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Forsaken World Mobile will include five classes

When it launches, Forsaken World Mobile will come out of the gate strong with five classes from which to choose. According to the list on the official site, there’s the dual-dagger Assassin, the “don’t call me healbot” Cleric, the versatile vampire Kindred, the ranged Mage, and the always-reliable Warrior.

Currently the title is running an incentive program to encourage players to pre-register. Those who do will be gifted a pair of “Wings of Wind” that delivers a three-day boost to stats. If 1,500 people pre-register, Forsaken World Mobile will also hand out goodie packs to everyone.

We’ve got the second gameplay trailer for Forsaken World Mobile after the break, so check it out!

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A Tale in the Desert preparing to restart with Tale 7

A Tale in the Desert’s current “telling” — Tale 6 — has been running a long time, ever since its debut in 2011. Since then, the game has transitioned to new management and gone extremely quiet. Fortunately it looks as though the Egyptian sandbox’s famous reset button will be hit in the near future.

Several sources are reporting that Tale 6 is heading for an end while Tale 7 is currently in testing. A Tale in the Desert boasts a fairly unique mechanism in which the entire game will periodically restart with new rules and challenges. With Tale 7, the team is bringing back conflict tests and adding things like stone hatchets and (yes) sheep pox.


Crowfall backers can now gift a copy to a friend

If you have too much money burning a hole in your pocket and a good friend who didn’t get on board with the Crowfall campaign during its Kickstarter, then ArtCraft has a way to solve both of those problems. By the end of May, the studio will empower players to gift copies of the game to friends and family.

In addition to this, the studio will allow Kickstarter backers to gift an entire Kickstarter pledge package for a limited time. Players can choose a pledge bundle that’s higher, equal, or lower than the one that they bought, but they can gift only one of these to someone else.

ArtCraft is also working on bringing two-factor authentication online to offer deeper security for player accounts.

Source: Crowfall


EVE Online’s Matt Woodward defects to Albion Online

EVE Online is less one developer today and Albion Online is richer by one, as Matt Woodward has jumped ship to work on the upcoming fantasy sandbox as a game designer. Woodward is trading in his old handle of CCP Greyscale for a new one: Monochrome.

Woodward explained his decision to take on this new project: “When I saw Albion Online, I was really excited about the possibilities offered and what’s already there.”

Sandbox Interactive recorded an interview with Woodward talking about his new position and what he considers important for the development and options of a robust sandbox. When asked about what he’s most excited about in Albion Online, Woodward cited the game’s guild vs. guild system. You can check out the interview after the jump.

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The Daily Grind: Has eating and drinking in MMOs become passé?

It’s sometimes so odd to me what game mechanics aim to mimic real-life behaviors and activities while so much else is ignored. We drink, but we do not pee. We take performance drugs all of the time, but we are not embroiled with press scandals. We sprint everywhere in 60 pounds of plate, but we do not sweat and die of heat stroke.

Anyway, I’ve been wondering if eating and drinking items in-game has become so archaic as to be laughable, especially if an MMO isn’t making a serious attempt to be “realistic” in other areas. We’re only gobbling food on the go like stat-starved hermits instead of ever sitting down to share a meal with friends and family, and the only thing that game beer is going to do for me is get my screen fuzzy and give me a tension headache.

Has eating and drinking in-game become passé? What should be done about it?

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Jukebox Heroes: How Elite: Dangerous’ music put me into a mild coma

You know what gets me righteously angry? I shall tell you. I shall tell you, and then you shall share in my anger, you will. What gets me angry is when I get tremendously excited because a new MMO is actually doing a soundtrack release with a whopping 86 tracks across three discs… and then that soundtrack turns out to be about as exciting to listen to as the old dial-up modem noises. I had to drink so much coffee to make it through this score, you have no idea.

Seriously, Elite: Dangerous, you had 86 tracks and pretty much all of them are completely forgettable synthesized noise? I know that “space” usually equals “ambient synth” for soundtracks, but I had hopes that there would be more than a small handful of tracks worth my time. This was — by far — duller than EVE, and I am not the world’s biggest EVE Online soundtrack fan.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. After all, it’s often unfair to decouple a soundtrack from the game and not understand it in its proper context. Then again, other MMO scores have made the transition to a solo listening experience with aplomb, so why not this one?

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Sea-based sandbox Windward launches

Unfurl the sails, cut the jib, and swab the poop deck — Windward launch, ho!

The sea-based sandbox officially rolls out of drydock today on Steam, leaving early access and updating to version 1.0. Windward puts players in control of ships sailing the high seas, looking to trade, plunder, and explore a procedurally generated world. The title offers both a single-player and larger multiplayer experience.

