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Eliot Lefebvre has been writing on Massively Overpowered since it was created after a long and illustrious career of writing about video games for half a decade on some other site that you might have heard about. He currently pens Wisdom of Nym for Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Factor for World of Warcraft, and the rotating adventures of Choose My Adventure. He also shares writing duties on Perfect Ten and writes some nonsense for What Are You Playing. No photos of him standing next to Abraham Lincoln have surfaced, coincidentally.

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Exploring EverQuest II’s Terrors of Thalumbra raids

The next expansion for EverQuest II will include not one raid, not two raids, but four raids for players to take apart. If you can hardly wait to see what those raids will look like, you can check out the game’s new raid preview on the official site, which shows off the quartet from the entry level to the apex. In the first raid, players will be fighting against constructs in a laboratory that only requires two groups, but the threat level quickly moves up.

Second-tier raiding pits players against the forces fighting for control of Maldura, third-tier raiding takes place in a completely flyable raid zone in the Stygian Threshold, and the fourth-tier raid sends players against the Abominations in force. There are also new raid trophies on the way, giving players a visible mark of their accomplishments. Check out the full preview for a few more lore tidbits.


Wisdom of Nym: Awaiting next week’s Final Fantasy XIV patch

We’ve still got a preview or two to go before the main event, but Final Fantasy XIV‘s first post-expansion patch is on its way very soon. November 10th is when it’s slated to go live, after all. So now its the time to get those last bits of speculation and theorizing in before the day itself — and start preparing for the patch proper. Not that there’s a whole lot to be done to prepare, other than possibly stockpiling materia when no one will care for quite some time.

The last letter from the producer had a few more tidbits covering elements of the patch, although a lot of it centered around Lords of Verminion and exploratory missions without adding a lot to our existing knowledge of those features. So let’s take this last moment before the launch to speculate a little more about the patch and consider the future, and then you can expect a survival guide to said patch next week.

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Asta’s producers have hopes that the game will find its audience in the west

The situation with Asta is an unusual one – it’s an import, but it certainly failed to find its audience within its native land, as the game’s Korean version shut down in July. A recent interview with the title’s assistant producer makes it clear that Webzen is still excited about bringing the game over despite that fact, noting that it’s not unusual for games to not find their audience in one region while becoming popular elsewhere.

So why would Asta be popular here? Well, according to the same interview, it features customizable talent trees, content for several playstyles, and deeper customization features such as attribute enhancements. And it looks pretty, to boot. The developers are committed to providing more content in the game as time goes on, so the real question is simply whether or not the title will find its audience this time around.

Source: MMO Culture


Final Fantasy XIV previews the Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests

It’s impossible to reach the level cap in Final Fantasy XIV‘s current expansion without dealing with the Vanu Vanu. There are quests focusing on both the Vundu and Zundu tribes specifically, so most players will be at least passingly familiar with them. But you can expect to get much more familiar with them when the game’s next patch goes live, as they’re the stars of the first set of beast tribe quests.

A new flying mount is among the rewards offered; other offerings include new minions, new furnishings, and materials. Lore-wise, the Zundu remain as the allies of the player, opposing the Vundu tribe and its summoning of the primal Bismarck. It’s just a little more than a week until patch day, at which point players will be able to start fighting back against one tribe’s dominance of the Sea of Clouds.


The Daily Grind: Which MMOs can you just not stop thinking about?

You know what game I keep thinking about playing again recently? TERA. I cannot tell you why, aside from the fact that it’s stuck in my memory since I mentioned it in a column a few days hence. There are lots of things I didn’t like about the game, but there’s something about the game’s sense of style that stays with me. It sticks in my mind for reasons I can’t adequately explain, despite the things I don’t like about it.

But I’m fairly sure we all have games like that, games that on a whole we don’t care much about that nevertheless stick in our memory. So what about you? What games hang in your memory unexpectedly, even if you don’t think the game as a whole is spectacular? Do you keep going back to them, or do you just sort of move on?

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WRUP: A marvelously spooky tale edition

As you all know, today is the horror day in which all of the scary things come out. So in today’s very special edition of What Are You Playing, it’s my duty to make you so scared that you scream very specific things. Like, “I am very scared as I read this story!” And maybe, “This is truly the face of horror!” Are you ready? If not, just read the opening paragraph again.

Once upon a time, a man was alive and enjoyed breathing with his ordinary human lungs. Then, one day he found out that he owed a large amount of money in property taxes. The man was very angry, so he went out back to his gun shed. He found that having long conversations with his guns, which were safely stored in a locked cabinet and were not loaded, really helped him come to terms with unpleasant situations. At that point, with no prior warning, something came out of the darkness!

It was a moth. Not even a big one. Let us know what scary stuff you’re up to in the comments after you see our spooky plans for the weekend!

