World of Warcraft confirms that Mag’har Orcs and Kul Tiran Humans are joining the allied races

The rumors and speculation are true, according to the most recent World of Warcraft live Q&A. Ion Hazzikostas revealed that both Mag’har and Kul Tiran Humans are on the list of allied races planned for Battle for Azeroth, in addition to Dark Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls. If you feel like your old non-allied race is being left out in the cold, not to worry; while older races won’t be getting heritage armor per se, the developers do want to do something cool for veterans of the core races.

The discussion also ranged to Artifact weapons, which will still be usable at the beginning of the expansion; you won’t have all of the traits associated with it, but it will still be a good and usable weapon. It will sting to not have access to the old traits, but the design position is that it’s necessary for the longer term in the game. There’s also confirmation that crafting will now be split up by expansion rather than in an ever-ascending number, so you’ll have classic Blacksmithing, Northrend Blacksmithing, Outland Blacksmithing, and so forth. While it’s short on hard details at the moment, it’s enough of a nod to spur speculation as the expansion continues on in testing.

Source: Wowhead
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Will they require rep grinds as well? If so, then I’ll stay unsubbed. If the grinds are still in place, then no thanks.


This is probably my biggest gate at the moment for resubbing. The amount of content gating behind reputational requirements has reached critical mass in Legion for me.

Rodney Spears

Same here. The last thing I feel like doing is rep grind. There was a lot of that this expac it seems. I’m just not into that.

Dug From The Earth

I hope this is a sign that they will be willing to roll out new allied races rather frequently.


Kul Tirans look… Mediterranean? Is that OK to say?

They remind me of the Telmarines in Narnia or the corsairs of Pellucidar. How would that be for an MMO, by the way? “Narnians versus Telmarines”.

In other words, Kul Tirans look cool and do tempt me a little to come back.


“Kul Tirans look… Mediterranean? Is that OK to say? ”

What? lol…its your point of view, are you afraid you’re going to offend 1 or 2 of like a billion people?


As an added bonus, a new batch of beta invites went out and this one is not for press/unpaid promoters only. I got one too myself and I am just a day one veteran, aka “valued customer/whale”.

Check your launcher to see if you got the option to download the client, they don’t necessarily send out emails to warn you!


I’m actually excited to get some more variations in human races, as it’s generally the main race i play in MMOs. (i know i know, i’m bland)


So what variations make kul Turan humans different? I have a hard time imagining what would make a noticeable difference in humans


There is going to be a bulky version and a skinny version, with new facial expressions and hairstyles. Similar to this:

kul tiran skinny.jpg
kul tiran fat.jpg

I hope those body options make it to the original humans. It’s hard to play an old wizard when you’re built like a silverback.


I am affectionately referring them to as the Laurel and Hardy race…as they come both in thin and fat varieties. <3


*Notes an unnerving strange tingly feeling of readers staring at the back of my pigtails after mentioning that*

“How old are you really, Uta?”

Err…Gnomes age longer. :(

Malcolm Swoboda

They’re bulkier sort (both male and female; but hopefully they have a skinnier option difference). And they have a different druidic approach that means a cosmetic difference. Basically they’re rough sailor humans that survive the seas where Stormwind humans are more adventurous (noble?) humans that live off the land and city.

Etharion Ethie

And as we all know, crafting is a big deal in World of Warcraft with significant impact on everyone in the game and a meaningful influence on the ultimate point of the game: raiding.

Wait, no, that’s a different game. Crafting has never been relevant in WoW, and nothing has changed that to date. It’s a gold sink at best and on rare occasion can be useful to auction house goblins as a means of making money via selling potions/consumables that the world first raiders need, thus cornering the market. Beyond that, well… you’re wasting your time!

Despite my sarcastic pessimism, I’ve had what fun I can with my last 2 months of subscription, though I intend to drop that sub once it expires in a few days. Because of how they’re handling allied races and heritage armor, I have no reason to level any of the classes I don’t yet have since I don’t have access to any of the races I would consider making them for, and making those classes with one of the old races isn’t as rewarding now (again, heritage armor, additional customization options, higher starting level, etcetera).

Perhaps once Christmas comes around there’ll be more for me, but for the time being I see this developer QnA as little more than a hype facilitator, and I’m not much of one for hype!


Speaking as someone who was mining/engineer while I still played WoW (mostly WoTLK here, dabbled some in Cata/Mists), it was a big deal to me. Or at least the fun you could get out of it was. Even if they were subpar and not best-in-slot I loved the augmentations to gear you could do. Rocket launching gauntlets, parachute capes, mind-control and invisibility belts with fun fail states…

But much like with most everything, Blizzard just… kind of killed the fun in all of it. I could care less if crafting is ‘relevant’, only if it is fun to engage in or use. Engineering WAS that, but much like every single expansion-specific gimmick it got tossed out the door pretty quickly and ignored.

Kane Hart

Once again 1,000’s if not many more are not playing due to the fact they can’t play the new races without collectors edition released.