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DC Universe Online launches Episode 17 for members today

It’s October 7th, and do you know what that means? Not just that Halloween is one day closer, as it happens; it means that the next major DC Universe Online update is available for members today. Players who would rather buy episodes piecemeal will have to wait until next week to pick up the episode, which contains a new 8-person Operation and a new duo adventure continuing the League of Assassins storyline.

Players in the Flash Museum Burglary will be fighting to keep Talia al-Ghul’s scimitar out of the hands of the League of Assassins, while the Operation pits players against Raven’s father Trigon in a cavalcade of demonic battles. It’s lore for DC Comics fans and content for a variety of different playstyles, and it’s available now if you’re a member.

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You can’t touch Kitty Pryde in this Marvel Heroes trailer

What do Kitty Pryde and MC Hammer have in common? It’s not the parachute pants; it’s the fact that you literally can’t touch Kitty Pryde unless she wants you to do so. And while her ability to phase into an immaterial state might not sound like the sort of thing that really fits within the context of Marvel Heroes, the latest trailer for her shows off just what she can do by jumping in and out of tangibility.

It makes sense when you think about it, really; you can pull off some nifty tricks with the power, like becoming immaterial, running through something, and hitting it from behind. But that’s the least of what’s on display in the trailer below. Check it out, maybe? You can’t touch it, but you can watch.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines crafting changes in its next expansion

Everything in Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing in a big way when Knights of the Fallen Empire launches, and that includes crafting mechanics. A new entry on the official site explains the ways in which crafting is going to change, and it doesn’t include any rank upgrades. Instead, existing crafts are being rearranged, and progression is being split into eight tiers based on level bands.

All green crafted items are being removed, with all items being of at least blue quality or higher; reverse engineering will no longer give a random chance of better items, instead offering an upgraded version of the item you disassemble. Additionally, all crafted armor will be made Adaptive rather than having fixed armor weights. Biochem stimulants will no longer be reusable, armor upgrades and augments are being changed, and several other mechanical alterations are being put into the game. Check out the full explanation for an overview of the shifts, and get ready to experience more streamlined and comprehensible crafting mechanics.


Ubisoft buys The Crew’s developer

Are you at all worried about Ubisoft’s future support of The Crew, beyond the expansion scheduled for a mid-November release? Is that concern at all changed by the fact that Ubisoft has opted to buy Ivory Tower, the studio behind The Crew‘s development? A new post on the publisher’s official blog discusses the acquisition of the studio, noting that it comes after several years of collaboration on projects.

The move brings the 100-member studio under the Ubisoft umbrella. The Crew is also stated to have 3 million players in the announcement, although its’ not clear whether that’s counting “active accounts” or simply “copies sold.”


Neverwinter explains what the deal is with the Underdark

The next Neverwinter expansion is sending players to the Underdark. All the way to the Underdark! Which is great if you know what the Underdark is and significantly less great if you’re mostly of the mind that it sounds vaguely like a metal band name. Not to worry, though; the official site has you covered with an explanation of just what the Underdark actually is, something that players might not have realized even with earlier adventures exploring bits of it.

Put simply, the Underdark is the labyrinth of caverns, tunnels, and underground lakes that stretch under the whole of Faerun. It’s home to countless creatures, magical and otherwise, and offers few protections for regular surface dwellers while also promising great power for those who can navigate its depths. Check out the full article for more details on this home of Drow and Illithid alike, the great underground wilderness.


Crowfall details Zaleena, Daughter of Snakes

Serpent deities are always bad news when they show up. Actual snakes aren’t malicious at all, but snake deities? They’re mean. Crowfall‘s Zaleena, Daughter of Snakes is not outright cruel, but she’s still probably not someone you want to meet in a darkened alley at night. If you wander around darkened alleys where lots of gods and goddesses show up normally. This metaphor is kind of a mess.

Zaleena is a trickster and a charmer, a sorcerous deity with a poisoned kiss and a lying tongue. As you might expect from the nature of things, she’s known for being petty and vindictive with those who refuse her, while lavishing gifts and favor on those who follow her. See more details and a bit of concept art in the official lore entry.


Trove patches in an invasion of ladybugs

If you want to play Trove today, you’re going to have to wait until 1 p.m. EDT. Why the wait? Because the game’s latest patch is on its way, and it brings with it ladybugs. Lots of ladybugs. An entire invasion of ladybugs. Seriously, this is far too many ladybugs for any game to handle, and you’re going to need to deal with it. In this case, “deal with it” is naturally synonymous with “kill lots of ladybugs.”

