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Tencent’s new Chinese console includes League of Legends in its lineup

If you’ve long wished to play League of Legends on a console, we’re happy to tell you that this will soon be a thing you can do. You just have to do a few things beforehand. First, learn Chinese. Second, be in China. Third, purchase Tencent’s upcoming console and set it up. Isn’t it worth learning a new language and completely uprooting every aspect of your life in exchange for being able to play the game on a console?

Note that if you’re already in China and speaking the language, this may involve far less uprooting than previously implied.

Tencent‘s new console will also include a variety of other localized Chinese titles operated by the company, including Monster Hunter Online and FIFA Online 3. No announcements have been made about the console heading overseas at this point, but there’s no certainty that it won’t be heading over, either. So perhaps one day you will be able to play LoL on a console without the aforementioned complete shift over to China, and you can sneer dismissively at the people who didn’t like the idea of having the game on a console enough to completely change their lives.

Source: MMO Culture


SamuTale releases founder’s packs for sale

The first alpha tests for SamuTale are scheduled to start soon, which is excellent news for anyone who has a deep and passionate love for full-loot PvP sandboxes with colorful samurai. Want to be sure you can get in on the testing? Buy a founder’s pack with guaranteed alpha access, and you’ll be there to start playing on the day that the game opens its test servers. You could be one of the first to get killed and looted!

Three packs are on offer for players, with all three being fairly cheap (the biggest one tops out at around $34) and a special discount applied to early purchasers to make them even cheaper. You can also sign up to test without paying a cent, but if you want to be certain you’ll get in, buying a founder’s pack is the way to go.


Final Fantasy XI celebrates 14 years of operation

It’s been 14 years since Final Fantasy XI launched in Japan, and while the august game might be slowing down a bit, it sure isn’t stopping. The game’s last version update took place last week, and now there are a whole pile of things to do for the game’s 14th anniversary, starting with a new anniversary celebration giving players the chance to befriend crabs. You fought them for ages to level up, and now they shuttle you to your destinations; it’s a bit like the circle of life.

This year’s anniversary celebration also includes a new round of the Mog Bonanza lottery and the usual adventurer appreciation moogles fluttering into the cities to celebrate your accomplishments. If you’ve got a long-standing love of Vana’diel and its inhabitants, it’s a perfect time to pop in, remember old times, and maybe party with a crab or two along the way in the game that has a “maintenance mode” more active than some non-maintenance titles.


An innocent NPC may allude to future crossovers for Star Trek Online

Look at the guy in that image right there. He’s just some dude, right? Just a nameless NPC in Star Trek Online, offering no quests or shop functionality or anything of the sort. He is, in every sense of the word, totally superfluous. By which we of course mean that he’s anything but superfluous and may have some pretty far-reaching implications for the game’s storyline, the expansion Agents of Yesterday, and future development.

If you’re staring at the screen and scratching your head in bafflement, that’s fine. I understand. In order for any of that to make sense, you have to understand uniforms and why they’re a big deal in Star Trek, as well as species we just plain don’t know about yet. Take a look at the two screenshots we’ve been given of this mystery man, and then jump on down below to learn about uniforms, implications, and uniforms.

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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s class weaknesses and why they matter

The other day, I was browsing the official Final Fantasy XIV forums for a reason I can no longer recall. I am sure it made sense at the time, but then, I’m sure of lots of things. On the browse, I found someone complaining that as it currently stands, Ninja has pretty terrible AoE, and the designers really need to do something about that because it makes the job less useful on dungeon runs.

That stayed in my brain. Because on the one hand, the person who wrote that was completely right. Ninja does have weak AoE capability; we have three AoE skills, two of them are tied to Ninjutsu cooldowns, and the third is almost entirely worthless in terms of actually damage done per TP. (If someone is spamming Death Blossom, she is playing poorly.) But the author was also completely wrong because that’s not a problem. The only problem is if you try to play Ninja as if it did have tons of AoE capability. And buffing up that ability would make for a worse job and a worse game.

