Stephan Frost’s Nexon project gains former Amazon gameplay engineer

The handrubbing intrigue over Stephan Frost’s mysterious project at Nexon ramped up this week with the announcement of another member that has signed up with the untitled game.

“Senior Gameplay Engineer Gabe Paramo joined the crew at Nexon OC today. I’m excited to get to work with this guy again,” Frost announced on Twitter yesterday.

According to Paramo’s LinkedIn profile, he came to Nexon from Double Helix Studios at Amazon where he had been working in various roles since 2008.

Frost raised a few eyebrows last month when he left his seemingly cushy position as a World of Warcraft senior design producer to take up shop with Nexon as the creative and game director of a new and unannounced title.

Source: Twitter
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The header is image is all the proof you need that grown ass men should not be taking selfies, especially cringe worthy shots like this one.

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Double Helix has made one of the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. Front Mission Evolved. I am glad Amazon is shaving off some of the fat – no pun intended.

They need to get leaner and meaner.

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Oh GOD! MassivelyOP what are you doing?

With respect to the two gentlemen but seeing that picture while still waking up is not a great way to start your day. Lesson learned have morning coffee first before browsing the internet not browse internet while waiting for morning coffee.

hehe :-)


No idea what the game is but I would bet almost anything that it features lootboxes and p2w.

Coldin Torrence

Eh. Let me know when there’s actually a game there to show off. It’s kind of hard to believe in most projects doing well just based on some of the talent.

Kickstarter Donor

Still wondering what the play is from Nexon, their US/western “strategy” continues to be a mystery to me.

Raimo Kangasniemi

It’s not that big a mystery – “Make lots of money”.

I hope its a real MMO, that’s all.