RIFT prepares the Autumn Harvest and Crucia’s Claw update

Can you ever get too much of a good thing? RIFT is certainly trying to pack a very full week of activity, starting with today’s release of Update 4.3: Crucia’s Claw.

Update 4.3 adds two key pieces of content. The first is the new Mystic Archer soul for mages, which allows characters to fire spell-saturated arrows at their foes. The second is the Bastion of Steel tier 2 raid, which sounds quite daunting: “Bastion of Steel will provide the best equipment yet to be found in the Celestial Lands for Ascended that are up to the challenge.”

One day after 4.3 drops, on October 26th, RIFT will herald the return of its annual Autumn Harvest. In addition to the regular activities, such as snatching back artifacts from those klepto fairies, RIFT is tossing in a few new surprises for this year. These delights include the Iron Tomb housing dimension, scary Halloween masks, sleek raven’s wings, and more.

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6 Comments on "RIFT prepares the Autumn Harvest and Crucia’s Claw update"

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Bruno Brito

Do the characters still have terrible animations?

Colin Goodwin

I honestly can’t believe people are still spending money on this game.

Annoyed badger

I cant believe you come to shit on a game you dont play. Have you really nothign better to do with your life?

Colin Goodwin

I’m not the one that came to a comment that had nothing to do with them and immediately got butthurt, buddy. Lol and yet it asks me if I have nothing better to do, look in a mirror.

Kickstarter Donor

The Mystic Archer soul was not included with the patch. There’s no real information yet, just that it was delayed a bit and will be in the store soon.


i recommend avoiding this game they are very shady