of Dreadnought (which is superior in gameplay by FAR, I feel, and beautiful to boot!)


Always meant to try this one out just never got around to it.