Why? Because every class needs weaknesses.

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PWE on the release and monetization of Gigantic

Last week’s announcement that Perfect World Entertainment would sign on as a publisher for Gigantic was good news for fans of the MOBA, but it also leads to plenty of questions. What will change with the game’s new publisher, especially in terms of monetization? Staff for both Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment recently took to Reddit to answer questions about the transition, so you don’t need to wonder about it too much.

Monetization is something that still doesn’t seem to be finalized, but it isn’t meant to be predatory or overbearing, with player retention serving as a first goal for the game’s development.

Our focus as PWE is to help bring Gigantic to market and make it accessible to the players. To pull back to the curtain some more, our goal with Gigantic and the launch is very strongly focused on fun. Let’s partner with Motiga to continue the development of something that we as gamers in the company would be proud of and want to play. Monetization will make sense for the game. Our goal is to not have that be predatory to the core values of the game.

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The Daily Grind: What motivates you to try out an MMORPG?

I’ve seen many designers and players over the years say that a game going free-to-play will attract more players, but I’ve always wondered about that. The logic seems clear enough, of course; removing the price tag from Tree of Savior means that more people can jump in without feeling like they’ve made big investments first. But most of the people I know seem to be motivated to play a game by the game itself and what it promises, not by the presence or lack of a pricetag. Black Desert managed to win quite a few people over just by virtue of its systems, and that still costs money.

But are mechanics really what makes it happen? Some people try out games based on the company publishing those games, some try out games based upon the current buzz from an update, and some try out games based entirely on whether or not the designers like the right football team. So what about you, dear readers? What motivates you to try out an MMORPG? And for extra credit, what do you see offered as an enticement that actually makes you less interested in the game?

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WRUP: Talk to your children about the X-Files edition

The world moves ever onward, and pretty soon you’re going to need to think about how you’re going to discuss The X-Files with your children. There’s a temptation to shirk the responsibility, but if your kids don’t hear it from you, they’ll hear it from your drunken sibling at Thanksgiving.

Sit your child down and explain that when a man whose name rhymes with “Fish Smarter” loves the US government very much but also hates the US government very much, sometimes he proposes a show to a network willing to take a chance on crazy crap. Tell them that sometimes it turns out that the lead actors have a lot of chemistry despite the overarching plot being nonsense, and try to make it clear that the show existed at a time when people felt as if the United States had so few remaining enemies that it had to fight itself, like a prize fighter punching a mirror.

You can let us know when you’ll talk about this with your children down in the comments, or you can just take part in What Are You Playing. Or you can explain to us why Gillian Anderson looks even more gorgeous now than she did then while David Duchovny is slowly aging into an ambulatory thumb. That’s the real unsolved case for you.
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Betawatch: Perfect World signs on to publish Gigantic (May 13, 2016)

Things had looked bleak for Gigantic. Setting the game up as being only on Windows 10 and Xbox One hadn’t exactly bolstered its playerbase, and developer Motiga had to go through more than one round of layoffs. But the future of the game does indeed seem secure now that Perfect World has signed on as a publisher, which extends the game’s support to Win64 operating systems as well. Happy news is good news!

We also say farewell to Tree of Savior this week with the game’s official launch as a free-to-play title. Goodbye to one of the most arboreal titles we’ll see all year.

Meanwhile, the rest of the week was… well, lousy with beta news, let’s just say it.

  • If you’ve got a hankering for some turn-based antics, Atlas Reactor invites you to come check it out this weekend. Everyone gets in for a small cover charge of absolutely nothing. It’s win-win, except for the people who made bets that the game wouldn’t have an open test this weekend, in which case you should probably stop making ridiculous bets. It’s also already in early access, if that helps motivate you.
  • World of Warcraft: Legion has finally hit its beta testing, with launch just a couple of months away. Still, beta! It’s a grand time if you’re invited.
  • When will you get to play even the earliest test versions of Pantheon? Not for a thousand upon a thousand generations. Or maybe by the end of the year. Depending on what sort of generations we’re talking about, both might even be true. Like fruit flies.
  • The development team behind Crowfall is looking to push some features back and move forward with a soft launch so that more people can get in and play the game while other features get more polished. Which means less testing on the game before you get to start playing, take that as you will.
  • As a historical footnote, everyone in the world logged into the Overwatch open beta. And then some pets logged in. Or maybe it was more like 10 million people. Still a lot.

