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Gloria Victis alpha patch adds NPC battles and resource depletion

The player characters in Gloria Victis are not the only moving pieces in the game world. Even without players there, NPCs are still undertaking actions. The latest patch to the game’s alpha highlights this with NPC battles – foxes sneak off to pick up chickens, opposing factional mercenaries will charge one another, and bears do battle with beehives in one-sided combat. (The last one may be speculative.) Future patches will expand upon this functionality, with full-scale war between NPCs that players can either take part in or simply work around.

The patch is also adding in gathering nodes that become exhausted, forcing players to move on and find new sources of materials. Other quality-of-life improvements include a more straightforward character selection screen on logging in and improvements to the options window. It’s not a content-heavy patch, but it should provide players with plenty of new ways to interact with the existing world.


ELOA launches part two of ‘The Smash’ expansion with two new dungeons

The second part of ELOA‘s first big expansion is dubbed “The Smash,” but it will be an exercise for readers how smashy the two new dungeons introduced really are. They could be extremely smashy, and one could theoretically be overseen by a character named “Smashtown Smasherson, Smash-Lord of Smashburg.” Probably not, though; there are three difficulties available for each dungeon, and it’s far more likely that Smasherson shows up in none of them.

Balance changes are also included in this patch, preventing the use of certain movement skills and rebalancing some elements of Mages and Snipers. There’s also a small contest running on the forums to see which players can clear the two new dungeons first, with the three winners receiving a special cosmetic outfit. So get ready, gear up, and smash your way through the dungeons until you get a screenshot at the end. Perhaps that’s what makes the expansion smashy?

Source: Official Site, Webzen press release


Skyforge previews the new hostile territory of Ontes Valley

Being a god in Skyforge doesn’t simply mean getting lots of power; it also means you need to face challenges and deal with greater risks over time. You need more power to ascend further, and that means entering more dangerous areas. Hence, a new area preview on the official site for the Hostile Territory known as Ontes Valley. It’s not a friendly place, even though it’s shrouded in the same sort of picturesque landscape that define the world as a whole.

The region’s tasks are focused around using powerful Resonators to gather additional enemy, with more powerful monsters found deeper into the valley and by more powerful Resonators. Each individual sub-zone also features a boss that players can take out to reach local objectives that much faster, assuming you reach the boss before anyone else in the zone manages it. It’s a challenging zone, but that means great rewards; being a deity isn’t easy, apparently.


Guild Wars 2 shares the simple details of gliding in central Tyria

Here’s what will be necessary to start gliding in central Tyria once it’s unlocked in Guild Wars 2: unlocking the start of the Mastery gliding line. That’s it. Yes, it’s no more complicated than gliding anywhere else. The biggest restriction that players will encounter is that a few areas have been designated as no-fly zones, chiefly to avoid people bypassing jumping puzzles unfairly. Other than that, glide away.

Instances and the like will still be off-limits for gliding, as the areas were not designed to be seen from the air. Similarly, it’s quite possible that players will be able to get to places that were not meant for gliding in the old world, but the maps haven’t been redesigned in any way with updrafts and the like. It really will just be gliding in the bulk of Tyria, just as advertised. (You may want to check out our most recent installment of Flameseeker Chronicles on this exact feature, among others.)


World of Warcraft: Legion’s alpha will be back online today

Good news to those of you testing World of Warcraft‘s next expansion – the alpha for Legion will be coming back online today! No word on exactly when, but it’s a known fact:

You may remember that it was not so long ago that fans and testers were told that the return would mean a new build with new issues, benefits, downsides, and so forth. No word yet on what’s in the new build, but then, we only just found out that it’s coming back up today. Keep your eyes peeled for more information once those test servers are back online and running.


SMITE kicks off the Rising Dawn promotional event

Amaterasu is the Japanese goddess of the sun, a new deity within SMITE‘s deific roster and a flexible one besides. But bringing Amaterasu alone into the game wouldn’t constitute an event. No, her arrival brings along plenty of other Japanese-themed skins for the various deities, so even if she’s not palling around with her fellow pantheon members right now, she can feel right at home around Kaiju Sobek.

The timeline there may be a bit weird.

The overall event pattern is similar to the Odyssey events, with bonus rolls for chests unlocking time-limited skins. Only two skins are on display now, but three more are promised, with one of them possibly a reward for unlocking the first four (based on the pattern of other events). Whether you want to get in on the sun goddess action or not, there’s plenty of new stuff arriving with the the dawn this time around.

Hi-Rez also released an infographic in the wake of its recent tourney; we’ve included it below.

