OrbusVR lays out big dungeon and PvP plans

If you don’t have a VR headset, you couldn’t really check in personally to see how OrbusVR was getting on with its early access. Good news: It appears to have gone all right, with decent concurrency and nearly 2,000 players logging in, along with no major bugs or disconnection issues. So people could get on and play the game, and that means the development team is already looking ahead to the future and the next few patches. Because that’s what you do; when you get the first objective down, you start on the next one.

The first content patch is scheduled for January 29th with the first endgame dungeons, along with in-game lore books and other quality of life improvements. That will be followed by new shard dungeons and story content, then by large-scale player raid content along with PvP mechanics. So it looks like there’s plenty to look forward to if you enjoyed your first steps into the headset-enriched world during its early access.

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4 Comments on "OrbusVR lays out big dungeon and PvP plans"

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Played for a bit last night. After the training dummy they gave me a monster in a corral to kill.

After dying three times I decided to go watch some videos about how to fight.

Can’t wait to get out of the training area and see what the game looks like!

Robert Mann

Depends on who you play with, and how complex the game is. I can say that I’ve taught several people interesting things about games this year, especially in a couple with more mechanics that can be tricky to figure certain things out.

Melissa McDonald

The only thing I can think of that approaches it is classic EverQuest where people would sit around and teach each other the many languages of Norrath.