Check out TERA’s console features preview video ahead of this weekend’s beta

Still pumped for TERA’s Xbox One and PS4 launch this spring? En Masse sure is. The publisher has pushed out a new trailer today giving players a “first look” at what gameplay will look like on console – and what exactly is changing along the way.

“The new trailer released today demonstrates the detail of improvements made to TERA: streamlined interfaces, intelligent button mapping, and new gameplay systems complement TERA’s trademark fast-paced combos, dodging, and targeting mechanics,” says the studio. The port is promising native voice chat, a lock-on system to keep enemies square on your screen, new remappable per-class control schemes, and Twitch integration. While the video shows some classic hotbars galore, En Masse says the UI is being “redesigned with a new, fully customizable Radial Menu for quick and intuitive access weapons and items.”

The open beta begins Friday, but you can take a peek at the new trailer right now.

Source: Press release
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9 Comments on "Check out TERA’s console features preview video ahead of this weekend’s beta"

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Elins on Xbox. o.O


How do you actually get in to participate?

Jon Wax

how is this different then eso?


They are very different games. You could write a novel on the difference in gameplay, ui, lore, payment model and more.

ESO is a much deeper title.

Mr Poolaty

Deeper in the pockets…


Well they seem to have done a decent job with the UI and controls for this and I’m always glad when console gets more MMORPG’s. But last I checked they still have a P2W/in game RMT encouraged F2P model.

Chris Moss

I am mostly shocked the entire video was not nearly naked elins running around making cute emotes.

Other than that, the console version looks interesting with the way they handle different classes.


– crickets –

My last trip into Tera was mostly just people standing around doing nothing in the main city. It doesn’t have a very focused endgame. It is in my mind, the original action MMO. It is also an extremely shallow title. Having said that, I am surprised they haven’t ported it to console years ago.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m really surprised it’s taken this long to get to consoles as well, and my thoughts are very similar to yours. TERA was incredible when it came out for the sheer lack of tab targeting, and the fact that it had that combat without sacrificing what other online action RPGs had to like a huge open world (one of my favorite parts of the genre). The endgame is what drove me away from the game after level cap, though. And temporary content that cycles.