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Heroes of the Storm is adding Genn Greymane to its lineup today

It feels like it’s been forever since Heroes of the Storm announced the addition of Gilnean ruler Genn Greymane to its roster, but he has not been forgotten! In fact, Greymane should be added to the game today. How do we know that?

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EVE Online’s January patch brings new SKINs and UI improvements

Electronic warfare is important in EVE Online. It’s not the most important part of any sort of armed conflict – there’s the whole “weapons” thing – but it’s still important. So it’s probably a good thing that the game’s most recent patch moves several important status effects to the game’s EWAR bar, allowing players to more easily track and manage a variety of ongoing electronic warfare effects.

The patch also contains a variety of quality-of-life improvements and the first set of new SKINs for ships. Eight SKINs from the Tronhadar Ink line have been added to the game, allowing players a new option for customizing the look of their ships. It’s not a huge patch, but who doesn’t like the opportunity to get a sleek new look while also making electronic warfare that much more straightforward?


Star Citizen developers answer a new batch of 10 for the Developers

Odds are that you won’t be able to fly a ship in heavy armor in Star Citizen. We don’t mean that in the real world; obviously if you yourself are decked out head to toe in full plate armor, you should not sit down at your computer to play a video game. (It does prompt questions about what you do with your spare time other than video games, but we’re not here to judge.) Even in the game, the latest “10 for the Developers” installment makes it clear that you really can’t work the controls while your character is in full armor, so be sure to undress a bit before starting the engine.

The latest installment of the Q&A video answers several questions about armor, as it happens – players will be able to customize armor to take on a sort of medic role if so desired, for example. Players can also expect power armor to be balanced via lower-than-normal visibility and slower movement. Check out the full video just below.

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The next Paladins release may have a Global Agenda tie-in

Being a Hi-Rez Studios fan means looking back with a certain degree of wistfulness toward the games that didn’t quite have huge mainstream success. Global Agenda was the studio’s first game, and it certainly didn’t light the world on fire, resulting in its current state of limbo. But there’s hope on the horizon from a recent tweet about the next Paladins update:

What does that mean? Who can say? It could mean new game modes that might be familiar to Global Agenda fans, it could mean more jetpacks, it could mean Global Agenda-inspired armor, it could mean an entirely new persistent world complete with robots. It could be almost anything! But it definitely means that existing fans of the game should keep their eyes open for that next release.

Source: Twitter


Path of Exile shows off the Earthquake skill for big melee hits

When Path of Exile launches its Ascendancy expansion, your character builds will have new skills to play with, and many of those new skills are meant to change the ways you use those builds. The newest skill revealed is the Earthquake ability, a melee skill that is all about having a slow weapon and shortening the duration on the skill. It causes a fissure in the ground that explodes in an aftershock, useful for clearing out large patches of enemies… and even more useful if you shorten the time between the initial hit and the subsequent aftershock.

The team behind the game has also answered a number of player questions about the next expansion and later updates to the client. Ascendancy specializations will be revealed largely in February, with an optional passive skill reset available to players when the expansion launches. The developers also stated for the record that it’s important for parts of the game to be hard, but the game as a whole shouldn’t be hard at all times; it gets kind of exhausting.

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SWTOR runs January events to make up for December’s problems

There were a lot of events planned for Star Wars: The Old Republic in December. Sure, they were the game’s usual repeating events, but there were still a lot of them. Unfortunately, due to various unexpected problems, the events failed to trigger correctly and players missed out on some of those events, with the Rakghoul Resurgence being the most notable omission. As such, January’s event schedule has been updated and expanded in the hopes that everyone can get some time in with these events before they head off once again.

The current schedule has the Relics of the Gree event starting tomorrow and running through the 19th, with the Rakghoul Resurgence running from the 19th through the 26th, followed by the Bounty Contract event from the 26th to February 2nd. That’s a full week of events with rewards, reputations, and some third thing that starts with the letter “R.” If there’s more stuff you want to accomplish in any of those regular events, start planning for the rest of the month.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Bob for the tip!


Wisdom of Nym: A musing on malaise in Final Fantasy XIV

There’s no question in my mind that Final Fantasy XIV is still one of my favorite games of all time. It certainly doesn’t lack for things to do, even now. Between the setting, the aesthetic, and the mechanics of the game, I’ve vastly enjoyed it through launch until now. And yet lately there seems to be something in the air, some distant sense telling me – and several other veteran players, by my own unscientific examination – that maybe right now it should just be allowed to lie fallow for a while.

You can, of course, read that as a natural consequence of any game you play for an extended period of time. But I think there are reasons that this is hitting now, when I know full well that if I wanted to there are definitely things I can do in the game. I do not want for content by any stretch of the imagination. So why, then, do I not want to play that content? Why now? What’s different about this situation?

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