Sea of Thieves dips into the lore of the high seas

Believe it or not, there’s more to Sea of Thieves’ world story than “pirates going mental on each other.” Rare has created a thought-out playscape that is dripping with lore for those who are willing to stop killing each other, eating bananas, and looting treasure to notice. And the first bit of lore is in the title of the game itself.

“The thinking behind the world is that the Sea of Thieves is just this rumor,” said Design Director Mike Chapman in a new dev video. “If you knew the clues to get there, you’d be able to plot a course yourself.”

Even the NPCs have their own motivations and reasons for being in this region of the world — again, which players might discover if they slow down to investigate. These motivations form the driving force behind the game’s core factions. Check out the video after the break!

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You had me at eating bananas.


He really gives me Peter Molyneux vibes. That was a long explanation to basically say, “please buy the lore book and pre-order”.

Melissa McDonald

“For certain, you have to be lost to find a place that can’t be found, elseways everyone would know where it was.” – POTC