Dauntless prepares a massive test center patch

Think you know Dauntless? Think again. The behemoth-slaying fantasy game is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts as the developers prepare some rather significant changes and content additions for the test build.

These changes include reshaping the server infrastructure so that players across the world can game together, enriching the islands that players will visit, revisiting the axe combat style, and improving the challenge of behemoth encounters. All of these will be bundled together in an upcoming update for testers to evaluate.

Composer Cris Velasco announced on Twitter that he is getting ready to record the soundtrack for the game, which should add a nice audio element that has been missing from the game so far.

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Becky Robinson

wtf are you talking about? there is music for every hunt, that begins playing when you agro the Behemoth. It’s great!