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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the rotating adventures of Choose My Adventure. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to Abraham Lincoln have surfaced, coincidentally.

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WRUP: Phrases that never sound ominous edition

Some phrases absolutely never sound ominous. You can have a black cloak billowing behind you, your face cloaked in nothing but shadow except for your glowing red eyes, but I’m still not going to find the phrase “I couldn’t find the nice blue plates in the washer” particularly ominous.

Not even if you say it with a growly voice.

Other phrases that are not even remotely ominous: “Owl enclosure,” “I dropped my phone in the toilet,” “Internet Warlord,” “The LeBaron needs an oil change,” and “What Are You Playing.” That one’s pretty familiar, actually. Even comforting! You just click on down below and see what we’re up to over the weekend, then you let us know what you’re doing in the comments. Not ominous in the least.

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Betawatch: July 17th, 2015

If you were excited for Camelot Unchained opening its doors for the first time next month, we’ve got some bad news for you. The game’s planned August beta has been delayed due to programmer issues, with the vague possibility that the game won’t be ready for testing until next year. We had a lengthy interview with Mark Jacobs on that, so by all means, take a look.

But, of course, the beta testing world goes on. Betas find a way. Some of them do, anyhow.

Did you know that there’s an entire lineup of games just below? Because they’re there! And they might include some games that snuck into another phase of testing or it might be missing something, in which case we encourage our readers to let us know in the comments.

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EverQuest progression server transfers coming soon

The classic EverQuest progression servers have proven pretty popular, enough that the two servers are going to deviate from one another in terms of update pace. But what if you rolled on one and now want to update pace of the other? Starting on July 30th, you’ll have the option of transferring from Lockjaw to Ragefire or vice versa for free, ensuring that you’re at the pace that most closely matches your own feelings on expansion releases.

Free transfers will run until August 10th, at which point players will still be able to transfer between the servers but will have to pay money to do so. That option will also be removed when the Ruins of Kunark expansion goes live for one of the servers; at that point, you’ll be stuck where you are, like it or not. So get ready to move early and hopefully not often if you’re excited to be reliving the past slightly faster or slower.


Black Desert gets a major update on July 23rd

Would you like to have a large patch to the nascent Black Desert? “No,” you said, “I’d like to have an idea about when and if it’s coming out in the US.” Well, the large patch is what you’re getting, complete with trailers helpfully provided by the fine folks at Steparu. And it actually adds the desert, which you think would be one of the first things you put into a game with deserts right in the title.

The new region in the game will include several new things for players to see and do, along with a new female ninja character for players to use. Players in Korea (or muddling through the untranslated game) are hoping this update will contain some group content and PvE activities, things the game is currently light on. You can check out the trailer just below.

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Star Citizen’s Lesnick promises ‘incredible progress’ and addresses concerns

The war of words between developer Derek Smart and Star Citizen isn’t over yet. A recent livestream for a German fan channel saw director of community engagement Ben Lesnick addressing fans not just on the future of the game but on the recent controversy and the issue of refunds. Lesnick specifically stated that this sort of skepticism is why the game went to a crowdfunding platform and that supporters will see incredible progress in the coming weeks.

Lesnick also stressed that everyone is welcome to his or her opinions and that Smart is hardly the first (nor likely the last) person to raise similar concerns regarding the ambition and scope of the game. It was also mentioned in passing that the next planned update to the game’s test servers will likely be delayed to next week.

It should be noted that Lesnick’s interview was conducted before Smart’s most recent demands were published.

Source: CRASH_academy via Polygon


Star Trek Online launches Season 10.5

Players in Star Trek Online are still knee-deep in the war against the Iconians, and the latest patch for the game highlights how the war is intensifying. Season 10.5 is live today with a new featured episode detailing the struggle with the fiendish would-be conquerors as well as several improvements for fleets and individuals.

Fleets can now acquire a new fleet holding in the form of a research lab, while several fleets can band together to form an Armada and share resources and expertise. Individual players can take advantage of improved advanced queues, which no longer have failure states that could turn one mistake into a completely lost mission. There’s also a new heavy cruiser available and a new lockbox, offering a wider variety of tools for fighting back against the greatest dangers the Delta Quadrant has to offer.

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Guild Wars 2 provides an overview of Adventures

Let’s be real here, everything you do in Guild Wars 2 is some sort of adventure. That’s part of the basic premise of the game; you’re going out and having adventures. But there’s a difference between general adventuring and the upcoming Adventures, which pit players against specific challenges in the game as an evolution of the existing content systems. The designers looked at things like jumping puzzles and skill challenges and saw that while the content was fun, it didn’t have much replay value; hence, Adventures.

