Skyforge’s new equipment system puts the power of stats in your hands

Here’s a think piece: Why do so many MMORPGs make gear stats needlessly complex and obtuse? What might make sense to a developer who lives and breathes these numbers is headache-inducing calculus to players.

Enter Skyforge and its new equipment system, which is attempting to make gear both understandable and adaptable to the needs of each gamer. Each piece of gear has a certain number of main and secondary properties that it can equip (such as base damage or serial kill). These properties can be swapped for ones that a player desires more, allowing for hands-on customization.

Even better, gear can be leveled up in quality, from unusual up to mythic, by increasing its “integrity” meter. Each time the meter fills up, the gear is bumped up to a new tier and adds new property slots to utilize. Simple enough? Hopefully!

Source: Skyforge
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I always kinda liked this game even though it was a pretty mindless lobby rpg. I liked the skill web thing, I liked the classes, I liked the holiday events. But it was just so mindless. The dungeons, the world quests, just everything was mindlessly grinding.


it’s pretty unclear with the few info given out in that dev post.
currently it’s dead simple. higher number = better. you grind to hope and get better stuff off rng.

it seems to me they are making it more complicated (and cost credit). are they getting rid of the whole generation thing? can you upgrade from one gen to another? all it says is rare -> epic -> etc, which doesn’t actually say much.

i hate to have to grind for credits

Indigo Salma

SO they are going back to what the game was before that atrocious game changing update ?