The Daily Grind: Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?

Star Wars Galaxies’ NGE is one of the MMORPG genre’s favorite bugbears: We pull it out as a warning, a label of doom, every time we see a game studio doing something that will upset so many players that it could actually tank the game. We pulled it out for Funcom when it abandoned The Secret World in favor of Secret World Legends, certainly; the fact that so many core MMORPG players meekly accepted that Funcom would trade them for a chance at a totally different playerbase – at the expense of veteran characters and loyal income – continues to baffle me.

This is probably why I was soured on playing Conan Exiles this weekend. I’m extremely distrustful after the way Funcom once again sacrificed one playerbase to secure another, even if the impact wasn’t felt quite as widely as in TSW or SWG. Of course, Conan Exiles is not an MMO, and as MOP’s MJ reminds me, I can always go play on a private server and avoid the studio’s blundering entirely. Would that TSW and SWG fans had that option!

Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?

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78 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?"

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Eduardo da Fonseca

Since city of heroes, I don’t touch anything that has Ncsoft envolved pitty for GW2. It’s not hate but the way they did it, I had 5 sub accounts, they simply refund me telling sorry we are closing, not selling to anyone, not keeping on maintance mode and not giving a shit for what the player base thinks.


There can be only one. Trion has the power!

Sorry SWG fans, but nothing compares to what Trion did to Arch Age. No, not even NGE.


this one – was gonna moan about Perpetuums treatment of its PVE players but definitely this one


While the product has to be extremely good for me to ignore poor treatment from a Studio, I will bend over and take quite a lot if a game is fun enough for me. What I do instead is speak with my money. If they treat players poorly I simply don’t invest in their game and pay for as little as I can. If they treat us how I feel we should be treated, I spend a lot more money on the game and products.

There are some extremes where I would go away, but if I will keep playing Ubisoft products after the shenanigans they’ve pulled, I will keep playing most if they are fun enough.

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I nearly did when ArenaNet first implemented the mount skin licenses in GW2. Their response to the criticism was unapologetic and dismissive.


Bungie, destiny 2.

I’ll never buy another bungie game. Destiny 2 was made by one team and maintained by a different team that truly can’t change some of the decisions the initial team made.

It is very clear at this point that D2 and its season pass were made at once and the core mechanics of the game will remain regardless of player response. Warmind is more of the same because it was made last year.

Bungie really had no interest in making a game to go the distance. They made destiny 2 as a bridge game, there won’t be any real content from here on out and they really pissed off a lot of D1 fans in the process.

I honestly think bungie shit the bed harder than EA last year.

Alex Malone

I wouldn’t say I’ve experienced bad treatment of the playerbase before. However, as you’ve included NGE in your example (which is more of a disagreement of direction in my eyes) then I can include every MMO I’ve played long term.

Every MMO I’ve played for more than 6 months has been dumbed down, turned more solo and gotten more aggressive on monetisation. Those things have driven me away from the games and most of the playerbase that was in the games at the time hated the changes. But, the changes attracted lots of dumb people and boosted revenue, so the devs didn’t care.


Well you immediately brought up SWG. So you hit the nail on the head for the worst case example of pure player base fuckery. Never have a seen an MMO population evaporate faster. Two months after it was life entire servers became ghost towns. I still recall wandering the streets of an abandoned player city. Everyone had changed the signs on their homes and shops to read… “Player Name – Killed by the NGE”. Home after home, row after row. All the while the idiot developers had their fingers crammed into their ears.

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Bungie / Activision over Destiny 1 (specifically what they pulled in Taken King).

To most people at the time, Destiny was still the first step towards getting the glorious Halo MMO (and they were totally gonna get it right with Destiny 2), so the changes didn’t matter to them as they all had already beaten all of the story content and maxed out their characters before the Taken King even was announced.

So to them, it didn’t matter / they didn’t even notice that Bungie cut content from the base game and locked it behind the pay wall of an expansion … and not just minor content either: THEY CUT THE FUCKING END GAME STORY MISSIONS FROM THE GOD DAMN BASE GAME AND THEN SAID “PAY UP FOR THE NEW, FULL GAME PRICED, EXPANSION IF YOU WANT TO RUN THAT END GAME STORY MISSION THAT YOU HAVE BEEN HOLDING OFF ON FOR 2 WEEKS SO THAT YOU CAN RUN IT WITH YOUR BROTHER.

Fuck Bungie.

Fuck Activision.

At the time I basically got called an “entitled pussy who needs to shut up and support the glorious Bungie by buying the expansion” for complaining about it and trying to call it out as corrupt buisness, but oh gee: guess who was right in that it wasn’t just an accident that they are dickheads who have zero issues fucking over customers.

Vincent Clark

Yep, LotRO. Never going back to it as long as SSG/Turbine are at the helm (even more so now that Daybreak is involved).

Sally Bowls

Although perhaps in twenty-two days that will be the US DOJ rather than you deciding that you shall not return.

:-) actually :-(

arras online
arras online

Trion/XLGames. Their mishandling and mismanagement of ArcheAge is well documented so I will not waste time listing my complaints. They will never get another dime out of me no matter what games they produce or release.

WoW, after Cataclysm. The drastic and sudden changes to healers after Cataclysm released drove me from WoW forever. I miss it now and again, but I never forgave Ghostcrawler for his flippant attitude towards the playerbase when we complained.