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Here are a ton of tidbits about World of Warcraft: Legion

You’ve got questions about World of Warcraft: Legion. Of course you do. And Blizzard knows that it’s got you on the hook, which is why the studio is going to make you anticipate every drip and drop of information about the upcoming expansion.

Or you could take a shortcut and drink straight from the news hose. Wowhead compiled several tweets covering Blizzard’s presentation at the recent Dragon*Con, delivering the good word to awaiting fans. First on the slate is the hotly anticipated Demon Hunter class, which starts at level 98, uses one-handed swords and glaives, and has a temporary metamorphosis form akin to the Warlock’s.

Other subjects discussed include stat changes, crafting updates, a possible account-wide transmog system, adventure mode, and changes to class specs. Druids will rejoice to hear that Moonkin forms are slated to get a high-resolution model update with the expansion.

Source: Wowhead. Thanks to Omedon for the tip!


Trove’s Lunar Lancer melds fox with spear fighter

How does the fox fight? Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Trove is more than happy to weirdly adopt old memes for its newest class, the Lunar Lancer. This upcoming fighter wields a giant spear and can transform into a “lunatic” fox when its lunar power (sure, why not) is full. Possibly the class’ coolest ability is how it can use its spear as an explosive grappling hook on terrain and enemies.

The Lunar Lancer is coming to the game on September 15th. Trove recently added tamable ancient dragons that players can raise to be pets and mounts.

Source: Trove


Gazillion shares more about the recent Marvel Heroes layoffs

During a David Brevik’s weekly Marvel Heroes livestream, the Gazillion CEO confirmed two of the casualties of last week’s layoffs.

The two employees among those who have parted ways are Creative Director Jeff “Doomsaw” Donais and Items Designer “Amthua.” Donais wrote a farewell post and mentioned that at least for him it was an amicable split while the other layoffs were cost-related and not due to performance.

“I knew I was getting to be an old man and for the last year or so I’ve talked with [Brevik] on who we could grow at the company and make a smart succession plan for me,” Donais said, going on to hint that he might still be involved in the company in a smaller capacity.

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EverQuest’s progression server is opening Ruins of Kunark today

EverQuest’s Ragefire progression server is opening the doors to the game’s first expansion today.

A community vote passed to give the go-ahead to unlock The Ruins of Kunark today. The expansion raises the level cap from 50 to 60, adds the continent of Kunark, and includes epic weapon quests. Plus, there are tons of dragons, but what else did you expect?

The Ragefire progression server came online in May, followed by a second such server, Lockjaw. Originally the community voted to delay expansions for six months from the servers’ launch date, but Daybreak decided that the majority wished for a quicker release pace. Players can transfer characters between the two progression servers for free.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to deepfred for the tip!


The MOP Up: Blizzard belongs in a museum!

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll look at the incredible account of a gamer who donated hundreds of items of Blizzard memorabilia to a museum, marvel at castle sieges in Archlord 2, give you a heads-up on SWTOR’s expansion, and more!

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One Shots: Blown away by a kiss

First of all, thank you to everyone who heeded the call for more screenshot submissions! I know you all love sharing those in the comments (which is more than fine!) but any sent in via email are deeply appreciated and useful for future columns.

Today’s headlining pic is from reader Whiteberry, who sends in this picture of her Landmark toon blowing us an enthusiastic kiss. “Crashing with a colony ship in the desert on this island apparent, it was a relief to find breathable air, edible vegetation, materials to build with, and a beautiful scenery, and this shows my happiness in the moonlight,” she writes. “I wonder what day will bring!”

Personally, I wonder what the rest of today’s entries will bring!

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The Game Archaeologist: Lucasfilm’s Habitat

Some of you reading this may simply never have known a world before the internet existed by virtue of your age. It’s not your fault, but as generational divisions go, this was a biggie. The internet saturates so much of our lives now that it’s even difficult for those of us born prior to the ’90s to remember how we functioned without smartphones, Google searches, and terabytes of cheap entertainment on demand. I think there were video game arcades in the mall or something.