Smashing your way through ladybugs will reward you with new helms and special ladybug wings, so you can understand the heart of a ladybug after your extensive battles with the insects. A new costume pack and several quality-of-life improvements round out the patch; you can check out the patch notes for all of the details.


Webzen announces beta testing for ELOA

So what the heck is ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance? Seriously, that’s one heck of a title. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either. But the word soup of the title doesn’t have much bearing on the game itself, which is a free-to-play hack-and-slash MMORPG entering beta testing on Tuesday, October 13th for North America.

ELOA features five classes and four races, with each of the classes having three different stances; much of the gameplay revolves around swapping your stances in combat to make the most of the situation. You can get a sense for the game’s mechanics in the trailer just below and sign up for the beta on the game’s official site.

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Blade & Soul dedicates a week to the Summoner

Would you consider a cat to be a faithful battle companion? If not, you probably haven’t played a Summoner in Blade & Soul, the class in the spotlight this week. Summoners are the sole pet class in the game, and they summon a magically enhanced feline to aid them in battle. The Familiar engages in melee combat, while the Summoner hangs back and makes use of powerful control effects.

Summoners offer several opportunities for enterprising players. Skilled Summoners can use their pets to effectively solo challenging encounters, while in parties Summoners can make use of group healing and the aforementioned control effects. In PvP, the class has to make use of more defensive skills, forcing opponents to choose between focusing on the Familiar or the Summoner. Check out the video just below to see some footage of the class in action.

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Destiny: The Taken King’s Legendary edition is all of Destiny for a lower price

With all of the changes brought to Destiny with The Taken King, it’s entirely understandable that you might want to get into the game. But it’s also entirely understandable if you didn’t want to buy the expansion’s Collector’s Edition with a whole lot of extra stuff when you weren’t even sure whether or not you’d like the game. So why not pick up the Legendary Edition, which contains the base game, the two DLC packs, and the expansion without any further extraneous stuff?

This option is obviously not recommended if you already have the base game and the DLC, but it may well be appealing to people who want to jump in but don’t want to buy the full CE sight unseen. You can check out a trailer for the game just below if you want a bit more motivation.

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Valiance Online moving into alpha development

On September 25th, the Valiance Online developers announced that the game was soon moving into its alpha testing phase with non-combat power use, crafting, more character customization… lots of stuff. Lo and behold, the alpha testing has begun! Unfortunately for would-be players, the testing is currently all internal, but players will be updated as there’s more information and should be able to start testing on Steam before too much longer.

Valiance Online is one of the several fan attempts at a City of Heroes revival following that game’s shutdown, in case you had forgotten. It aims to replicate many of the features of the original along with player alignment and player-run stories.

Source: Official Facebook; thanks to Robert for the tip!


Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines changes to the core worlds

Given the fact that Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s upcoming expansion is very much focused around stories, it’d be a bit odd if all of the old missions went away entirely. At the same time, the path through planets was pretty bloated and not always very story-focused. A new development diary outlines the changes coming to the core worlds and the renewed emphasis on story progression, making the most critical storyline missions the focal point for players moving through planets and class stories.

Critical missions – the thrust of the main story and each individual planet’s story – will be marked with different icons and will be the only missions shown by default. If you want to explore a planet in more depth, you can opt to see the Exploratory missions offered on every planet, with the planetary level sync ensuring that you never wind up too far above the planet’s power level. Heroic missions are also being restructured to two-person affairs available via a weekly console; check out the full diary for details.


Wisdom of Nym: The state of Final Fantasy XIV’s magical DPS

The purpose of magical damage in Final Fantasy XIV is to ruin everything. Really. You get a huge group of enemies together, and then you ruin them with a barrage of magical forces. Not literally using Ruin most of the time, that works its way into your rotation but isn’t a mandatory thing at all times. Though it’s pretty important for Summoners, I know. Mostly as a filler.

Just as ranged DPS and melee DPS has a niche in the game, magical DPS has its niche, and while Summoner was originally sold as a bit more of a debuffer than simply a DPS with a heavy damage-over-time element, we’re here now. So to round out the previous columns on the DPS jobs in the game, let’s take a look at the two damage-dealing casters in all of their glory. Mind the explosions, those show up a lot. Also mind the damage fields. It’s sort of their thing.

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