You can now ‘date’ some non-player characters in Black Desert

Way back in April, Pearl Abyss rolled out patch notes for the Korean version of Black Desert that included a dating system – dating as in romance options, not carbon or tree-ring dating. And today, that patch has ported westward.

Essentially, the game has a pool of romanceable NPCs throughout the game; your character can try to woo them with gifts. If the NPC accepts your “confession” of love, “you will become their lover and earn a special in-game title with a distinct color” for at least a week. Of course, you’re in competition with other players for these mighty fine NPC catches, so the NPC might break up with you for a sweeter suitor. There are additional titles for going through this process five or 10 times.

Today’s update also puts the finishing touches on Lahn with her last round of extra skills (Enhanced skills this time), plus tweaks the world boss schedule (again), buffed drop rate on Arsha (whose PvP rules have now been altered), removed mount purchasing time restrictions, tweaked the forward guard effect, and buffed the Tamer.

Pearl Abyss is at E3 this year; this morning, we published our interview with the company’s CEO, touching on the Xbox port, PvP, and possible Switch port.

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25 Comments on "You can now ‘date’ some non-player characters in Black Desert"

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who is your waifu lol…

A Dad Supreme

I’m playing the Witcher 3 right now and “dating” isn’t the only thing you can do.

Toy Clown

I seriously love when BDO puts content like this in the game. I’m not sure if I’m more amused by the whole dating an NPC thing, or the reaction of toxic players freaking out on the addition of it!

Bruno Brito



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kickstarter Donor

Woohoo, another MJ stream series to use the vote flirt emote! :P


you’re in competition with other players for these mighty fine NPC catches, so the NPC might break up with you for a sweeter suitor

Oh no… nope you won’t… seriously, don’t you EVEN… just don’t, do you hear me?

*still suffers from PTSD from SWTOR’s companions gifts grinds of yore*

Nadine Blot

This is much worse:)

Daniel Reasor

Competing with other players to court an NPC would make a pretty cute idea for an anti-inflation currency dump, if the game needs it. I’d just have the one NPC be every player’s boyfriend/girlfriend, because that’s regrettably how my sense of humor works.

Harry Koala

If it’s in a game where everyone is the chosen one, then it makes about as much sense :)