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World of Warcraft’s Legion testing is taking a holiday break, too

We hope you weren’t planning on playing any of the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha during your own holiday break (assuming you have one). Blizzard has announced today that the alpha test will be going on break on December 21st, to return sometime early next year. There’s no discussion of whether or not the testing pool will be expanding as well.

World of Warcraft: Legion was announced at Gamescom this year, with a promise of beta later this year; it was later stated that beta would begin in the weeks following BlizzCon. It is worth noting at this point that Blizzard has been very careful to call this build an alpha through its testing.


Final Fantasy XI outlines its plans for 2016

For a game that’s heading into its maintenance mode, Final Fantasy XI is remaining quite active. Previous announcements had confirmed that the game was going to continue receiving updates through the end of April 2016, but producer Akihiko Matsui has confirmed that the game will continue to be updated past April with monthly updates featuring both battle and story content.

Obviously, the game will not be adding something on scale with the massive Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, but players can look forward to new things to do on a monthly basis. This will include large-group and solo battle content, to boot. All of this is good news for anyone who isn’t quite ready to say farewell to Vana’diel; the game is on a slow road to twilight, not simply sailing into the darkness.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Jacob for the tip!


Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates Life Day

It may be a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but the residents of Star Wars: The Old Republic still know how to celebrate winter holidays. Sure, all of the emphasis on snow for Life Day might seem a bit odd if you were born and raised on Tatooine, but you can still take part in this year’s events. Dulfy even has a new guide to ensure that you can get everything you want from this year’s festivities.

Players can pick up several festive red speeders, a variety of toys and decorations, and new regen items for those who want them. There are also life day robes available for those who want to completely look the part. Life Day runs until January 5th of next year, so players have plenty of time to clear all of the event content. That should be useful, since something franchise-related is happening shortly; we forget what it is.


Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s Starlight Celebration

Have you ever noticed that every single holiday celebration in Final Fantasy XIV goes wrong? There’s never a year when player characters are not tasked with fixing something messy. This year’s Starlight Celebration is coming, and wouldn’t you know it, the holiday celebration is going wrong again and it’s up to players to ensure that everyone enjoys the magic of wearing fake beards and reindeer antlers on their heads.

Is that not the real meaning of the Starlight Celebration? Because it should be.

Aside from the fake beard and antlers, players can also pick up hooves, gloves, and a hat for cosmetic rewards, along with a Starlight tree and wall decorations for the house. The event starts up on December 18th and runs until December 31st, so players should have plenty of time to save Starlight yet again. One wonders if Eorzea’s residents would ever have another holiday without players.


PSN users find level boosts for Destiny on the PSN store

Good news, Destiny players on the PlayStation with a desire to bypass a good chunk of leveling! You belong to a rather narrow subgroup, but you appear to be the first group able to purchase level boosts on the PSN store for a price. Players first noticed the level boosts on sale for £24.99 on the UK PSN, but have subsequently snapped shots of the items for sale in the US PSN for $44.99.  Which would seem a bit steep even if Bungie hadn’t previously said that the datamined level-boost items were not meant for microtransactions.

Friendly reminder: Bungie said exactly that.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, players are already up in arms over both the price and the sale of these level boosts, although thus far the noly reports are coming in from the UK PSN store. There’s no word yet on whether the items were meant to be sold or it was simply a fluke somewhere in the system; it does seem to contradict earlier statements, but a lot can change in two months.


Crowfall aims siege warfare at February

If you’re enjoying the current round of testing for Crowfall, we have both good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that it’s coming to an end on December 18th, and further bad news is that the next major round of testing is slated for February, which means that it’ll be a while before bigger testing rolls out. The good news, on the other hand, is that there will be a handful of snap tests in January once the team gets the new client controller ready for prime time, which was unfortunately never quite ready for this round of testing.

The even better news? February’s testing will not just be more hunger dome testing but will move on to the siege perilous, testing the destruction and capture mechanics of the game. It’s still going to be session-based conflict, but it’s going to be much larger and much closer to what players will actually aim for in large-scale battles. You can wait a couple of months for that, can’t you? Sure you can.


Wisdom of Nym: Looking back at Final Fantasy XIV’s 2015

I realize that this is arguably a little early. We’ve still got a couple of weeks left in 2015, after all, and patch 3.15 is going to be dropping later this week so that we all have new stuff to undertake for weapons. But you know, I feel confident evaluating Final Fantasy XIV now. I feel as if it’s in a state wherein there’s more to see, but not more that needs to be seen for a report card, so to speak.

Everyone who plays the game (and even several people who do not) knew at the start of the year that this would be a big year. It was the game’s first expansion, it involved the wrap-up of the previous storylines, and it was up against several other big high-profile launches. So how did the game do for its second full year of post-relaunch operation? Assuming you’ve forgotten all of the columns I wrote about how it was doing along the way, I mean.

