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Guild Wars 2 debates deleting the Desert borderlands map, discusses raid boss fight

Guild Wars 2’s fourth and final developer video on the Stronghold of the Faithful features ArenaNet Game Designer Jason Reynolds discussing the design of the boss fight with the Keep Construct. His favorite moment in the fight comes during the phase when players are debuffed with a nasty friendly-fire spell that’s going to remind old-school WoW players of the Molten Core Baron Geddon fight.

But why are you watching this? The raid is on the live servers. Go play it!

In other GW2 news, the studio is currently allowing players to vote on whether or not they should completely delete the Desert borderlands WvW map from the game. That’s kinda… drastic. Better go have your say; the vote stands at around 61% in favor of keeping it and supporting it.

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Lifeless enters early access today with a fresh trailer

Grim survival sandbox Lifeless officially launches into early access today. The game is published by Green Man Gaming, the same group behind survivalbox The Black Death, also in early access right now. But where The Black Death focuses on a medieval world besieged by plague, Lifeless is a modern setting overrun by zombies.

Swedish studio Rigid-Soft apparently switched to Unreal Engine midway through development in the last few years; now, Green Man says “the team are fully funded.”

The early access launch video is below.

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Giveaway: Trinium Wars starter pack from InselGames and MOP [Over now!]

Post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars leaves behind early access and formally launches into the wilds of Steam today. The base game went free-to-play back in May; the deluxe and collector’s editions are marked down 40% for the launch. “The commercial launch also marks the official opening of the Resource War mode which will pit players with level 30 in a continuous fight for the precious resource!” say Hanmarusoft and InselGames.

In celebration of the launch, the studios have granted MOP 2000 starter pack keys to help our readers jump right in. The keys contain the full game as well as 1000 cash currency and a bunch of items and bonuses:

200 Beginner Powerpacks, 50 HP 2400 Recovery Ampules, a +HP Ring of Queen Rose, a four-slot inventory upgrade, a five-slot warehouse upgrade, and seven days of 25% Experience Bonus, 1x Auto Looting Service, 1x Item Drop Rate Bonus.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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Albion Online plans massive world revision to better serve casuals and hardcores alike

The world of Albion Online is about to get a massive revamp when its final beta test lands later this summer and reveals the new map of the game.

“We are not just talking about the new biomes you have already heard about,” Sandbox Interactive cautions. “It is time to say goodbye to the current East and West continent, and welcome the Royal Islands and The Outlands!”

The studio says that the original map had two problems: there wasn’t enough room for guilds and hardcore PvP, and there wasn’t enough space for newbies to learn the game without being rolled by PvP guilds. With the revamp, the game will have both, plus areas for casual PvP. Check out the images of the proposed new map and key below.

Source: Official site, press release


DCUO teases GU61, Episode 25, and the Tides of War summer event

DC Universe Online’s Episode 25 and GU61 are live on the test server this week. Episode 25 itself features a level 30 solo adventure in the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge as well as a level 30 4-man operation called A Rip in Time, which is a freebie for subbers.

GU61, however, is pants.

Oh no, we read that wrong. GU61 has pants: “Awesome, 4th World-themed” that are rewards for even-numbered rounds of the fourth installment of the 8-man Orphanage survival mode in Survival: Happiness Home.

Daybreak is also kicking off a new summer seasonal event called Tides of War for level 10+ superheroes:

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Tree of Savior bans another 5000 exploiters for UI hack

Another week, another wave of mass-bannings in Tree of Savior. IMCGames announced yesterday that it’s banned 5,607 accounts that were using a UI hack that allowed them to remotely access the market, repairs, personal storage, and team storage outside of cities. According to the studio,

  • 1151 had already been permanently banned and therefore their status has not been altered
  • 3462 had been previously restricted and will now be banned permanently, as this is their second known offense
  • 994 will be banned for a total of 30 days, as this is their first known offense

“Please remember that addons which alter any elements of the gameplay are not allowed and are punishable by temporary or permanent ban,” says the studio.

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Play Lineage II Classic with a European promo key from Innova and MOP

Most MMORPG veterans are surely familiar with NCsoft’s Lineage II, the 2003 sequel to the still-wildly-popular-in-Korea Lineage. Last spring, the EU publisher, Innova, began work on a hardcore classic version of the game, opening pre-orders and then launching the server last autumn after players voted overwhelmingly in favor of a classic, legacy shard that goes back to the game’s roots, with 5 races, 31 classes, hardcore leveling with severe death penalties, a classic trading system, and an emphasis on clan wars.