Adventures are single-character challenges that emphasize unique gameplay challenges and the upcoming Mastery system; some of them are instanced combat challenges, while others are more about environmental obstacles. They also include leaderboards for you to compare your scores against friends and see if you can do better the next time around, giving players a bit more incentive to go back and try the adventures more than once. Possibly as a sword-wielding Revenant assassin, which was also just unveiled this morning.


ArcheAge 2.0 is closing the version gap between the US and Korean versions

It’s an undeniable fact that ArcheAge took a little while to arrive here on western shores, which means that the game’s big updates are all things that have already been released in its native Korea. But according to the latest producer’s letter, the gap is closing; the development team is planning to have the large-scale 2.0 update rolled out by the end of the summer, and the gap between the versions is expected to be almost nonexistent by the end of the year.

The producer’s letter also covers the game’s plan for server merges, including the planned opening of a new server for each “evolved” group that can only have new characters created upon it. This isn’t the final word on the procedure, just the current plan based upon internal development discussions. It’s a lengthy read, but all ArcheAge players should examine the letter closely to see where the game is and where it’s heading in the immediate future.

In other ArcheAge news, the North American client is finally getting submarines.

Source: ArcheAge Producer’s Letter. Thanks, Savage87 and Kinya!


League of Legends disables Ranked play due to a wide-ranging bug

Risk and reward are both important elements of playing League of Legends. If Riot released a new champion who could just instantly teleport back to base without any risk whatsoever, players would be screaming that it was overpowered. As it turns out, several champions did get that ability due to a Recall bug so severe that Riot Games has temporarily turned off Ranked play whilst the bug gets sorted out.

While it’s not an offensive bug, the fact that you can cast Recall instantly with multiple heroes means that said heroes can instantly teleport out of danger and thus greatly disrupt the metagame. An update on the issue should be available shortly.


World of Warcraft’s patch 6.2.1 will let you betray your faction for queue times

The factional split between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft has taken a drubbing for a while, simply because the two factions wind up working together to beat one enormous threat or another every single expansion. Frankly, the only place where the strong factional split makes any sense is in the game’s PvP matches. So the developers are responding to this by allowing some cross-factional play… in PvP matches only.

The Mercenary mode is in place when queue times for PvP have gotten out of hand, allowing you to queue and appear as a member of the other faction. The net result will be shorter queues for all and a larger pool of potential players, although you won’t get to see your fantasy of an orc raising his sword alongside draenei.

The next patch will also be rolling out flying in Draenor, which is currently being tested for any bugs or incompatibilities.


Guild Wars 2 confirms the last Revenant legend is Shiro Tagachi

Revenants have proven very capable of inflicting conditions with demonic legends, being defensive with dwarven legends, and healing their allies with centaur legends. It’s certainly a flexible profession even by the standards of Guild Wars 2. But we haven’t seen any sign that the class could just wade in with weapons out and wreck things. That’s what the last legend, Shiro Tagachi, is all about: Revenants will be taking up the assassin’s paired swords and just wrecking everything that stands before them.

Befitting his legacy in lore, Revenants using Shiro’s legend will have access to quick and blinding strikes, as well as several abilities calling upon the power of jade. You can even unleash the Jade Wind, albeit on a smaller scale than the historical figure. While the elite specialization for the Revenant has yet to be revealed, if you were waiting to see whether or not you could wreck things with paired swords… this is good news.

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TERA’s next class is available in Korea

If you’ve been gazing with longing eyes at the trailer for TERA‘s next class… well, it’s not here yet, so you’re going to have to gaze longingly for a little while longer. But it’s getting closer, as the class is now available for Korean players to enjoy. If you’ve been longing to punch things to death in high heels and hot pants, the day approaches rapidly when you can do just that in the game.

Like the other classes added to the game, the Brawler is race-and-gender locked for human female characters only. It’s being described as an offensive tanking class, which could mean high damage and high survivability or just a tank that’s really focused on mixing it up with enemies. Check it out in action just below (it’s the same trailer as before, if you’ve seen it already).

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Neverwinter: Strongholds will launch August 11th

For the past two months, Neverwinter has been all about the next major patch, which will give players the ability to band together, take control of a stronghold, and then take on other players with their own strongholds. Now these antics have a date. Neverwinter: Strongholds is launching on August 11th on the PC.

The rollout for the patch will be done in stages, starting with the PvE elements with PvP to come in a month later. Console players will have to wait a while longer to enjoy all of the capturing action. You can check out the announcement trailer just below; it’s been out for a little while, yes, but it seems appropriate now.

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