IGN has apparently bought up the Humble Bundle company

IGN has just announced that it’s scooped up a pretty sweet acquisition: It now owns the company behind Humble Bundle, known best for its cheap game bundle deals and originally famed for its charity work (reportedly over $100M for charity since 2010).

In an interview with Gamasutra, the top men of both Humble and IGN say they have no grand plans to change anything about the platform.

“We want to stick to the fundamentals in the short term. We don’t want to disrupt anything we’re doing right already,” Humble’s John Graham reportedly said. “Because of the shared vision and overlap of our customer bases, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities.”

No doubt.

Source: Gamasutra. With thanks to TJ and OneEyeRed.
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Not yet decided if I should cancel Humble Monthly, definitely leaning towards yes

Knight Porter

Download and back up everything now.


I don’t know.

It’s like when your friend steals your last french fry and then gags on it while laughing in your face.

There is loss and disappointment yet a measure of validation and revenge. But, in the end, you still lost that fry. The bastard!


ign is the milk toast pop music rom com of games industry internet rags. ign is taylor swift and queen bae. people get ticked at that. idk, as long as i can keep getting games on the cheap i dont care.

humble isnt where my philanthropy is.

Jack Kerras


No. Come on. Tell me I haven’t actually woken up yet, and I’m gonna get up and this is gonna be fine. :/


So the key words there are “in the short term”.


I never understood this humble bundle thing.

People are interested in a game that would usually cost $30 and buy it in a bundle with 5 other games for $5 total, then walk away thinking they have done something morally good because charity gets a share. To me it always seemed as if someone has to lose out on such a deal, but I might well be overlooking something, here. OTOH, it is an interesting marketing concept, for sure.

Also, I don’t like to buy many games (or books, or other media) at once, because it just tends to grow my pile of stuff I’ll never get around to playing/reading/watching…


They have done something morally good. You get to pick where your money goes – you can put the slider up so charity gets it all (most people leave the slider alone I’d guess though).

It’s normally the developers giving a huge discount so that people will give to charity at the same time. I wouldn’t say they really lose out much though. They normally put up a title that has slowed down and people buying it on Humble are people who wouldn’t have bought it otherwise – so they get money for a digital copy of the game that people wouldn’t have bought otherwise. People get the games at a huge discount and get to try out different games than they would have normally, expanding what they are interested in and where they will spend money in the future. Charity gets a cut. Are there really any losers there?

Like you said, you don’t get it.

Having a huge pile of games in your Steam library doesn’t hurt anything, you only install what you want at once. Sure it’s better if you’re interested in one or two of the games, but you also don’t have to use the keys and add them to your Steam account if you don’t want. You can add just what you like, you can gift the rest of the keys to other people or just never even claim them if you really don’t care. So you can buy a single game you’re interested in for cheap, use that key on your Steam account, and not add the rest of the keys if you don’t want to so you won’t fill up your account, if that really is an issue (which it shouldn’t be).

roo woods

I suspect not a lot will change in spite of the fears of many people posting here . Well I hope so anyway .

Vice Vandal

As someone who has worked for a few companies that got bought by big conglomerates, things will change, and not for the better.


There is NO WAY that this is going to end well.

0% chance.

What a waste.

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Jack Pipsam

IGN is known to try different things, they’ve attempted all sorts of stuff from daily deals in the past, their own yearly subscription service which I don’t think offers any decent rewards anymore, a TV show on Disney, various different YouTube high-budget show attempts ect. They throw a lot at the wall, but it seems anything rarely sticks long for them.

I still visit IGN, I don’t have the hatred for them many seem to foster, I like their podcasts for example quite a bit. But I would be lying if this isn’t somewhat concerning as they’ve failed many different things in the past.
Gamespy, Fileplanet, Team Xbox, 1Plus, that MMO site (Arena?), ect ect ect.

Hopefully this works out better for the both of them.