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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward formally launches today

After months of anticipation for the community, Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion launches today. Heavensward is available now for players who didn’t preorder or jump in on early access, offering a raised level cap, new areas, new instances, three new jobs, more story… in short, more of Final Fantasy XIV. As an expansion does.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida took the opportunity to address a new letter to the community, celebrating how far the game has come and the player community that’s kept it strong and lively. He also promises that there are more patches to plan and a next expansion to start developing. You can watch the launch trailer again just below, and stay tuned for our own first impressions of the game later in the day.

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The demographics and realities of selling games on Steam

Steam is one of those things that we think of as almost ubiquitous as a gaming platform. You can buy many MMOs on it, it has its own social networking functions, and it seems that almost everyone has it installed at home. But here’s the reality of selling on Steam: the average game on the service will sell only 32,000 copies through the service, and the average price for those titles is minuscule almost everywhere other than MMOs, according to a piece analyzing a plethora of data from the service.

Whilst many parts of the piece aren’t focused on MMOs specifically (after all, Steam covers other games), it’s an interesting look at a major online service and network for games. It also sheds some light on requests for games to be available on Steam and what a successful release means on the platform, with Early Access games not benefiting much if at all from having a second “real” launch. Check out the full article if you’ve got a mind to learn a bit more about how the service sells.


Neverwinter demos its biggest map ever

The more things you want going on in a single map, the bigger the map needs to be. If all you want is for a player to walk in, click a thingy, and then leave, a small map is enough. But for Neverwinter‘s next major update, which promises guild structures, PvE, PvP, and possibly an international coffee bar somewhere in the mix? Yeah, the designers needed to make the game’s biggest map ever.

At a glance, the quick version is that the guild structures sit at opposite ends of the map, with a “ring” of PvE space around the twin structures and a PvP faceoff in the middle. Take a gander at the map itself and an overview of the design process to make a map that’s this large in the latest development dispatch.


TERA introduces recruit-a-friend rewards

Are you playing TERA? Do you have friends who are not playing TERA? Are said friends also swayed by the thought of both of you receiving shiny new stuff in the game? Then perhaps you’ll want to take full advantage of the game’s new recruitment drive, starting today and running until July 12th. It’s a chance to earn prizes for both of you just by getting them into the game, although the prizes are definitely tilted toward the new player.

Every player with a newsletter subscription and a TERA account active since May 1st will receive five referral codes. Players can send out these codes to whomever they wish, receiving items for players who sign up, reach level 65, join their guild, and so forth. Take a look at the full reward matrix and other restrictions in the official announcement; it’s a great way to try grabbing a huge duck to ride around on if that’s your major goal in the game.

Source: Official announcement; thanks to Ville for the tip!


Trion addresses Defiance players’ requests for more content

The newest set of answers from the Defiance developers to player questions is available now. The bad news (always start with the bad news) is that several of those answers come down to “we’ll consider it.” The good news is that those answers cover a lot of ground just the same. Case in point: The team is aware that it provides no rewards for players on the test server, but with upcoming releases that require a larger test, there are plans to reward those who take part in some fashion.

Backwards compatibility for the Xbox One is also being sought out, although there’s no word on whether or not that will happen. There are currently no plans to have the Omec appear in-game, although Omec-inspired armor is currently on the table as a possibility. Take a look at all of the answers on the official site.


The Daily Grind: What’s your first priority in a new MMO expansion?

The start of Heavensward access in Final Fantasy XIV has me running around like it’s the end times. I need to level the new jobs, I need to advance in the storyline, I need to get to work crafting and gathering… basically, I need to be doing anything and everything other than what I’m actually doing. The joys of trying to write about a new expansion!

Of course, I’m going to bet that the vast majority of you reading don’t have quite that particular collection of stresses; you can just enjoy what you’re doing. So when you get your hands on a new expansion (or major patch/DLC, if you prefer for your game of choice), what’s your first priority? What do you want to do right away, above and beyond everything else?

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WRUP: Early access maybe edition

This week, no one will exactly be surprised to learn that I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV‘s early access weekend. Or trying to, anyway, because while the servers are nice and stable and the content seems largely free of bugs, you’re going to be stuck with some pretty horrendous queues and lobby server errors the moment you try to log back in after you log off for literally anything. Which, you know, isn’t something I’m really going to rake the company over the coals for… but it’s still kind of annoying to sit through.

But enough about me, by which I mean a very small bit more about me and about others. It’s What Are You Playing, wherein we tell you our plans for the weekend (and our Patrons chime in) and you let us know your weekend plans in the comments! And there’s no queue here. There might be login issues, though, depending on how nicely Livefyre is running.

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Betawatch: June 19th, 2015

You could be forgiven for sort of forgetting about The Division. No matter how much it might have interested you at first, the game kind of dropped off the radar for half of forever. But now it’s on track for a winter beta and a launch next year, and we found out a bit about the game from E3, like how you can hunt rogue agents. (We also got our hands on it on the show floor, which might have been to its detriment.)

In other news:

We also have our usual list of betas past the break. Is something amiss therein? Why, tell us in the comments!

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Revelation Online hits open beta today

Revelation Online is kind of a big deal if you’re in its native China. It’s a new MMORPG with flight, flying mounts, a beautiful graphical engine, and a variety of game systems meant to keep players involved. And it’s also finally in open beta, allowing everyone to jump in and try it out.

Your ability to do so will be somewhat curtailed if you’re not familiar with reading Chinese, of course, but you can still fumble your way through if you want (there’s a quick guide to registering on Steparu). No word on any sort of local release, so perhaps you’d rather not get your hopes up. Or perhaps you’d like to use this as a good excuse to learn how to read Chinese, whichever.

Source: MMOsite


The Division walks players through the Dark Zone in a new video

What’s it like exploring the Dark Zone in The Division? It’s a question asked by many people who know there is a zone which is dark in the game, which is probably a small subset of people. But now you know it exists, and you’d like to know what it’s like to fight through it, and guess what? You can know, thanks to a new video walkthrough.

The walkthrough follows three players as they head into the dangerous area in search of valuable items, which they find, along with a whole lot of… well, danger. They don’t go in well-armed because it’s fun and all. So jump on down and watch the whole thing, complete with narration to give a clear picture of how players can tackle this area when the game finally releases. You should also stay tuned for our own E3 hands-on coming along later today.

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World of Warcraft details the end of the legendary ring questline

The launch of World of Warcraft‘s next major patch brings with it the end of the quest to earn a legendary ring for your character. So what do you have to do to sport the ultimate loop of power on your character’s ring finger? There’s a guide to the whole process available on the official site, which also walks players through the earlier steps if they have lost track of the process amidst all of the other things going on in Draenor.

In short, this is a line of tasks that will require you to dive into Hellfire Citadel, receive blessings from high-end lore figures, and take down a pretty obvious enemy if you’ve been following the story thus far. Take a gander at the full post if you want all of the details and don’t mind some spoilers for the next patch.

Patch 6.2 goes live on the totally coincidental date of June 23rd.


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