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Trion compensates Devilian players for lost progress on the Seadrift server

There’s nothing quite like logging in over the weekend to play some Devilian, logging out after a little while, and then logging back in… to find all of your progress completely gone. A server restart on Saturday, December 12th resulted in several players on the Seadrift server losing progress with characters rolled back to an earlier state, with no way to directly recover the experience earned, items gained, or quests completed.

Players were promptly informed that the community team was aware of the issue and would be granting compensation to affected players. Since then, regular updates have been given to the community regarding the compensation status. All affected players should have received level-appropriate gear tokens as well as replacements for any marketplace items consumed during the period. Players have also received free Enigma Boxes, Enigma Keys, and Archgemstones based on character level. It’s not good to lose progress, but the community team seems to be working overtime to ensure that players feel compensated for the loss.


Final Fantasy XI adds Unity shirts and jump emotes (and actual content)

After more than a decade of operation, Final Fantasy XI has finally added jumping. Sort of. You still can’t use it to reach high platforms or actually move through the game, but you can use the /jump command to spring up while running, sitting, standing, walking, and so on. It’s the sort of minor quality-of-life improvement that marks the game’s December version update, something nice for the players still enjoying the game after the final story update.

Of course, there’s meatier content than just the ability to jump around. Players can undertake new Aeonic Weapon quests to unleash the ultimate skillchain abilities, which should come in handy in the expanded Geas Fete content. New items have also been added, existing items have been improved, and more items can be placed on the auction block. There’s life in the game yet, so fans should log in and check out the patch.


The Daily Grind: What MMO has the best character hairstyles?

We talk a lot about systems for changing the look of what your character is wearing, but what we don’t talk about nearly enough are hairstyles. That might seem like a little thing, but it really isn’t. Having good hair selections is kind of a big deal; in some games it’s the fastest and most immediate way to distinguish different characters. New styles are coveted in games like Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2 as new customization paths, while in games with mostly human-esque races like Blade & Soul the hairstyle selection is often the best way to mark distinctions between races.

Every game does its hairstyles slightly differently, of course. Some games have tons of options, some games have only a few, and some have a very lopsided selection based on character gender and/or race. So what MMO has the best possible selection of hairstyles? Or do you just keep your helmet display on at all time, thus making it a pointless distinction for you?

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Elite Lord of Alliance’s first major content patch adds a new level cap, a new area, and Christmas

How long should a game be around before you start upping the level cap? Elite Lord of Alliance (or ELOA as it’s known to its friends) hasn’t been in release for very long, but as a localized title there’s plenty of backlogged content to be unveiled. That means the game’s first major content patch can (and did) bump the level cap up to 35, complete with new titles, quests, battlefields, all of that fun stuff. The new zone Brimstone Mine has also been added, complete with a cutscene for the first time you enter.

Not in the mood for all of the usual leveling antics? Why not enjoy some winter holiday antics? Yes, the patch adds in those hallowed festivities as well, so you can feel free to just talk with snowmen and enjoy a simpler sort of celebration. That’s all plenty of stuff for fans of the game to enjoy until the next major patch; the fact that said patch also contains a new endless dungeon is just icing on a content-flavored cake.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Zariarn for the tip!


DayZ now allows monetized private servers

In the event of a zombie apocalypse like the one that has apparently hit the world of DayZ, human money will be entirely worthless. Ironically, actual DayZ private server operators are now allowed to use said private servers to make some of that human money. Yes, monetization of private servers is now allowed, albeit with a list of restrictions and a variety of things that cannot be sold.

The short version is that only items and perks which do not affect gameplay can be monetized, so anything from guns to housing cannot be sold. Mods are permitted with the express permission of the mod maker, and donations do not require approval but only count as donations so long as no reward is offered. The developers are looking at this as a test run and will be re-evaluating whether or not monetized servers are having a positive effect upon the community at the end of May in 2016. Until then? Run a server and get in on making some pre-apocalypse money.

Source: PC Gamer


WRUP: On the shininess of skin edition

Let’s cover something that I would think is… kind of obvious. Skin is not, by default, shiny. It is not reflective. It does not reflect light like, say, glass or metal. If your skin is reflective, that probably means you have smeared something on your skin, like water or oil or something else. You probably should not do that on a regular basis. Normal human beings do not look like that, as you should be well aware due to your longstanding habit of having skin.

I am enjoying Blade & Soul, but some of its choices with character design are exceedingly ridiculous, that is the joke.

You know what’s no joke? That stupid Wu-Tang Clan album thing. Also, What Are You Playing. You can let us know what you’re playing down in the comments down below, we’ll let you know above the comments but after this introduction. The usual thing. And you can enjoy your human skin, I suppose.

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