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Crowfall opens up dozens of race and class combos

It’s a good time to be a Crowfall pre-alpha tester.

The select elite are being treated to a new build today that adds in all of the new class and race combinations that the developers have been discussing for months. As Patch 5.3 wraps up, players can try out the dozens of additional race and class combos in one of the new persistent campaign settings.

Creative Director J. Todd Coleman is happy to see two of the game’s core systems come together: “Now that Campaigns are live, we can start testing the new race, class and discipline systems. Players can now experience an unprecedented level of character building. Dozens of unique race/class combinations and hundreds of weapon styles and subclasses allows for millions of unique character combinations. It will be possible for players to design a character build that has never been tried before.”

The patch also improves visuals across the game, beefs up monster AI, and revamps the character creation and skill training systems.

Source: Press release


Hyper Universe triggers a free testing weekend, brings in Bruce Lee’s stunt double

Players seeking a different twist on the familiar MOBA format might want to take a look at Hyper Universe. This slightly crazy game pulls together characters from all over the pop culture map and throws them into side-scrolling 2-D maps. The best part? Anyone can try out Hyper Universe for free this weekend, from November 16th through the 21st.

Another big thing happening in this MOBA is the addition of Lui, a thinly veiled Bruce Lee lookalike. Hey, if you need a heavy dose of martial arts, loud shouts, and nunchuck action, this character might hit the spot!

The possibly drunk developers offer some tips and tricks for you to succeed in your weekend excursion. We share the full video in all of its glory after the jump.

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StarCraft 2 unlocks free-to-play options, but it’s not completely free

First announced at BlizzCon earlier this month, StarCraft 2 is now free-to-play for anyone who would like to engage in Blizzard’s hit real-time strategy title.

This is free* with an asterisk, however; only the Wings of Liberty single-player campaign, all of its multiplayer content, and co-op commanders are included in this statement. The other three single-player campaigns have to be purchased separately**, although this comes with a double-asterisk to indicate that those who previously purchased Wings of Liberty can get Heart of the Swarm for free through December 8th.

Some players have noted that this isn’t technically the first time that StarCraft 2 offered a free-to-play option. The StarCraft 2 Arcade, which includes a fan-made MMO mod of the game, has cost nothing to use for quite some time now.


Wild Terra compensates players for server issues, adds tutorial and dailies

Emerging from a rough stretch of server issues, Wild Terra has apologized to its testers and offered to make it up to them with some good old-fashioned bribes.

“We experienced great problems with the stability of the servers in last three days,” the team said. “In compensation all players entering the game before the end of the week will receive a premium scroll for three days which you are free to use at your discretion.”

Some of the fixes for these issues were incorporated into the fantasy sandbox’s newest patch. This update also added tutorial quests for new players, the revolution that is simple daily quests, and a redesign of several user interface windows.

Wild Terra is currently 15% off at $12.74, in case you want to get into the Steam early access program.

Source: Steam, #2


Massively OP Podcast Episode 144: Harry Potter and the Deathly ARG

On this week’s show, Justin and Bree wrassle a mess of eastern mobile MMOs that are leaping onto the scene, imagine a world full of Harry Potter gamers wandering about, discuss SWTOR’s server merges, and take Guild Wars 2 to task for lockbox missteps.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Secret World Legends drops a hefty quality-of-life update with ‘anima allocation’ system

It may not be season two, but today’s update might get Secret World Legends’ playerbase excited even so.

Update 2.1.4 adds plenty of quality-of-life improvements for the horror title, most notably something new called Anima Allocation. This interface is meant to streamline the gear system and allow players to set a ratio between attack, healing, and survivability. As long as players aren’t in combat, they can experiment with the ratio on the fly and have their gear stats adjust accordingly. This system opens up at level 20 and costs nothing to use.

Connected to Anima Allocation is a change to talismans, as they now have a single “power rating” that informs the adjustable stats. Other improvements with today’s patch include a greater transfer of XP when players empower items, some love for Elementalism, more loot types in chests, and a temporary discount on glyph and signet recovery.


Dark and Light wipes chaos servers to add house competition

If you are not acquainted with Dark and Light’s chaos servers, let us refresh your memory. These shards have a heavy PvP focus with all sorts of crazy rules and are being used by the developers to influence PvP development in the game. They are also the target of an upcoming wipe coming later this week.

On November 16th, Dark and Light will wipe and reset all of its chaos servers in preparation of a new tracking system for house competition. Through this, players will earn points for their respective houses by performing certain activities across the game world, such as finding rare nodes or killing world bosses. The competition comes to a head each Sunday, with the top three scoring houses on each chaos server receiving special rewards.

