Here’s the in-game swag you’re getting with a BlizzCon virtual ticket (including WoW mounts!)

How many of you buy the BlizzCon virtual ticket as much for the in-game swag as for the actual streams? Even if not, you’re still getting the loot, and Blizz has just dished out just what it is.

  • In World of Warcraft, you’re getting mounts, one for each faction. Hey, these are actually sweet. Better than the traditional minipet!
  • Diablo III fans will be whipping out the Murkomancer minipet.
  • In Overwatch? It’s a special Winston skin.
  • StarCraft II players are getting three cute SCV, probe, and drone skins.
  • Heroes of the Storm fans are also getting a mount.
  • And for Hearthstone, who even knows. You’re just being teased with a “mystery goodie.” “The Innkeeper’s not quite ready to show his hand quite yet,” quips Blizz.

So those are the in-game items you’ll score for your $40, which also gets you access to all the live video. The WoW, StarCraft II, and Overwatch items are already live, while the other games have yet to debut theirs. Will you be watching the festivities along with us?

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9 Comments on "Here’s the in-game swag you’re getting with a BlizzCon virtual ticket (including WoW mounts!)"

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Erik Heinze-Milne

Hey look, flying mounts, that you can’t use without doing a long and horrible grind… yay…

I mean, I guess they are essentially free since I would be getting the virtual ticket regardless, but still, mildly irritating.

Kickstarter Donor

Still useful for alts in earlier content, especially with the dual seats :)


Two-person flying mounts is basically a $25 value alone as the majority of two-seaters in WoW require buying them off of the cash shop or doing very very very lengthy/luck-based stuff in-game.

The aesthetics of the Winston skin look great imo, and the cyberboar or whatever the heck that is for HotS looks pretty epic. Then again I’m also partial to blue & black color schemes, but TBH this is probably the best virtual ticket loot to date if actively playing at least WoW.

Loyal Patron

It’s the only one I’ve been interested in thus far. I also find some of the panels more interesting this year. And Muse isn’t a bad band. I think I’m in after this news release.

Dug From The Earth

The 2 person flying mount in wow alone is worth nearly 40 bucks. If you are planning on watching blizzcon, and play WoW, this is a great deal.


Interesting mounts but not worth buying the ticket nor worth playing the game again to bother. Its like free popcorn advertised at a used car dealership when you’re not needing to buy a car and really aren’t hungry.

Loyal Patron

I’ve never not been hungry for popcorn.

Patreon Donor
Schlag Sweetleaf


Matthew Yetter

I’ve got to say, those WoW mounts are actually pretty awesome. If I still played the game, I’d be tempted to get the virtual ticket just for that.