Elder Scrolls Online has been nonfunctional through Steam since yesterday

Elder Scrolls Online players on Steam woke up this morning to find that the game is still down for them. Apparently, the client through that platform is throwing up nothing but “internal error” messages.

“To reiterate, this issue is only impacting our players on Steam,” ZeniMax posted yesterday in the dedicated forum thread. “We’re actively working with Steam to get this resolved as quickly as possible.” The support Twitter said the team was on top of the problem 15 hours ago.

Why not just follow the workaround, which is to run the 64-bit client buried in Steam’s files? You can, but only if you’ve previously linked your ZOS account to your Steam account, only if your account is old (according to Reddit), and only if you’re not subbed; apparently, if you’re subbed, you’ll lose that sub. We’re pretty sure Bethsoft will sort that out eventually, but in the short-term, it’d suck.

Source: Official forums, Reddit. With thanks to Kris!
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The non steam client also have this issue, I finally got my hand on Morrowind, starting fresh, and boom: error on login, random disconnecting when changing maps, each and every quest I take have my finger crossed that I won’t be disconnected when fighting bosses

Randy Savage

lol Steam


I’ve always hated how Steam buries games in their client. I understand the necessary links etc. but… it is still bullshit. Once I buy a game, is it not mine? I should be able to choose if I launch via Steam or not.


Well, Steam is still a form of DRM as much as it is a storefront. If you wanted to play games any way you’d want, you’d have to buy direct from the game’s webpage, and some people don’t like spreading their credit card/PayPal info around like that. Even then, it’s not a guarantee, since many publishers now use Steam as DRM as opposed to proprietary DRM like Uplay.


“Why not just follow the workaround….”

That sounds like a lot of rigmarole just for the privilege of having your sub taken away.

Kickstarter Donor

*grabs e-pitchfork* Compensation, compensation, compensation! :P

(j/k BTW, just chanting what the entitled people will chant)


Those damn entitled customers, asking for compensation when they buy a product that isn’t delivered.

Daniel Reasor

Someone in the Reddit thread linked at the bottom of this article made what I thought was a clever point. It would be smart of Zenimax to compensate us with Crown Crates, knowing that they’re addictive.

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The NA megaserver seems to be the only inaccessible one at the moment. The EU works.

Daniel Reasor

I just switched back to ESO after having done everything I wanted to do in WoW’s Legion expansion. So I blame myself. Sorry, y’all. I jinxed it.

Bryan Turner

I always seem to pick the best time to swap games, I haven’t tried logging in since the day before patch day so naturally I never noticed this.