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Borderlands Online preps for another closed beta test

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for your daily installment of Things You’re Never Going To Have! Probably not, anyway. Borderlands Online has opened registration for the second wave of closed beta testing, although the game’s developers have not yet specified when this second test will be taking place. A new PvP mode will be introduced that functions as a capture-the-flag scenario with the series’ recurring mascot robot Claptrap, but no new PvE features appear to be in the pipe.

Borderlands Online is currently in development by Shanda Games for the Chinese market, with no announcement of a port or localization or anything for an American release despite being based off of an American IP. Life is strange like that. You can check out a video of the PvE gameplay just past the break and let yourself decide if you’re missing much.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic developers want to know what you want to ride

There are always a lot of things you could potentially ride in video games. Star Wars: The Old Republic is no exception. There are lots of different speeder styles. There are tauntauns. There are various animals on specific planets. There are really big player characters if you’re a smaller sort. So the developers have turned to the forums with a simple question: what do you want to ride around on?

The point of the thread is not to serve as a preview of what mounts will be added to the game, but to offer suggestions about what players would like to see. Obviously, the suggestions should be limited to the creatures and vehicles actually present in the game. So jump on into the thread if you have something new and exciting that you just can’t wait to ride around the game.

Source: Forums Via: Dulfy


Neverwinter posts the official gameplay trailer for Strongholds

A guild’s home is its castle in Neverwinter. Wait, scratch that – it’s not its castle yet, but it will totally be its castle once the Strongholds update drops. The gameplay trailer for the major update is available just below, and it shows off all of the stuff players can do once they band together, clear away the rubble, and get a nice guild castle all set up and looking good.

Strongholds are an involved process for guilds that involve quests and projects to claim land, clear away obstacles, improve resource-gathering structures, and so forth. With the castle finished, players can also engage in large-scale 20v20 conflicts with other similarly progressed guilds. But you don’t need to read about it; you can just hop down below and see it in action for yourself.

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Diablo III previews the Ruins of Sescheron for patch 2.3

In one respect, Diablo III is fairly littered with powerful treasures. That’s the core of its gameplay. You are assaulted by a rain of powerful treasures from the heavens that you then equip and use to kill more powerful foes, who drop still more powerful treasures. But the sort of mystical artifact found deep within the Ruins of Sescheron that players will be able to explore in patch 2.3… that’s a different sort of powerful treasure. That’s something that has story importance right there.

Yes, the game’s next patch is offering a new zone to players that which serves as a trip down memory lane into the ruins of the once-proud home of the barbarians. Of course, there are plenty of powerful artifacts with non-narrative importance to be found in the hands (and claws and such) of the beasts residing in the ruins, so that’s a bit of added motivation. Check out the preview trailer just below; you can try out the patch on the game’s test server now.

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How to progress in Skyforge after the weekly spark cap

Weekly limits in Skyforge are everywhere, putting a limit on how far and how fast players can progress in the game. In some ways this is most definitely a good thing, as it keeps even the most progression-oriented players on roughly equal footing, but it does mean that some players are hitting the weekly cap and wondering what in the world can actually be done to advance a character. Consequently, the developers have posted a new walkthrough of the Order system designed to highlight the fact that there is most certainly a means of advancing once you hit that weekly cap.

The Order system is all about sending out followers to promote you as a member of the pantheon and give you plenty of name recognition, which also contributes to the strength of your character (which gives you more followers, which… you get the idea). It’s one of the the three main ways to advance in the game, and it’s also a bit overlooked. The article helps correct that, but the developers promise that they will be keeping an eye on discussions to help identify problems with progress and perception alike..

Source: Official Site; thanks to Twitticle and Nordavind for the tip!


H1Z1 targets bear AI, goes on sale for $8

As impossible as it might have seemed, H1Z1‘s next patch is going to be improving bear AI to make the ursine contingent of the population more responsive. It probably will not be improved to the point that you can tame your own bear, however, as that would change the entire premise of the game to being all about leading various bear-trained armies to tear through zombies and establish a new world order. But the bears will have better AI.

It’s a small thing, but the aforementioned patch is adding in lots of small adjustments like that; prone rifle rolling and team chat have been implemented, and a number of balance adjustments with bug fixes have been included. It’s not going to stun you with content, but it will make the game run more smoothly and let you play a better game all around. Plus it’s something to do whilst you wait for the post-apocalyptic game with full bear command support.

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MechWarrior Online launches European servers and rolls out new machines

Yes, MechWarrior Online has rolled out an expansion. You didn’t know about that? Probably because you were waiting for some huge new content drop, but this expansion is a server expansion. European players can now use a local server to play rather than being forced to deal with high international pings. With European players making up some 40% of the game’s playerbase, it’s a pretty logical move.

