Guild Wars 2 teases the next Fractal arriving with season 4

There’s another Fractal arriving with the next portion of Guild Wars 2’s Living Story tomorrow, but where will it take you? What will it be like? Will it involve free backrubs and scented oils? We don’t know yet (although that one seems unlikely), but you can check out a very brief preview of this new Fractal in a video just below.

If you’re truly an eagle-eyed sort, we’re sure you can pick out identifying details that will hint at your next destination when the patch arrives. If you can’t really get much out of a six-second video in a darkened area, though, you don’t need to feel bad; you’ll be able to see it for yourself soon enough. And you can still enjoy the speculation just the same.

Four days left

Four days left #GuildWars2 #GW2Fractal

Posted by Guild Wars 2 on Friday, November 24, 2017

Source: Facebook via Dulfy
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Such tease.

Bryan Turner

All board the anti hype train, they really need to hire some one new to handle trailers and teasers.

Riccardo Tavano

Second trailer wasn’t too bad, but those teases a quite too small to properly hype.