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Wargaming creates interactive WWII battle

Want to get a taste of what it was like to be in the middle of a World War II mixed-arms battle from the safety of your home? World of Tanks creator Wargaming has answered this request with a new 360-degree interactive video.

The reenactment video, which you can watch and manipulate below, shows tanks, artillery, warplanes, and infantry clashing on a mock 1941 battlefield. The battle is part of Wargaming’s special projects division and was intended “to bring history alive.”

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SWTOR will introduce level-scaling in Fallen Empire

BioWare threw a nerdrage grenade in the midst of its Star Wars: The Old Republic community yesterday when it announced that as of Knights of the Fallen Empire, player levels will automatically scale down to the planet that they are visiting.

Among other things, this means that players will no longer be able to overlevel content and come back to roflestomp it. Naturally, this has triggered fierce debates on the forums and Reddit.

During the livestream, the studio also discussed how brand-new level 60 characters will be made, a legendary status tag for players who complete all eight class stories, cartel market companions, and a reworked group finder. The revised leveling process was also explained: Players who choose to start at level one will only have to do story and planetary missions to level to the cap, with all side missions made into optional activities.

You can watch the full developer livestream after the break.

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Age of Conan puts the final touches on Tier 6 gear, improved LFR

Face it: You can always stand to become a little more uber in Age of Conan. Funcom knows this, which is why the studio is preparing the next steps of your character’s endgame progression.

First up is the creation of Tier 6 armor, which required some adjustments to the stats on Tier 5. “This new T6 set bonus will provide new stats on PvE gear, specifically armor and spell penetration, tenacity, and potentially critigation chance,” Senior Community Manager Sezmra wrote. “This will be most suitable for use in future progression raids without having a huge impact on other PvE gameplay or PvP content.”

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WildStar F2P removes region locks

Buried amid all of the hubbub of WildStar’s free-to-play launch is the news that the game is no longer region-locked (although it still does not support cross-region play). Players can now select either the North American or European servers from the launcher regardless of where they live or what code is associated with that account.

“Characters / items / etc. will not communicate between regions, but you are free to play on either EU or NA no matter where you are from,” former CM Chilla explained on the forums. “You just need to change the region by clicking the cog on the launcher and swapping it.”

Massively OP has personally tested this and can attest that it does indeed work.


Massively OP’s first impressions of Devilian

Call my stance on Trion World’s upcoming Devilian “oh-so-cautiously interested.”

Personally, I think Trion invited more grief than it wanted with the importation of ArcheAge to its portfolio, and with many MMO players still stinging from the disappointments that ensued with that title, I almost cringed when I heard that Trion was bringing in yet another game from Korea.

Almost cringed. Because for some ArcheAge is a blast, and even failures can benefit the future. Also, why shouldn’t an MMO studio be scouting good games wherever it can get them? So I attempted to shoulder off any meta bias in favor of approaching my first few days in Devilian’s alpha program, discovering for myself a game that’s a mixed bag in its present state — yet compulsively consumable even so.

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WildStar struggles with lag, bugs after F2P conversion [Updated]

It’s been a long and stressful day-and-a-half for both WildStar players and Carbine, as the game’s free-to-play patch resulted in horrendous lag, lengthy queues, and critical bugs such as not being able to create new characters.

Carbine has taken the game servers down multiple times since Wednesday morning to attempt to rectify the issues. “We’ve been working hard to address the problems arising from the added strain, and we’ve already performed a number of hotfixes — as well as short maintenances and restarts over the last couple days — aimed at optimizing the service to reduce lag, shorten queue times, and help with character creation delays,” the studio posted.

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The Daily Grind: Give a shout-out to your favorite retired MMO characters

We all have them: MMO characters we invested time, love, and no small amount of effort in making them all they could be… after which we put them in mothballs as we moved on to a new game or alt.