Lineage II Classic is an old-school MMORPG from NCSoft set in a dark fantasy world of Elmoreden. Lineage II Classic sets players in a land at war between three kingdoms, creating a strong emphasis on PvP. The game features massive server-wide PvP siege battles, contested raid bosses, an advanced combat system with real-time tactical decisions, unlimited PvP in the open world and merciless clan wars. Ambitious players may find themselves as clan leaders who drive political situation in their world or as relentless warriors who claim lands and wealth by the sword.”

The classic edition of the game also has an old-school business model in that it’s subscription-based, but Innova is kicking off a summer promotion today through June 21st that allows players to pick up three months of access for half the usual fee. In honor of that event — and to help you decide whether the game is for you — Innova has granted Massively OP a special key for a 14-day sub-free trial for all of our Europe-based readers. Read on to access your key!

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Funcom is sunsetting LEGO Minifigures Online in September

This won’t come as a surprise, but it’ll still make you sad: Funcom is shutting down LEGO Minifigures Online this fall. The studio made it official last week.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that LEGO Minifigures Online will be closing on September 30th, 2016. We know that many of you are still enjoying your adventures in the game, and this has been a difficult decision for us to make but unfortunately, the time has come to retire LEGO Minifigures Online. Starting June 6th, 2016, new players will be unable to join the game and the in-game chat will be disabled. Existing players will still be able to play up until September 30th, 2016.”

While Funcom doesn’t explicitly give a reason for the sunset, in April the studio released an annual report that spelled doom for the game: “As of the time of this annual report, [Funcom] does not find it likely that any of the game metrics will improve, and has adjusted its investment in the game accordingly. The license agreement with LEGO for the LEGO Minifigures Online game ends October 2016.”

Our condolences to all gamers and developers affected.

Source: Funcom. Thanks, DDOCentral.


Guild Wars 2 players fume over new lockbox cosmetics

Accompanying today’s Guild Wars 2 raid wing patch is a cash shop update that has players pissed. New to the cash shop is the Privateer Weapon set, described by a lore-infused blurb that might have struck you odd when you first read it — it sure sounded odd to me:

“I originally commissioned this set for the Captain’s Council, but for personal reasons I’ve decided to make it available through Black Lion Claim Tickets only. You won’t find this set on the trading post, folks – finders, keepers.” [Emphasis ours.]

That’s because in modern Guild Wars 2, cash shop skins purchased with Claim Tickets aren’t bind-on-pickup, so those who gamble with lockboxes can sell the skins on the auction hall to those who refuse to gamble. With the Privateer Weapons, players can’t do this: Their only option is to spend money or gold for gems to buy keys for lockboxes for a chance at scraps to turn in for this new cosmetic.

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Black Desert’s Siege Warfare patch has been delayed again

Hope you weren’t planning on Black Desert’s Siege Warfare content update launching as planned: Daum has delayed it once again, this time to Friday, June 17th.

“While preparing the siege war update, planned for June 15th, we ran into some last minute obstacles which brought us to a drastic decision,” wrote Daum community rep Belsazar.

“While adapting the new Season 4 Siege feature from the original Korean build, which was added in the original built long time after the Valencia and after Season 1,2 and 3, we also had to adapt some features from the Korean build that are not yet supposed to be in our version of the game. Some of those details can, but others can’t be avoided. As you will see below, the patch notes are very massive this time, because we initially planned some of the content to be released with the Valencia update, but had to be shifted to this update for technical reasons. During our QA process (Quality Assurance), which lasted longer than expected due to the amount of details, we ran out of time to secure a stable launch of the siege content, so we had to make a hard call at the very last minute.”

The schedule has been bumped off; the first nodewar will now begin on Sunday.

The patch notes for the whole update are available in the meantime.


Overwatch surpasses 10 million players

Blizzard just announced via Twitter that Overwatch has surpassed 10 million players — that’s 10 million boxes sold, at least half of them to my guild. Send help; I’ve lost them to another Blizz game! The number is up another three million since the 7 million announcement less than two weeks ago. Not too shabby at all.

Source: Twitter


Trion unlocks Trove’s classes for try-before-you-buy trial play

If you’ve ever logged into Trove and thought, damn, I sure wish I could try the Candy Barbarian or Pirate Captain to make sure they’re really as awesome as they sound before I pay money for them, then Trion is about to make you a very happy gamer indeed: The studio has announced a new try-before-you-buy “Trove Unboxed” deal that’ll allow you to play all of the available classes in a trial period.

“Each trial class will earn XP up to level 4. Mastery Rank and dragon bonuses aren’t applied during the trial period,” Trion posted today. “You can switch between these classes as often as you’d like. Once you’ve found the class that works best for you just consume a Class Coin to unlock it or pick it up with Credits.”

For the record, the Candy Barbarian actually is as awesome as it sounds, but hey, now you don’t have to take our word for it.


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