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DayZ now allows monetized private servers

In the event of a zombie apocalypse like the one that has apparently hit the world of DayZ, human money will be entirely worthless. Ironically, actual DayZ private server operators are now allowed to use said private servers to make some of that human money. Yes, monetization of private servers is now allowed, albeit with a list of restrictions and a variety of things that cannot be sold.

The short version is that only items and perks which do not affect gameplay can be monetized, so anything from guns to housing cannot be sold. Mods are permitted with the express permission of the mod maker, and donations do not require approval but only count as donations so long as no reward is offered. The developers are looking at this as a test run and will be re-evaluating whether or not monetized servers are having a positive effect upon the community at the end of May in 2016. Until then? Run a server and get in on making some pre-apocalypse money.

Source: PC Gamer


WRUP: On the shininess of skin edition

Let’s cover something that I would think is… kind of obvious. Skin is not, by default, shiny. It is not reflective. It does not reflect light like, say, glass or metal. If your skin is reflective, that probably means you have smeared something on your skin, like water or oil or something else. You probably should not do that on a regular basis. Normal human beings do not look like that, as you should be well aware due to your longstanding habit of having skin.

I am enjoying Blade & Soul, but some of its choices with character design are exceedingly ridiculous, that is the joke.

You know what’s no joke? That stupid Wu-Tang Clan album thing. Also, What Are You Playing. You can let us know what you’re playing down in the comments down below, we’ll let you know above the comments but after this introduction. The usual thing. And you can enjoy your human skin, I suppose.

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Betawatch: Albion Online celebrates the season and its backers (December 11, 2015)

Who loves Albion Online? The game is clearly doing something right enough to celebrate 60,000 founders backing the game in its current beta test; that’s no small number. Maybe it’s the fact that the developers are already rolling out holiday events despite the beta testing, thus allowing people who just can’t stop testing this game a chance to get in on the usual gaming-based festivities despite the fact that launch is not yet here.

I guess we really ought to discuss more beta news, yes? Why not?

Wow. After that last one, I’m too depressed to go on. Tell you what – check out our full list of games down below, let us know if something jumped testing phases without us noticing. A whole year! What the heck was 2015 even about.

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Diablo III previews Greyhollow Island for Patch 2.4

There are lots of different flavors of creepy in Diablo III. Obviously, players are dealing with a world of the demonic at all times, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be scarier things than demons in the world. Greyhollow Island is coming in patch 2.4, and whilst it’s more than likely tied to demonic goings-on, it’s still creepy in an entirely different fashion than the usual collection of flame-and-blood demons clustered hither and yon.

A civilization once made its home upon the island, but very little is known about it; the residents turned to some dark entity for power, then collapse and fell into ruin. Would-be explorers seeking to find out the truth of the island have universally seen their efforts end in death and misery. Players will hopefully have better luck when they traverse the ominous locale with the next major patch. A preview video is available just below for those who want a closer look at the unfriendly environs.

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Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the World of Warcraft fan

Look, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry to say there’s not much to be done. As great a gift as it would be, we cannot give you a key to the current expansion testing, nor can we help your favorite World of Warcraft player with a long content drought. There’s simply no technology available to prevent these unpleasant realities.

“Well, great,” you say with no small amount of irritation. “So what am I supposed to get my friends who are super into this game?”

Oh, frustrated reader, don’t lose hope so easily. There are always options. And as we’ve done before, we’ll help point you to some of those options. They might not be the non-content drought that players really want, but they’re something you can give that’s more thoughtful than a simple game time card and more effort-intensive than just printing out the game’s logo on a laser printer and wrapping it. (Don’t ever do that, incidentally.)

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Destiny developers clarify the shift to event-based updates after The Taken King

Players of Destiny might well have expected the game’s future updates to resemble what had happened before The Taken King, with medium-sized DLC packs containing more content. But that’s not the direction that the game is going, and a recent update from the development team clarifies what is in the works. While the game is moving to a more event-based update model for this version of the game, that doesn’t mean that the game is abandoning big content upgrades, just changing how they’re put forth.

Big updates and content are still planned, but the game’s developers want to avoid some of the longer gaps in earlier development. Unfortunately, the development team does still feel the need to be vague about what that content entails, but what is absolute is that not all of those updates will be limited-time events; they’ll just be released on that sort of schedule. While it doesn’t confirm what’s coming, it does at least reassure players that more substantial updates are still on the table.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku


Check out fan-made videos for both of TERA’s new dungeons

The most recent patch for TERA added in two new dungeons along with a new class. But what if you’re not sure about those dungeons holding your interest? Clearly, the only thing to do is to watch some footage of the boss fights helpfully provided by a player, so you have a clearer picture of what you’re up against. After all, punch-happy new classes can only keep you fascinated for so long

Three videos are available of the Forsaken Isle bosses (first through third), while nine videos are available of Kalivan’s Dreadnought bosses (three with a Lancer PoV in normal mode, three with a Berserker PoV in normal, and one with a Lancer PoV in Hard mode). While it’s not quite the same as getting to experience all of the fights yourself, it’s a good quick glance at how the dungeons play, which should help you decide if the new patch is worth your time.

