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The War’s Onset patch is live today on Skyforge

You know about the class balance changes. You know how to do war with Pantheon Wars. You’re ready to jump into the newest update to Skyforge with determination. Considering the fact that the update goes live today whether you’re necessarily ready for it or not, your being ready for it is probably a good thing.

In the event that you’re not ready for it, read that first paragraph again in a less hopeful fashion and possibly roll your eyes a few times. That’ll fix it up proper.

The full patch notes, as always, reveal the hard data on how class mechanics are being changed. There are also several quality-of-life improvements, like increased money from Battles and improved Might and Vitality increases from equipment upgrades. If you’re waiting for the game to patch right now, you have plenty of time to trawl through the full patch notes and watch the amusing Pantheon Wars trailer below.

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Lord of the Rings Online’s next update will allow you to level to 95 instantly

It’s indisputable that there is a lot of content in Lord of the Rings Online. There’s a huge pile of zones and quests for everyone to undertake, regardless of level. So why not skip all of it with a quick level 95 boost to get you into the highest-level content immediately? The next major update to the game is adding just that.

While skipping everything in the lower levels isn’t for everyone, the idea makes sense when you’re leveling yet another alt. Or maybe you just hate leveling; we’re not here to judge. You can see a quick video of using the Blessing of the Valar just below; don’t worry, your character will have appropriate gear and mounts waiting at the other side of the boost tunnel.

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Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Online adds a new map but remains a ghost town

Are you very excited about Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Online? Is that excitement due to  the fact that it’s some sort of shooty game made by Square-Enix? For those holding out hope that the game will come to western shores, there’s no official word on any localization, but you may not want to hold your breath as the servers are reportedly pretty empty on the Japanese version.

Steparu recently took the opportunity to try out the game’s newest map, Shibuya Night, and found the server population to be pretty much nonexistent. That doesn’t bode well for the health of the game or any sort of localization. You can check out footage of the new map just below, if you’re not about to be dissuaded by low population observation.

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WildStar lets players build their own spaceships with the Space Chase event

Attention, WildStar players: It is time for you to build a ship. It will be time, anyway, as soon as you wind up jumping into the game’s Space Chase event running from December 9th to December 18th. The downside is that said ship will not allow you to go flying around the universe, but the upside is that you will be able to make a totally new and awesome ship on your housing plot to your personal specifications. Is there anything better?

No. There definitely is not.

The event requires characters to run shiphand missions at an appropriate level to gain currency, which can in turn be exchanged for another currency to purchase ship parts. (You can also just buy the currency for ship parts directly from the cash shop if you don’t want to go into shiphand missions). Players can also acquire special lockboxes with unique decor items, costumes, and random parts of the ship construction sets. So get ready to turn your home into a launch pad, because you’ve got lots of ship parts to mix and match.


Final Fantasy XIV launches a new free login campaign for patch 3.1

If you’ve been taking a little time away from Final Fantasy XIV but still want to get in on the additions from patch 3.1, you have a chance with the game’s new free login campaign. While previous opportunities to log in for free after a patch were generally restricted to a single weekend, the new promotion is offering players nothing but time, as the campaign is running from December 1st to December 31st.

Lest you think this is an entire free month for the game, there are more restrictions in place. Former players can log in at any point during the campaign and enjoy four days’ worth of access to the game, meaning that it’s not tied to a single four-day period but still lasts for just four days. Accounts used to log in also need to have been inactive for at least 30 days before being eligible. So you can’t hop in if your subscription just ran out, but if you’ve been away from the game for a little while you could take a step back in to say hello.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Darkstar for the tip!


How Skyforge’s gods make war with the Pantheon Wars system

The next major update to Skyforge is adding Celestial Temples. What are Celestial Temples? That’s not important; what is important is that they’re rare and any self-respecting player character god in the game wants several of them. So clearly, the best course of action is for all of the player pantheons to go to war through an elaborately structured contest in the new Pantheon Wars system.

Each Pantheon War takes place over three months of real-world time, allowing for three repetitions of the structure. Players will have to qualify for the battles about to ensue, then bid for the right to claim a temple, and finally fight to make the temple their own. Successful pantheons construct permanent Wonders that mark the occasions, with the most successful group of players leaving a permanent mark on the game world. It’s an elaborate system that gives players plenty to strive for beyond just player characters beating one another up extensively, although there’s plenty of that too.


EVE Online adds in dirt and kill marks to ships

A factory-fresh ship in EVE Online should not look exactly the same as one that’s been through countless corporate wars. There should be some distinguishing characteristics. That’s why the game’s next update on December 8th is adding in new surface details to ship hulls with dirt and kill marks. Dirt, as it currently stands, is a simple system: All ships accumulate dirt slowly over time, although the effects can be cleaned off manually. Future updates are meant to include specific markers on ships from specific events, but for the time being it’s simply a matter of time since the last cleaning.