And yes, the list is still down below, as it is every week. Is something wrong on that list? Let us know down in the comments, would you kindly?

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Gloria Victis patches in bigger and better rewards for player participation

Boy, isn’t helping out your home nation in Gloria Victis just the worst thing? You didn’t come here to help out those losers; you came here to stare meaningfully at the sunset. Your nation wants you to, like, do stuff. But with the latest patch to the game, you get bigger and better rewards for improving your reputation with your nation. So with a sigh and a rolling of eyes, you set off to actually help people, which is technically why you’re here, you guess.

Surly medieval teenage antics aside, the game hasn’t just buffed rewards for improving your reputation; players will also get better rewards from taking part in tasks such as logging in, completing daily events, and hitting leveling milestones. This comes along with a full reworking of the buff system to allow for bigger and better rewards. A rework of the territory control system is coming up next, which will give players a bit more to do; right now, you can enjoy better rewards for the stuff you’re already doing.


NCsoft’s first quarter financials show Blade & Soul is booming, WildStar is tumbling

There are good pieces of news from NCsoft‘s first quarter financial report. For one thing, the company’s year-on-year sales, profits, and net income are all up year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter. Q1 2016 was good for the company in that regard. The majority of games in the company’s roster also did quite well for themselves, with Blade & Soul seeing a significant upturn in earnings following the game’s western launch.

On the other hand, if you were hoping for good news about the planet of Nexus… well, WildStar‘s earnings dropped from a high in Q4 2015 to a lower point than the game had hit all through 2015 by a significant margin. Guild Wars 2 and Lineage II both also saw slight downturns, but nothing nearly as severe, while Aion managed to climb above all of its 2015 performance. Take a look at the full report if you’d like to have it broken down in chart format.

Source: Q1 2016 NCsoft financial report; thanks to Leiloni for the tip!


Neverwinter weathers a new siege from the Cult of the Dragon

One can only speculate about why anyone lives in the city of Neverwinter. However multicultural the place might be, you would think that the first time you were besieged by something called the Cult of the Dragon, you’d think about moving. Who would live in a city that was constantly under siege by maniacal zealots bent on destruction, aside from Detroit residents who wouldn’t notice the difference? Of course, player characters in Neverwinter can actually benefit from the siege, because pushing back the attack offers rewards to the participants, so perhaps that’s what makes it work.

Players who take part in the defense against the siege can earn two new companions, two new fashion outfits, and new dyes. The event has changed a bit since its prior incarnation, with a repeatable Stronghold quest and a new mount among other balance changes. So get on out there to defend the city from invaders! Don’t listen to that guy who says the city two days north of Neverwinter barely ever gets besieged and has a community rec center, either.


MMORPG Tycoon 2 goes up on Steam Greenlight

How well do you think you could do at designing an MMORPG on your own? It’s got to be pretty easy, right? Slap some quests on some 3D assets and netcode from 2005 until someone calls it derivative and pay-to-win, then sell it off for millions of dollars. Perhaps it will prove to be exactly that easy in the upcoming MMORPG Tycoon 2, a game offering players a chance to build their own virtual worlds and then see how players respond.

It’s important to note that this is not an actual MMORPG, just a somewhat tongue-in-cheek poke at genre conventions as you build up your own game. Still, if you’ve followed the industry for a while, odds are good you’ll be able to at least crack a few smiles at the game. It’s up on Steam Greenlight right now, so if this seems like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, go toss your vote down for it.


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