The Daily Grind: What would surprise you from BlizzCon?

There’s a difference between predictions and hopes. Predictions are what you think is actually going to be there. Hopes are what you’d like to be there. So I have my predictions about this year’s BlizzCon, and you’ll all get your chances to publicly share your own in the near future. But that’s not the same as what you hope for, and perhaps more importantly, that’s not the same as what would surprise you.

Case in point: No new World of Warcraft expansion would surprise me. Heck, anything other than a standard boxed expansion would surprise me. It’s not outside of the realm of possibility, but it’s certainly unexpected.

So today, let’s talk about surprises. What would surprise you from BlizzCon? A new game being revealed? New modes for Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm? No expansion for Hearthstone? What sort of things wouldn’t be on your prediction list but would definitely throw you fora loop while still feeling remotely plausible?

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A brand-new IP, regardless of game type or genre.

Blizzard creates fantastic IPs, but far too slowly.


Genuine surprise – WoW adopting a F2P model.

I’m sure it will happen eventually, especially now that Blizzard has some experience with the F2P approach, but announcing it at *this* Blizzcon would be a genuine surprise to me.

Things like World of Starcraft/Diablo just don’t feel like they are plausible, especially after what they went through with Titan’s development, nor does a single player PvE campaign in Overwatch.

Robert Mann

The only thing I want remains a mass apology for the times they have treated their customers with something beyond a lack of respect. I am more than happy to support people liking their games (and potentially consider the games again pending that first thing happening.)

That would surprise me a crud-ton, since Blizzard’s attitude is generally “We are right. Nothing else to see or say, and no amount of evidence changes that.”

I keep hoping that they will admit they did some things that seriously wronged customers, but they are far from alone. My list of companies I will simply not do business with has grown a lot in the last ten years, sad to say.


Overwatch single-player RPG.

Kickstarter Donor

A single player WoW game in the spirit of Fallout 4 / Skyrim that falls within the existing story-arc and doesn’t require any retconning.

Persistent Player Housing in WoW

Rebranding from an MMO to a virtual world

WoW-themed Shake-n-Bake

Chris Brown-DeMoreno

A new MMO (unlikely)
Diablo 4 (even less likely)


A brand new MMO with a brand new IP that’s been in secret development and is coming out next month.

Roger Edwards

A Sigue Sigue Sputnik tribute act.


The announcement of Vanilla servers.


Is there any room for surprises in their schedule?