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Betawatch: Closed beta explosion (October 30, 2015)

It’s a week of games entering closed beta. That is the joke here, if you want to call it a joke. Front and center, of course, is the long-awaited Overwatch beta, which you can join by… well, hoping. If you aren’t in it at this point, you’ll just kind of have to wait and hope that you get added in a subsequent wave. But there’s even more stuff going on in beta-land this week than that.

And what about all of those other games that we talk about every week? Well, they’re still in the list below here, as always. Check them out, and let us know if something has changed without us noticing. It happens from time to time.

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Sword Coast Legends team promises free DLC to expand the game’s core

If you want to play Sword Coast Legends right now, you can do so. It’s out and available! And the initial reception of its launch has been rather mixed, with middling review scores and criticism over what it lacks rather than what it has. Director Dan Trudge has penned a letter to the community promising that the developers are listening to the complaints and are bringing more to the game in the form of free DLC for everyone.

The first pack is due today, adding in various Halloween-themed features as well as bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements such as further control options. Subsequent updates will include options for skill and ability rolls, the addition of the Drow as a playable sub-race, and the introduction of mod support. Take a look at the full rundown of upcoming content; if you own the game, it should be a series of welcome additions, whether you were satisfied with the game at launch or not.


Star Citizen makes major flight model changes for alpha 2.0

Modeling deep-space flight in Star Citizen involves thinking a lot about vectors, acceleration, and maneuvering thrusters. That’s always been the case. The game is updating its flight model significantly in the next stage of development, detailed in a lengthy development dispatch unveiling the new mechanics. While the core principles remain unchanged, the addition of three new modes of travel will have a large impact on how you send your ship careening across the universe.

The three main flight modes are Precision, Cruise, and Space Combat Maneuvers, with the last of the bunch having at once the biggest and smallest impact. Players familiar with the Arena Commander module will find that the controls feel similar, but maximum velocity is a dynamic function of your vehicle’s force and mass measured against the ship’s ability to accelerate to a stop along that vector. Read the full details in the official update and get ready to start drawing vector diagrams in your mind.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Vikingr and Cardboard for the tip!


Shroud of the Avatar prepares for Halloween fun in Release 23

It’s nearly the end of the month, and Shroud of the Avatar players know by now that that means a new release for the game. This month’s release has a bit of the holiday spirit for the end of October, with a plethora of spooky content promised for players who log in and play. This comes along with some re-evaluations about what goes in the game store and what is freely available for players; while there’s a preference toward the former as the studio is still raising funds, the goal is to keep a fair balance.

Release 23 also includes a lot of other elements, though, including updates to fishing and taming, new starting scenes, updates to certain questlines, and balance adjustments for combat progression. It’s a meaty update for the end of the month; if you’re eager to get in and start playing, check out the full set of release instructions.


Trove improves its refer-a-friend program

Online games are just plain better with friends. Trove aims to make it a little easier to get your friends into the game with a new update to its refer-a-friend system, offering bigger benefits to both referrer and referee. The biggest benefit is time-limited, though – friends that you refer before November 3rd earn double the usual amount of refer-a-friend points for eligible accounts.

Players who earn 30 RAF points will now be able to pick up the legendary dragon Disaeon the Immortal as a reward. Referred players also need to reach Mastery level 20 rather than 30, and everyone you refer will receive a free Class Coin to unlock any class within the game. It’s a nice batch of added incentives to let your friends join you in the game you’re already enjoying.


The Park is not single-player The Secret World, but it might be even better

Let’s just put our cards on the table: The Park is not the single-player offering that The Secret World fans have been clamoring for since more or less the dawn of the game. But I think that’s honestly a good thing. In fact, I’ll say that the connection to The Secret World is probably the least positive aspect of The Park.

I don’t say that as someone who dislikes The Secret World; quite the opposite. I’m not an active player in any of Funcom‘s games, but I’d still consider myself a fan insofar as the company does put together interesting projects with lots of nifty bits around the edges that I can appreciate. There was never a setting in which I was not going to buy a copy of The Park because I want it to do well. But the bits of horror surrounding Atlantic Island park, those nods to the greater overarching plot of the MMO – those are diversions from the central horror, which is wholly self-contained and far more open-ended.

Because it’s a story about loss. And about the lies we tell ourselves as adults.

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Take a walk on the abomination side in EverQuest II’s Kralet Penumbra

The various residents of EverQuest II‘s Terrors of Thalumbra expansion are not necessarily pleasing to the eye. That having been said, the Abominations of Kralet Penumbra are a step beyond usual creepiness, as evidenced by the fact that the other residents can’t pronounce the name the species has for itself and decided that “Abominations” was close enough. Chitinous masters of the arcane arts — the race is actually pretty friendly once you get to know them.

Just kidding. They’re horrors from the deep that want to destroy everything from the surface, naturally.

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