Kill marks, on the other hand, add a running tally of how many ships have been blown away by the ship in question. The marker counts kill shots on player-piloted ships and only for ships that are actual targets; blowing away rookie ships won’t help you earn a high kill tally. You can see the marks in action in a video embedded just below.

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Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the Final Fantasy XIV and Square-Enix fan

Saying that someone is a fan of Final Fantasy doesn’t necessarily say a whole lot. The series has been running for a long while, and each installment is pretty different. You have people who are fans of the whole thing, people who refuse to accept that the series continued after Final Fantasy VI, people who live and breathe Final Fantasy VII even now… you get the idea. There are even people who will legitimately say that the best part of the series was Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Pity those souls.

When you’re dealing with a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, though, you can make certain assumptions about what that person will like. Being one of those myself, I can say safely that what I’d really like is available housing plots and more flexibility in upgrading house sizes in-game. Failing that… well, here are some suggestions about gifts that will not require you catching the ear of the development team and implementing large-scale patches.

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Age of Conan is developing a raid finder and a solo arena

Imagine that you’re an Age of Conan player who really wants to take part in the game’s raids but also really can’t commit to a set raid night on a weekly basis. Your options are currently to either try to commit and fail or don’t commit and don’t get anything. But the game’s most recent development update makes it clear that there will soon be another option with the game’s raid finder, which matches people for a different raid each week.

Encounters in raid finder difficulty will scale to the level of accessibility, with a system planned to provide a bit of extra help to groups stuck on difficult encounters. If you want even more of a personal challenge, though, you can look forward to the upcoming solo arena encounters, which pit individual players against elaborate boss fights that make heavy use of a player’s companion. It’s just the thing to challenge you on a personal level, and given the number of people involved you never have to worry about disrupting someone else’s schedule.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Boom for the tip!


Crowfall addresses victory conditions, Malekai lore

When it launches, Crowfall is going to have to deal with the problem of winning. The most recent Ask Me Anything event for the game on Reddit touched upon the reasons why PvP games have tended to have difficulty holding on to players, but also touched on one of the major issues facing Crowfall with new campaigns and new victory conditions. In order to discourage players from thinking a campaign is won or lost in the first week, the developers are specifically planning on ramping up the volume and quantity of rewards as the campaign goes on, thus ensuring that the struggles remain anyone’s game until the end.

Players can also expect the game to support smaller and mid-sized guilds in competitions, as J. Todd Coleman personally hopes to make mid-sized guilds the de facto norm for the game. Monsters will exist in the game world, but primarily to serve as persistent threats and material sources rather than major opponents. And if you’re not on board with the current iteration of the game’s Hunger Dome, that’s fine; it’s simply an environment for testing the game, not something that will be carried over for launch.

Want something that’s a bit more focused on the game’s lore rather than systems? Check out the details on Malekai, Lord of Shadows. He comes pre-packaged with spiders.


Wisdom of Nym: Everything you never needed to know about Final Fantasy XIV’s jobs and job stones

Part of me wonders if there’s someone in the Blizzard Entertainment offices with a very close eye on Final Fantasy XIV. Is it a coincidence that after a couple of years during which FFXIV has been doing great and garnering a great deal of praise, World of Warcraft announces an expansion which ties very heavily into the idea that classes have a specific place in the world and in lore?

Yes. It is almost certainly coincidence. But it’s a coincidence that makes me very happy, so I suppose I’ll take it.

Final Fantasy XIV makes a big deal out of jobs, classes, and cultural underpinnings, but one of the things that I also see as being a source of great misunderstanding is how those jobs work in the lore of the setting. So today I want to talk a bit about the lore behind jobs, job stones, what these occupations mean, and where all of these jobs exist in the setting. It’ll be fun for the family.

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Star Citizen approaches the $100 million funding mark

Numbers are kind of funny. The total amount of Star Citizen‘s funding doesn’t really mean anything, per se; $100 million is just a significant number because of our base-ten system, and there only because it’s a nice round number. But it still feels nice to see the number round off nicely, and the game is less than a million away from hitting that milestone.

What will happen when it does? Well, the ticker will roll over to $100 million and the world will go on exactly as before. We do, however, give full authority to whoever may want to break out party hats and noisemakers. Whatever brings you joy.

Source: Official Forums; thanks to Purgman for the tip!


The Daily Grind: How do you manage your MMO inventory?

I have said in the past that I have an issue with inventory space on a whole. Games like Final Fantasy XIV only compound this issue; when everything in the game is useful somewhere, I wind up with banks stuffed to the brim with armor, scales, leather, blood, and meat from four years ago. But even that wouldn’t be so bad if I just made a point of cleaning up my inventories on a semi-regular basis, which I do not.

Some of my friends have perfectly sorted and ordered inventories that have everything lined up just right at all times; others actually make my haphazard sorting look good. And it’s important in several games – no one wants to wait for the final confrontation in Star Wars: The Old Republic stories because two party members need to clear some inventory space. So how do you handle cleaning up your inventory? Do you do so on a regular basis, as it gets full, or only when absolutely necessary?

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