They’re our fleet of retired characters, each one of them either sitting patiently at a selection screen somewhere or having been long since obliterated. Each of them meant something to us once upon a time. So today I’m asking you to give a shout-out to your favorite retired characters and a fact or memory about each.

I’ll always remember Syp, my madcap Asuran Engineer in Guild Wars 2 who toasted the entire landscape with her awesome flamethrower. She suffered many jumping puzzles in the pursuit of finding new places to burn, and I hope she enjoys retirement.

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Glitch art book makes digital edition available for purchase

If you’re a Glitch fan and you missed out on buying The Art of Glitch through its Indiegogo campaign back in 2013, you now have a second chance to snag a copy of this 160-page, full-color book in digital form.

“This entirely unique game demanded over 10,000 assets including hundreds of pages of concepts, millions of pixels of game art, and thousands of frames of custom animations from some of the most creative and talented artists from the industry,” the makers wrote. “This book seeks not to catalog the game in its entirety, but to merely pay tribute to the uniqueness of Glitch.”

The Art of Glitch is $15 and is downloadable as a PDF. The makers say that they are looking into creating a softcover physical edition in the future.


Guild Wars 2 walks guilds through the process of getting their new home

We all know that guild halls are coming with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, but how will that actually work? Is there an in-game realtor and papers to sign at a closing or what?

It won’t be that complicated, but there is still a process that must be navigated to unlock and obtain a guild hall. As part of its Guild Week, ArenaNet outlined the steps that must be undertaken for group housing. After players check in at Lion’s Arch guild initiative headquarters, they’ll mount an expedition (which costs 100 gold) into the jungle to find and conquer a whole bunch of Mordrems. If the expedition is successful, guilds can then start building and upgrading facilities.

You can watch the full 37-minute discussion of guild halls and associated features in yesterday’s livestream after the break.

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Wind of Fate update shakes up Aion’s geography

It’s been a huge month for Aion. Not only is it the fantasy MMO’s sixth anniversary, but today the dev team pushed out Patch 4.8: Wind of Fate.

The update adds the zones of Signia and Vengar while destroying five regions (as well as those areas’ related quests and instances). Players can duke it out in weekly territorial battles, fight over PvP rifts in the new zones, and conquer the new dungeons of Makarna and Sealed Hall of Wisdom.

The patch’s rollout has been a bit shaky, as the team took down the servers this morning to deal with critical skill issues.

You can check out Wind of Fate’s launch trailer as well as a special soundtrack treat after the break.

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Exploration sandbox Wander improves its flight experience

Flying and skydiving in the exploration-heavy sandbox Wander is better than ever before, as yesterday’s patch packaged in several improvements to these systems. “It feels better when using a controller, when the triggers are mapped to wing tucking, which makes you turn more sharply,” the devs said.

The patch also added a clearer tutorial, better underwater visuals, renovations to floating islands, several bug fixes, and a full weather system that draws from real-world data (which now includes rain storms).

Source: Patch notes


Marvel Heroes redesigns Captain Marvel to make her all-new, all-different

Ms. Marvel will soon be promoted in Marvel Heroes.

One of the staple superheroes of Gazillion’s MMO is about to make the transition to Captain Marvel to match her all-new, all-different comic book persona. This means that Carol Danvers will get both a new name and a new default costume in the game.

Players who already own Ms. Marvel will get the new costume for free (and get to keep the old costume, of course). Gazillion confirmed that other heroes will be getting the all-new, all-different treatment, although the studio declined to say which characters will be impacted.


The Daily Grind: What do you think of WildStar Reloaded so far?

It’s been a day since the free-to-play update came out for WildStar, giving veteran, returning, and new players a chance to check out the business model and all of the changes.

So, what do you think?

There’s certainly a lot to digest, from the stat overhaul to the Alpha Sanctum instance to the cash shop offerings to loyalty rewards to housing improvements. Are all of the changes plus the new business model giving WildStar the do-over it needed? What are the highlights and lowlights for you who are playing it?

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