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Marvel Heroes on Ant-Man and the vote for future heroes

With a panel at last week’s San Diego Comic Con and preparations for this week’s Ant-Man patch, Marvel Heroes has been quite busy talking about all of the changes and additions coming to the action-RPG.

Gazillion revealed that the next five heroes to be added to the game will be Ant-Man, War Machine, Kitty Pryde, Blade, Iron Fist, and Black Cat. The studio is also taking player votes on who will be Marvel Heroes’ 55th hero, although at the time of this writing it looks as though Magik is firmly in the lead. Plenty of new costume and team-up character looks were shown at the convention as well.

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See the fun that alpha testers are having in Albion Online

After just a week and a half of Albion Online’s summer alpha test, players are stacking up an impressive pile of videos showing off the isometric sandbox in a variety of formats. Many of the videos showcase the title’s PvP conflict, from large epic battles to smaller scuffles, including those in sinister hell dungeons.

You can check out the array of Albion Online player videos after the break! Be aware that, due to the confluence of MMO players and PvP situations, that the language present might not be completely sanitary.

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Trove’s uber adventure worlds are challenging to the max

Looking for the toughest content in the newly released Trove? Then you’re going to want to climb the ladder of the game’s adventure worlds until you get to uber levels.

A new dev diary walks players through the different difficulty levels of adventure worlds, starting with novice and climbing all of the way to uber. Players will need to be level 10 to head into uber worlds, which are filled with dastardly dungeons and shadow arenas. There are six levels of uber worlds, and according to the devs, “If you spot someone in chat talking about U2, they either want some help with Uber-2, or have a deep affection for the Irish rock band.”

One of the game’s biggest rewards await for players who slog it out to mastery rank 30, as dragons can be obtained through challenges at that level.

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One Shots: Blinded with science

Skyforge is becoming a hot property for bored summer gamers looking for something new to explore. Reader Tyler reports in from the recent closed beta, saying that the game is “incredibly gorgeous” to behold.

“I’ve mainly been playing the Alchemist, which is very fun and unusual,” he sent in. “Basically a lot of using the mobs as guinea pigs in various chemical experiments that usually end with things exploding and/or melting. I can’t stop singing ‘She blinded me with science!’ the whole time I’m playing it.”

I’m all for irresponsible science in video games and any dinosaur-related sectors of the private industry. Speaking of which, we’ve got Cretaceous visitors, demon girls, and more for you in this week’s round-up of player-submitted screenshots!
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The Game Archaeologist: The Sims Online

The Sims Online was one of the odder entrants into the MMO genre, an online iteration of an immensely popular game franchise that promised deeper social interaction. With Electronic Arts at its back and the Will Wright name affixed to the front, TSO (not to be confused with Cryptic’s STO) had a solid shot at cracking the big time.

It did not. It went over as well like a fish flopping out of water to make a go for it on dry land, eventually realizing that it was both going nowhere and dying slowly. The end result? It stunk.

And yet it was an interesting failed experiment in MMO gaming, especially considering that the concept wasn’t as off-base as we once thought. With social “dress up” games like Second Life and Habbo Hotel that have proved there’s interest in such activities, The Sims Online could be seen as a prophet of the future, mistreated in its own time. Return with us to the days of pixelated 2-D isometric glory, as the I interpret the Simlish of ancient tomes to uncover a forgotten history.

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The Daily Grind: What was your last encounter with an MMO gamemaster like?

MMORPG game masters may be the unsung heroes of the industry. While developers get all of the spotlight and community managers the attention, the lads and lasses in customer service get the often-unthankful job of dealing with a nonstop stream of problems and complaints.

I haven’t had the need to petition GMs very often, but when I do, they are generally quite nice folks. Sure, there’s the occasional issue that’s brushed off with no attempt to resolve it, but more often I’ve seen GMs bend over backward to restore lost characters or finish bugged quests for me.

What was your last encounter with a GM like? Tell us stories!

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Black Desert video review rips MMO beta as a ‘shallow game’

When it comes to MMO betas, don’t you usually want to cut through the hype and hysteria to get at the truth of whether or not the game is, y’know, good? YouTuber KineticGTR sought to do just that in his sojourns in Black Desert’s Korean beta test, and while he was initially excited about the game, after he spent some time playing, his opinion soured on it.