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Perfect Ten: The 10 best free-to-play MMORPGs

You know one of the reasons I like writing this column? Because one of these days I’m going to be able to make a list of the best characters from Transformers and Bree isn’t going to stop me. But I also like the fact that we all know the column is completely subjective, so that when people read this they do not think that this is a carefully researched piece wherein I can prove that a given game is the best free-to-play title on the market using, like, numbers.

I hope that’s true, anyhow.

But moving along, it’s the holiday season, so you probably want a new game to play, but you both need to avoid buying games (someone might have bought one for you) and you don’t have much money (because you bought everyone some random thing already, let’s just say Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus). So here are the 10 MMOs that I think make for the best free-to-play options on the market right now based on completely subjective reasoning.

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SkySaga commemorates a year of alpha testing and teases holiday events

Let’s get this out of the way before having any sort of serious discussion about SkySaga: The developers have tweeted a picture of a chicken in a holiday sweater, and it is the best chicken-related thing you are likely to see today. There’s also an equally adorable sheep with presents hanging off. Does this mean that the game is going to have some sort of holiday event? We don’t know, but that certainly does seem to be the hint, doesn’t it?

Of course, the game has had time to develop that infrastructure for holiday events now that it’s been in alpha testing for a year. That’s the big centerpiece today – a new video showing off the changes made to the game in the span of the last year. So jump on down below and check that out. There are no chickens in sweaters therein, but that’s why development is ongoing.

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DC Universe Online reveals the conclusion to the War of the Light in Episode 20

The heroes and villains of DC Universe Online have been dealing with the War of the Light for a while now, but the arrival of Nekron and the summoning of a Black Lantern in the center of Metropolis means that the whole thing has kicked into overdrive. Players will be tasked with driving back Nekron and his legions of the undead in the conclusion of this story arc when Episode 20 hits the live game. And that’s just part of what has been revealed for this next major update.

Players who need a break from the undead force creeping across the planet can spend a bit of time dealing with demons, as a horde has broken out in the Gotham Wastelands and Raven is seeking assistance putting down her brothers. There are also new rewards for players to earn, including a cosmetic version of Nekron’s chestpiece. You can watch the whole reveal just below.

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Monster Hunter Online’s Chinese team does not oppose an English patch

A new video is available for the open beta of Monster Hunter Online over in China, which is something less than heartening for our readers who would like to play the game in English rather than Chinese. But there’s some good news on that front as well. There are no plans to actually localize the game officially, but Tencent representatives have discussed the possibility of an English patch, and they do not oppose it.

The downside, of course, is that this still requires community members interested in translating and patching the game without official support. But the fact that there are no planned IP blocks or other impediments ensures that a patch can happen. So maybe you should watch that trailer and get excited after all.

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Marvel Heroes launches the Danger Room feature

In the comics, the Danger Room is the aptly named training facility for the X-Men, a room which is dangerous so that the superheroes are ostensibly ready for the real dangers in the real world. Marvel Heroes is bringing the Danger Room to the game with a very different but equally useful purpose. You aren’t going to be just training for the next time Magneto tries to blow up a rocket, you’re going to be taking on a variety of randomly generated scenarios in a new sort of endgame content.

Danger Room scenarios are awarded as new random drops, allowing players to jump in and run through unique random battles with buffed and heretofore unexpected mechanics. You can also get a login bonus of free scenarios for logging in during the launch event, which is also offering a 100% experience bonus for the duration. Check out the FAQ on the danger room for the fine details on corner cases, and get ready to explore all sorts of new combat lineups that you would never expect.

Source: Patch Announcement, FAQ; thanks to Bryan for the tip!


David Georgeson and Jeremy Soule are working together on a mystery project

David Georgeson is best known, of late, for the work he did on both Landmark and EverQuest Next before departing Daybreak. Jeremy Soule is known for making amazing soundtracks for so many games that it’s impractical to list all of them in tags. Now, we know that they’re joining forces to develop orbital satellites to ensure their domination over the world… or just to make some great music for something.

So what are these two creative souls working on? We really don’t know. But if you’re familiar with the work of both people involved, there’s good reason to get excited about the prospect.

Source: Twitter


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