Because of this, some of you will not understand how it felt when technology advanced to the point that people could reach out online and interact with others, first through written communication and later through applications and games. What we take for granted in today’s MMOs — the constant presence of thousands of real humans interacting with us in a virtual space — simply blew the minds of those who first encountered it.

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The Daily Grind: Do you subscribe to F2P or B2P MMOs?

The other day when I was writing up a post on Elder Scrolls Online’s new DLC, I noted that while the content cost a good chunk of change to most folks, those who subscribed were given the DLC as part of their package. That seemed reasonable to me.

Most free-to-play and even some buy-to-play MMOs offer a subscription option for extra goodies and a one-price-gets-all deal. Plus, studios are never ones to turn up their noses at additional revenue streams. It made me wonder, though, how many people sub up in these games.

Do you subscribe to a game that you could otherwise get for free? Why do you do it? Do you feel that what you get is worth the monthly cost?

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Destiny is hosting a Crucible preview event next week

Destiny’s 2.0 update is heading our way next week on September 8th, and Bungie is busy getting players ready for the major changes to come with the game’s second year. A new weekly update post from the studio contains a handy checklist of what the patch will hold and what players should (and should not) be doing between now and then.

As part of the anticipation for The Taken King, Bungie is also hosting a free Crucible preview event for all players from September 8th through the 14th, whether or not those players have pre-ordered the DLC. During the event, players can try out a couple of additional game modes and the new Crucible maps, although the forthcoming subclasses and specials will be locked until The Taken King releases.

The Taken King will go live on September 15th. You can check out the Crucible preview event trailer after the break!

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SWTOR outlines expansion changes to the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior

Here’s a friendly PSA for Star Wars: The Old Republic players: Don’t become so consumed by the big ticket features of the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion that you overlook the fact that each of the classes are receiving significant changes when Game Update 4.0 hits this October.

The Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior are the subject of today’s class change blog that highlights a new skill: “We wanted to increase the mobility of these formidable combatants in order to allow them to realize their full potential on the battle field, and to make them more difficult to kite. The new Knight/Warrior ability — Blade Blitz/Mad Dash — emphasizes this design intention, and Knight/Warrior players will find that they have an easier time staying on target while in combat.”

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SkySaga’s latest alpha patch adds playable monkeys and a dinosaur zone

Alpha 5 for SkySaga has landed — and the monkeys have hit the fan.

Playable monkey characters are only the surface for this massive game update. The patch for the upcoming sandvox includes more character creation options, a streamlined early game experience, a leaderboard for popular islands, a jungle with dinosaurs, community quests, and rebalanced combat and enemy AI.

Players also have more options to tweak their home islands and add content for friends. Timed races can be created as well as PvP arenas. Because why have others visit if you’re not going to beat them up a bit? That’s game hospitality.

We’ve got the latest trailer for this update after the break!

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RSI’s attorney responds to Smart’s Star Citizen demands

The strange saga of Derek Smart’s quixotic campaign against Star Citizen continues. The game developer sicced his lawyer on RSI last month, delivering a series of legal demands that include a public audit of the company paid for by Smart and the resignation of Chris Roberts. While RSI declined to post its response by its lawyers, the studio did anticipate that Smart would make it public anyway.

Sure enough, Smart posted what he claims is the gist of the response on his blog, arguing that the letter was meant to “intimidate and silence” him. He also confirmed that his “investigators” are continuing to compile information that will be sent to the feds.

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Elite: Dangerous names planet after soldier’s late mother

One of Elite: Dangerous’ community is grieving this summer after losing his mother in June. Citing his love for the game and his missed opportunity to show his mom some of the sights in the galaxy, Sataris86 petitioned Frontier to name a planet somewhere in the game “McBrayer’s Rest” in honor of his mother.

“I have always used video games to unwind and deal with PTSD since I returned home from Iraq in 2006,” he wrote to the studio. “My mother was a large influence and encouraged my love of space and science throughout my life. She also encouraged my love of gaming by doing things like playing Pokemon Red and Blue with me when I was a child.”

Frontier swung into action and sent him back this note: “We found and renamed a planet in BD+26 2184. While it’s not an inhabited world, it is a rather unusual planet. I hope you will like it.”

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