“I’m sorry to report that things are not as amazing as they seem in currently in the game,” the author said. “It is what it is: a very pretty but shallow game.”

In the review, KineticGTR concedes Black Desert is “stunning” and “charming,” with a strong combat system. However, he docks the game for lacking robust sandbox features and for being far too easy.

You can watch the full 25-minute review of Black Desert’s beta after the break.

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Skyforge’s producer welcomes players to early access

Skyforge’s Live Producer Aaron Biedma took the time today to welcome players to the game’s early access week, noting the passion that fans have brought to the first 24 hours.

Biedma encouraged players to log reports during this period: “We have great plans for the game as we move forward through early access, into open beta, and beyond, but first and foremost, we’ll be compiling your extensive feedback and bug reports to continuously help improve the game and fix any trouble spots in the open beta. There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months and the team is pumped for the opportunity to go on this journey with the Skyforge community.”

Skyforge will soft launch next week with the advent of its non-wipable open beta on July 16th.


Project Gorgon preps second Kickstarter campaign, adds day-night cycle

Virtual world MMO Project Gorgon is preparing for a third Kickstarter campaign, its creator tweeted this past week. Eric Heimburg confirmed that the team is finalizing plans to seek funding for current and future development of the game.

It remains to be seen how ambitious a fundraising goal that Heimburg will set this time around. Project Gorgon attempted to raise $100,000 last fall but only managed to get to the $23,500 mark. Since then, alpha development has continued with the occasional update.

Speaking of which, Project Gorgon has put out a few patches lately to beef up the game’s content. These include level cap increases, more werewolf fun, improvements to the newbie experience, and the first pass of the day-night cycle with the intent to eventually develop a full dynamic weather system. Oh, and if you’ve been traumatized by the Omegaspider in the past, you’ll be happy to know that it’s been nerfed to the ground.


Find out the secrets of Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man

Marvel Heroes’ 49th hero, Ant-Man, will be coming to the game soon to coincide with the character’s theatrical debut. While the game’s been selling pre-orders of the hero for a bit now, only yesterday did the developers post an official FAQ on what Ant-Man would be like.

Ant-Man will contain iconic powers of three of the people to bear that moniker and will be a physical damage-dealing melee fighter. His three skill trees are particle brawling, equipment, and insect constructs. He’ll grow huge for his signature, Big Foot Sighting, and unleash a whirlwind of insects for his ultimate, Antnado.

Ant-Man will cost 400 eternity splinters or 900 G and will come out sometime this month. He is scheduled to be put on the test server later today.


Path of Exile: The Awakening launches today

The ground is rumbling underneath Path of Exile and will soon erupt in a plume of fiery content. The Awakening, a long-awaited content update, finally is going live today at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The Awakening starts by expanding the title’s fourth act, going on to add a new socketable layer to the passive skill tree, new maps, more skills, legendary bosses, tons of new items, and plenty of quality-of-life tweaks. It’s such a major update, in fact, that Grinding Gear is informally calling it “Path of Exile 2.0.”

You can read up on the patch notes in preparation, and when you’re done with that, you can watch the official trailer below!

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League of Legends’ newest champion can swallow you whole

One thing is for certain: Tahm Kench is not going to be winning any beauty contests in League of Legends. Fortunately, abilities matter more than looks for this fishy river devil.

The MOBA’s newest challenge is a solid tanking beast who uses his tongue to lash out at enemy targets. He can also swallow most anything and anyone in the game. If Tahm swallows an ally, he gains a speed boost and can launch his teammate a short way. If he swallows an enemy player, he’ll do a good chunk of damage while being slowed down to a crawl while the enemy is in his belly.

You can check out the Tahm Kench champion spotlight after the jump!

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Path of Exile freeing up inactive character names tomorrow

Path of Exile’s meaty Awakening content update hits the servers tomorrow, and while the patch will add plenty to the game, there’s one thing that it will be taking away: reserved names of long-inactive characters.

Grinding Gear said that it will be freeing up names from characters that haven’t been touched or played in a while. While the number of names to be freed wasn’t revealed, the studio said that it will only apply to characters that have been inactive for a year or longer. In other words, if you’ve logged onto your character in the past 12 months, that name will continue to be yours.


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