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Final Fantasy XIV nerfs the Steps of Faith in 2.57 patch

Are you stuck on the last part of Final Fantasy XIV‘s main scenario quest? The last trial introduced, Steps of Faith, is a pretty decisive coordination check with very little margin for error. So a bit more margin is being introduced in the game’s most recent patch, which also adds new music for the various Primal ponies and increases the Echo strength in the Final Coil of Bahamut.

None of the changes made to Steps of Faith has any bearing on the trial’s mechanics; however, Vishap and his attendant dragons all have less health, damage dealt by Underfoot and exploding cannon is reduced, and some enemies will deal less damage altogether. It won’t make the trial a simple matter to clear, but it will make clearing it far less demanding than before.


Did you know Diablo III was once planned as an MMO?

It’s indisputable that World of Warcraft took a lot of nods from online Diablo II when it first launched. Sometimes, it almost seems as if the game was mechanically meant to be an online Diablo title. But guess what? In a recent interview on the Pointless Podcast, David Brevik — formerly of Diablo and now of Marvel Heroes — revealed some tidbits about development, including the fact that the original design for Diablo III was to have the game be a straight-up MMO. It was only after he and the other original developers left that it started to become what it is now.

What would that MMO have looked like? A lot like Marvel Heroes, only minus all of the copyrighted Marvel characters. Fascinating stuff. You can check out the whole interview below, or you can just skip directly to the specific portion we’re referencing here.

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An all-Death Knight party downs the current apex of World of Warcraft raiding

So, what’s the best group composition for endgame raiding in World of Warcraft? It looks like it’s Death Knights. Just a bunch of Blood-spec Death Knights. Sure, you have no healing or DPS, but a group consisting of 10 such Death Knights was able to down Blackhand in Heroic Blackrock Foundry without needing any of those other roles. Have you managed to do that with nine other people mirroring your spec?

According to the players behind the victory, the fight became a great deal more hectic due to the lack of specific tanks, but the group pulled out the win despite the madness of the mechanics. Next plan: taking on Mythic Highmaul with twice as many Death Knights. Form your own conclusion.

Incidentally, it’s also the decade anniversary of that intensely stupid Leeroy Jenkins video, so feel free to pepper your words today with references to it.

[Source: Kotaku, Polygon]


Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s cross-class actions

This past week, I did what I needed to do before Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion Heavensward launches: I finished the main scenario questline on my second character. Considering that she needed to be Dark Knight more or less a month ago, I think this was very necessary and am glad to be done with it. For those of you wondering about the future, my Au Ra will be leveling and going through stuff after the expansion launch, in no small part to see how viable things are when trying to clear that big gap between level 50 and the first steps into Ishgard… but that’s another discussion altogether.

All of this talk and thought about new jobs naturally raises the question of what people should be leveling going into the new expansion, though, and that’s a tough question to ask. It’s almost impossible to know right now what the cross-class landscape is going to look like, if indeed it looks like anything. With three new jobs and enough levels for another cross-class action, it increasingly looks to me as if that cross-class landscape has eroded into nothing.

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Destiny’s second expansion gets a video preview

If you’re anything like me, you found out that Destiny‘s second expansion does not actually contain a literal house of wolves and got very sad. No, House of Wolves just contains lots of people who need to be shot by the player characters and a whole lot of story to explain why they need shooting. Oh, and many ways in which to shoot them. So about what you’d expect, really.

There’s a video preview available for this next update, and you can watch it just below. Total number of wolves on display through the entire five-minute run time is at zero, but you will get a good glimpse of the new PvP maps, the Elimination format, new cooperative strikes, new arenas, new weapons and armor… lots of great stuff for players. Just no wild puppy antics.

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Scope out the Guild Wars 2 Dragonhunter summary

You can’t play a Dragonhunter Guardian in Guild Wars 2 right now no matter how much you might want to be wielding a bow and hunting the third most dangerous game (dragons are third, humans are second, bears with cyborg implants are first). But you can find out a little bit more about how the specialization will work with Dulfy’s summary of the most recent official livestream, which includes a detailed breakdown of the skills on display and several of the trait lines that Guardians will be able to utilize when Heart of Thorns launches.

As you would expect, several of the abilities have obvious benefits for fighting dragons, such as multiple projectile-blocking tricks from the longbow and the class virtues. The traps unique to the specialization are also detailed, with each trap having a short activation time and priming time before it’s ready to start firing; pre-placed traps are ideal if you want their effects to go off quickly. Check out the full summary for more.

[Source: Dulfy; thanks to Nreff for the tip!]


The Daily Grind: Have you bought real-world memorabilia for an MMO?

I don’t think it’s going to surprise anyone that I’m a pretty big fan of Final Fantasy XIV. Despite that fact, it may surprise readers to know that my home is not only not covered in various FFXIV merchandise, but I don’t actually own much of what does exist in the first place. I just don’t feel the need to pay the money and buy more merch for the game.

