Fortnite on Nintendo Switch doesn’t include Save the World

You remember Save the World, right? The mode of Fortnite wherein you build a base and defend against zombies? The one that was supposed to be the entire focus of the game at one time? Because apparently it’s not in the latest port for the Nintendo Switch. The port only includes the battle royale portion of the game, and according to the developers there are no plans to change this.

So, you know, if you had been harboring any misapprehensions about the core focus of the game at this point, it may be time to let go of those illusions. It’s not a matter of the game just surprise-launching yesterday. In related news, the game reportedly has 125 million players, so it’s not hard to trace a line covering why the developers decided that porting the battle royale mode was the part that matters. Oh, well.

Source: Press release, Gamespot via VG24/7
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Meh. Fornite is free, so I’m quite happy with what I’m getting on the Switch for now.

But the real genius move would be to include Save the World later or offer it separately for free as well.

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I wonder how long before they just nix it altogether, then end up scrambling when it H1Z1s and they are left with a trickle of income as the fickle Mob has scampered off to the next shiny.

Save the world was the part that actually interested me. I’m playing the Battle Royale because it’s fun right now, but it won’t last because the game has all the depth and complexity of a puddle in the middle of the Sahara. If also won’t generate any income off of me – I can’t spend money on a game like that. Seems utterly pointless.

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Epic isn’t as dependent on hits because of their engine.


save the world sounds like the more interesting part.

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I thought so too, but then I tracked down some gameplay streams that were not the BR mode & it is nothing like what any of us were told it would be.