For its launch, Windward is on sale for $12.74 on Steam. You can watch the game’s release trailer after the break to see if this would be money well spent!

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Massively OP Podcast: Episode 13

What would you do if your game lost three million players in three months? Get depressed? Come up with excuses? Offset the bad news with some good? This week on the Massively OP podcast, we’re betting that Blizzard probably did all of the above and then some. We’ve also got a new elite class to discuss, the finale to a certain conspiracy MMO, and the promise of a bright future for one upcoming title.

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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Tree of Savior lands on Steam Greenlight

Will Tree of Savior get the thumbs-up from the gaming community? That’s the big question now that the Korean title has landed on Steam Greenlight and is attempting to garner votes from players to become a real boy. Er, a real Steam title.

According to the description on Steam Greenlight, Tree of Savior is gunning to be named the most adorable game ever: “Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics in TOS will have you reminiscing about precious moments all throughout the game. ”

Tree of Savior is currently winding its way through beta testing in Korea, after which it will go into international testing.

Source: Steam Greenlight. Thanks to Vincent, Jasdemi, and Mikey for the tip!


WildStar subreddit mod bans F2P and B2P discussions

Hope you didn’t have plans to talk about WildStar’s possible conversion to a new business model on Reddit because one of the game’s subreddit mods has put the ban on such discussion due to “self-entitled” and “trolling” posts.

“Due to the excessive negativity associated with these posts, and the fact that these are unfounded and unconfirmed in anyway, I will be removing these posts and will consider them as trolling/flamebaiting material,” mod Fran wrote. “I am personally irritated and tired with the negativity and hostility towards WildStar that is spurred on by these kinds of posts. ”

A move to a new business model may be imminent considering that WildStar boxes have been pulled from store shelves and a promotion is running to sell off the physical product. And just for the record, you can talk about WildStar’s business model all the live-long day in Massively OP’s comments section.

Source: Reddit #1, #2


ARK: Survival Evolved strands you on an island of dinosaurs

Do you have a weirdly shaped hole in your life that can be filled only by killing and riding dinosaurs (not necessarily in that order)? Have you wanted to live out fantasies of taking up residence in Jurassic Park? Then get thee hence to ARK: Survival Evolved because this might be the game that The Stomping Land had promised to be — and then some.

ARK strands you on a massive island that’s a throwback to a land before time. While players will have to do the typical survival game activites (forage, craft, build), they’ll also have to contend with the dozens of types of dinosaurs that happen to be roaming around. Dinos in ARK can be tamed, killed, and used as mounts, depending on the need.

ARK will be launching its early access program next month while aiming for a June 2016 release. Its dinosaur survival theme is similar to The Stomping Land, which was abandoned by its developer earlier this year. Check out the following announcement trailer for ARK and see if these jaw-dropping graphics can convince you to get on board with this project.

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Elder Scrolls Online loses two key devs, WoW picks up Moorgard from EQ Next

The MMO industry is a vibrant market that’s always shifting as developers move between projects. So who has gone where lately?

For starters, former EverQuest Next Lead Content Designer Steve “Moorgard” Danuser has migrated over to World of Warcraft, where he’s taken up the position of a senior designer. Danuser was one of the many developers let go during the Daybreak layoffs this past February.

Some Elder Scrolls Online players have been wondering where the heck Lead Gameplay Designer Nicholas Konkle has been. “Not with ZeniMax” is the answer; Konkle has taken up with the folks at Riot Games as a senior game designer for League of Legends. Another departure from ESO is Gameplay Designer Maria Aliprando, who according to her Linkedin is no longer with ZeniMax as of this month.

Source: Twitter, ESO forums, LinkedIn #1, #2. Thanks to Kinya and Nazon for the tips!


MapleStory 2 ends Korean CBT, eyes July open beta

Expect to hear a lot more about MapleStory 2 now that the game has wrapped up with its Korean closed beta test cycle. Steparu.com reports that with the CBT done with, the game is now preparing to head into open beta in the region this July. MapleStory 2 is the 3-D sequel to Nexon’s long-running MapleStory, and boasts a world so intensely cute that it must be spelled as “kuwte.”

Steparu says that there was “a lot of positive feedback” from testers and commented that grinding mobs ended up providing a faster leveling experience than questing. One neat detail of the game mentioned was how it allows players to whip up outfits and sell their designs to the community. In fact, you can check out MapleStory 2’s outfit designer in a video after the break!

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