Then again, maybe it wouldn’t surprise you. I know there are people out there who will happily have a logo from a favored game on every piece of clothing and/or furniture; I also know there are extremely dedicated fans out there who don’t own a single collector’s edition. So what about you? Have you bought real-world memorabilia for an MMO, either for associated in-game bonuses or just because you really like the game?

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WRUP: Chroma Squad is a thing of joy edition

If you had told me when I was 17 that I wanted to play a pixelated turn-based strategy game in which I got to manage my own team of sentai characters, I would have responded with an eye-roll and a loud “duh.” Because of course I did. I still want that now! Only now I can actually play that, and it’s called Chroma Squad, and I literally care about nothing else except that it exists and it works and it’s beautiful.

Balance concerns? Difficulty curves? Options available? I do not care about any of that. All I wanted was to get me some turn-based custom sentai creation, and look, I have it.

So you can probably guess part of my entry for this week’s installment of What Are You Playing, but can you guess the rest of the staff? Oh, you can? Well, aren’t you smart. Why don’t you share what you’ll be playing down in the comments, smart guy? I mean that. Totally serious.

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Betawatch: May 8th, 2015

This week, Landmark was consumed in a fiery explosion, by which we of course mean that it had a big old wipe. But it’s all right, because we also saw the new island shapes and they’re pretty keen. You can also jump in on designing elf buildings, if you want to.

What other strange events took place in the beta testing world this week?

Oh, and we also have a huge list of several titles past the break that are in testing as last we knew of it, which could mean very little because some of them like to creep into what could be practically called launch without telling us. Those little scamps! The full list is below, and if you notice one of said scamps is hanging out, do let us know down in the comments.

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Ubisoft Annecy joins the many teams working on The Division

You remember The Division, right? We sort of do. It was supposed to be released… eventually. Was it supposed to be now? Meh, doesn’t matter, it’s not here yet. But another team has taken on some of the duties of bringing it to life, as Ubisoft Annecy has joined Massive Entertainment, Red Storm, and Reflections in the network of studios collaborating on this one game.

Ubisoft Annecy is likely most familiar to players from Assassin’s Creed multiplayer portions, up to and including Assassin’s Creed Unity. Of course, The Division is supposed to be multiplayer by its very nature, so it’s not yet clear exactly what Annecy will be doing in the game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source: Ubisoft blog]


EverQuest Next invites players to the Elf workshop competition

The games aren’t explicitly linked quite the same way any longer, but there’s still plenty of space for Landmark players to strut their stuff in EverQuest Next style. Hence the new forum posting that gives players a style guide for the elves of the setting as well as the architecture found in the now-ruined Takish empire. While the elves had once traveled the stars, the fall of the once glorious empire means that they simply look up at the stars at night… and, you know, incorporate those designs into their clothes, buildings, and so forth whenever they can.

Why would you care about any of this beyond the lore? Because Daybreak is beginning another building competition, this one asking players to submit Elf- and Takish Empire-style builds in Landmark for consideration in EQN.

More details on the competition are forthcoming, but in the meantime, you can check out the pictures of structures, materials, and layouts on the full style guide.

[Source: EverQuest Next forums, competition]


Smedley has bright predictions for PlanetSide 2’s future

It’s been said before and will be said again a few more times before it’s no longer true: Fans of Daybreak games are a bit jittery at the moment. The company’s sudden shift away from Sony and subsequent layoffs and upheaval have not inspired confidence. That jittery nervousness is what president John Smedley has been addressing, most recently with a posting on Reddit to the PlanetSide 2 community. In short, according to Smedley, good things are in the wings for the game.

The plan is simple – We are going to be taking Planetside 2 to where it needs to be and finally address the stuff should have already. The metagame. We will once and for all be getting the Meta to where it just has to be. That means a comprehensive change that will involve completely revamping resources, changing what territory control means and spending a lot of time giving you reasons to fight. All of this will be done in a fully transparent manner in which we actually put our internal design docs out there for your comment and feedback.

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Heroes of the Storm confirms Kael’thas and promises a Reddit Q&A

Good news, Blizzard fans! Kael’thas Sunstrider has been confirmed as the next hero being added to Heroes of the Storm. Now you can entertain your teammates in chat by insisting that everything bad in a match – dying once, dying seven times, losing the match, being banned for profanity – is merely a setback. Also you can presumably enjoy using his abilities in combat, too; that’s probably a more straightforward approach.

Want to know about how Kael’thas will actually play rather than simply quoting absurd dialogue from his previous appearances? A question-and-answer session is scheduled for May 12th starting at 5:30 p.m. EDT. Players will have an hour and a half to ask questions about the poster boy for selling out your entire species to the Burning Legion, although again, you will probably want to focus on game mechanics over yelling about that.

[Source: Twitter]


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