The game has also rolled out the final two Clan ‘Mechs for purchase and use in the game, the Arctic Cheetah and the Shadow Cat. Fans of the tabletop game will recognize these iconic war machines, whilst other players can just enjoy piloting a new sort of weapon into battle. On faster servers, if you’re in Europe. It all ties together nicely, doesn’t it?

Source: Piranha Games press release, New ‘Mech Details


Devilian spotlights the Shadowhunter and the Talisman mechanic

You wouldn’t think that hunting shadows would be a very lucrative profession, since all it takes to catch them is a light source and functional eyes. So it can be assumed that Devilian‘s Shadowhunter is less a hunter of shadows and more a hunter in and around shadows. As the class is armed with a whip and shuriken, the arsenal seems a bit better suited to that goal in the first place. You can read about it on the official site as part of the game’s slow roll of information for players.

Also part of that slow roll is a feature on the Talisman mechanic. Talismans are functionally cards that can be upgraded and consumed as you collect them. Equipping the Talismans provides a variety of stat boosts, and unwanted Talismans can be consumed to level up existing Talismans. Check out the full rundown on the mechanics to see how you can derive a lot of power from a set of cards.


Crowfall shows off the first pass of the Legionnaire’s abilities

Ask about the Legionnaire in Crowfall and most people listening are going to look at you in confusion because everyone just thinks of the Legionnaire as “that centaur guy.” This is really hurtful to him. As the latest ability preview shows, there’s more to him than just being a centaur. He’s a gentle soul with a love of poetry and insightful diatribes to share about humanity’s inhuman treatment of its own members.

By which we of course mean that he’s a huge freaking horse-man with a giant axe that smashes things. (He could probably also be a poet, though.)

The Legionnaire is a frontline battlefield support character who moves really fast (it’s the whole horse thing) and has a variety of abilities focused on supporting his allies whilst demoralizing opponents. With the ability to knockback opponents and charge at them after flinging them aside, it looks like a fun character for anyone who likes galloping on a frightened and broken enemy. You know, the sort of person who would play “that centaur guy.”


World of Warships highlights the in-game functionality of signal flags

In the real world, ships started making use of signal flags as a method of communication because it’s easier to fly a flag than to try to shout to other ships. World of Warships had to include these flags, naturally, but the flags serve more of a purpose than simple communication in a game that features a chat function to begin with. No, the signal flags still serve to communicate because they’re functionally gear for your warships.

Sets of flags can be earned in a variety of ways; players can earn a set of flags that will swiftly put out fires, for example, when a ship goes down due to a fire on deck. Aside from providing the benefit, the flags also will communicate the ship’s immunity to other players. It’s an interesting system, and one that you can learn all about in the video development diary embedded just below.

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EVE Online offers players a big gift of skill points for unexpected downtime

Server issues happen. They are inevitable. The development teams behind games do everything within their power to make sure that they don’t happen, but sometimes it’s just the reality of the situation. EVE Online had an unexpectedly lengthy server downtime back on July 15th, and in light of that delay in play, CCP promised players some skill points to make up for the lost time to play.

Those skill points are going out today to all players who had an active training queue at the time the game could not be accessed. You can use it to catch up to what you would have lost and perhaps even a bit more besides, which is pretty nice as compensation goes.


RuneScape offers new cat companions to highlight the World Wildlife Fund

Are big cats important to you while but not quite important enough to make you log out of RuneScape? Then the game’s latest charity partnership is for you. Players can take part in a special Big Cats Quiz in the game and earn four new big cat kitten companions, and you can also exchange Bonds for the World Wildlife Fund; each Bond exchanged will earn you seven Treasure Hunter keys and a promised donation to the charitable organization.

The Bond exchange, quiz, and kittens are available until August 17th. Players who wish to take part should head to Burthorpe and speak with the appropriately named Conservationist to get started. It’s a chance to help out cats from within the game and also fill your life with slightly more cats; what more could anyone want?


No Man’s Sky shows off an infinity of worlds

If you sit down and play No Man’s Sky, you’ll never see exactly what you see in this trailer. That’s the big draw of the game, that everything is randomly and procedurally generated so that there’s no predictability in what you’ll encounter. And while it remains to be seen how MMO-ish the final product will be… well, we can dream, can’t we?

Hop on down below to see the latest PlayStation 4 trailer for the game showing off not what you can expect but the sort of things you can expect from a procedurally generated galaxy. There’s a lot there, both beautiful and foreboding.

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