Wurm Online introduces new mechanic for sticking stuff on tabletops

Move over, sitting in chairs and walking in stations: MMORPG sandbox Wurm Online now has putting things on tables. And shelves too!

“We’ve wanted this as both players and devs for a long time now, and we’re really proud to be able to unveil it today!” Code Club writes. “It’s functionality is directly tied with placing objects, so to put an item on a table, simply right click > place. then as you hover the green outline over the table, it will display on the table. Moving the table around (or even picking it up) will carry the object with it. […] This feature has huge design impact, and will really open up possibilities about showing off and decorating. We’re extremely excited to see it finally come, and hope you are too. Once it’s launched, we’ll be running a room designing competition, so think about what you’d like to do with your decorations!”

Also of note in this week’s update are tweaks to the personal goals system (the more impossible ones have been removed), a new “streamer support program,” and animal crates.

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