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Project TL replaces Lineage Eternal’s website

So… it looks like NCsoft is really sticking with the “Project TL” name, huh? The game developer replaced the old Lineage Eternal site with a new Project TL teaser page, further cementing the name and game direction change into its public vision.

Last week, NCsoft announced that Lineage Eternal was going back to the drawing board to receive a new Unreal 4 engine, add more MMO mechanics, and change its name in the process (TL stands for “The Lineage,” which just stumbles off the tongue).

Lineage Eternal has been in the works for years now, but it seems that NCsoft is playing it as safe as possible with the third main installment of its flagship MMORPG franchise. Steparu reports that current and previous Lineage Eternal testers will receive some sort of compensation from NCsoft for the delay and change-up.

Source: Steparu


PSA: Elder Scrolls Online is handing out free clockwork pets

Psst! Hey kid! Would you like to get your hands on some of the latest tech from Vvardenfell? How about if it was… completely free? Not good enough? How about two free things? Yeah, I thought that would get your attention.

Elder Scrolls Online is giving away a pair of non-combat pets to celebrate the release of the Clockwork City DLC on consoles. PC and console players can log in to claim a free Brassilisk pet right now (here are the instructions for the different platforms), but there’s a second pet for those shrewd enough to take advantage of the giveaway.

The wicked-looking Scintillant Dovah-Fly is gifted to any player who buys the DLC and first enters the Brass Fortress. That’s it. Two pets, sitting pretty in your bags, begging for oil and routine maintenance. Enjoy!


Warframe’s Digital Extremes named one of Canada’s top 100 employers

Want to start a career in making video games? You could do worse than to sign up with Digital Extremes.

The Canadian developer of Warframe was recently named one of Canada’s top 100 employers of 2018 by Eluta. The site gave the London-based studio top marks in its workplace, atmosphere, communications, training, and community involvement. Starting salaries begin at $40,000 with two weeks’ paid vacation, health benefits, paid parental leave, flexibile work hours, and up to $3,500 in tuition subsidies per year.

Digital Extremes’ workplace was highlighted as particularly enjoyable by employees. The studio has “a busy social calendar” and what sounds like a pretty kickin’ office. “Digital Extremes’ unique head office is located inside a renovated historic building in London’s downtown core and features an in-house theatre, a stocked employee lounge and game library, and a full-sized commercial kitchen and dining room, with four full-time kitchen staff who prepare healthy meals daily and special treats every Friday.”

Special treats? We are so there.

Source: Eluta.ca. Thanks Ernost!


Blink and you might have missed Project Gorgon’s brand-new user interface

After weeks if not months of the studio talking about it, Project Gorgon’s brand-new user interface finally arrived. And then it promptly left again.

In all fairness, the team had cautioned that the optional November 11th update was a “very rough preview” of the UI overhaul. So rough, in fact, that the team took the update offline for further refinements due to several large bugs and potential exploits discovered with it. The improved UI preview should arrive in the game’s alpha next weekend.

Nevertheless, the user interface revamp has a lot of players and the devs excited. Not only does the new UI look pretty slick, but it offers a lot more functionality compared to the old one, including customization, more information, collapsible skill trees, chat channel management, context menus, improved tooltips, and font scaling.

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RIFT’s fall festival lockboxes rankle players

The latest batch of lockboxes in RIFT isn’t making friends among the playerbase.

The current Autumn Harvest lockboxes seem to contain more exclusive items than in years past, which has upset some players who wanted to have the option of purchasing these cosmetics through the in-game store. Of particular note is the Green Budgie mask and Raven wings, both of which are lockbox exclusives.

“The ONE item I was most looking forward to in this event were the wings. I am severely disappointed they are only available in a gambling box, as that means I will not get them,” a player wrote.

“Personally my problem isn’t even in the boxes, or the RNG itself,” another noted. “It’s in the fact that not only you have to basically gamble for everything, paid or not, but your chances are also so terrible that you end up losing to the system most of the times. So instead of being a system of surprise rewards, what we have now is a system of surprise frustration that doesn’t even surprise anyone at this point.”

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Here’s how Guild Wars 2 players will go broke on Black Friday

You know it’s coming. When the turkey and pumpkin pie meet their demise, the Black Friday sales will start. Guild Wars 2 fans will face a special temptation this year, thanks to plenty of tempting merch on For Fans By Fans.

The official merchandise store for the MMO offers t-shirts, plushies, bags, art prints, Path of Fire items, and the oh-so-essential Quaggan coffee mug. But you’ll want to hold off from buying right now, because from November 24th through the 27th, anyone who spends $50 or more in the store will get an in-game code for a random mini-pet in Guild Wars 2.

Switching gears a bit, some friendly community datamining turned up a small, unused island map for the recent expansion. While it’s not finished by any means, it is kind of interesting. Check it out on Imgur!


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