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A casual gamer and long-time MMO fan, Justin is often heard yelling, "Player housing for all!" in the Massively Overpowered offices. In addition to news, he tackles LOTRO Legendarium for LOTRO, The Perfect Ten, Jukebox Heroes, the retrospective Game Archaeologist series, One Shots, and the Massively OP podcast.

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The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite unusual MMO weapon?

Maybe I’ve been around for a little too long and have become jaded at the same-old weapons that we see in every MMO, but I will jump up and shout praises out of the window of my house if I get to try out something unusual in a game.

While I never stuck with WildStar’s Medic for terribly long, I did appreciate the strange dual resonators that the class used. My Guild Wars Reaver had a wicked-looking scythe that was pretty cheeky, and I’ll forever be fond of my repeating crossbow in Dungeons and Dragons Online for its fft-fft-fft-fft rapid fire attacks.

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Nexon’s Arpiel Online plans closed beta test in June

How many MMOs does Nexon have stirring in its pot right now? Hundreds? Thousands? In any case, the online game publisher is cooking up another tasty treat with Arpiel Online, an anime-styled fantasy title.

Arpiel Online is being developed by Ngine Studios and boasts frantic isometric action, plenty of crafting, and even a robust housing and decoration system. The game is preparing to run another closed beta test in Korea from June 25th through the 28th.

You can check out Arpiel’s brief but adorable trailer after the jump!

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Naval Action takes open sea warfare to a whole new level

There have been plenty of MMOs, multiplayer titles, and single-player games that have attempted to emulate the grand Age of Sail, but Naval Action might just take the cake. This upcoming sandbox is priding itself on an immaculate attention to detail, from weather effects on sailing to the reconstruction of period warships.

As the name implies, Naval Action’s primary gameplay will be couched in PvE and PvP conflict between ocean-going vessels. There are a wide variety of them, too, from the smallest to the tallest, firing away with all manner of lethal cannon shot. Currently the game’s in beta testing, with pre-orders being your best path to getting in on the early action.

We’ve got several videos from Naval Action for you to watch after the break, so hop to it, sailor!

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See World of Warcraft’s oldest surviving screenshots

Here’s a treat for MMO history buffs. Dave Wilson, who works at Blizzard doing recruitment marketing, posted a series of captioned pictures on Twitter showing the earliest stages of development on World of Warcraft.

The pictures include the oldest screenshot of WoW using the Warcraft III engine, a placeholder town called Valguard circa 1999, the first character selection screen, Onyxia’s birthday, the first Molten Core raid, and “proto-Outland.” Interestingly, Outland was originally going to be part of the original World of Warcraft release.

Blog Aspect of the Hare compiled all of the tweets and photos into one handy viewing experience for you to check out on Storify.


Massively OP Podcast: Episode 17

When one game falls, another one rises… or is it the other way around? Today on the podcast, Justin and Bree talk about the unfortunate demise of a superhero MOBA and what that means for the “genre.” Happily, there’s a lot of positive news to cover as well that may indicate that 2015 is on the rise even so!

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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Crowfall’s Confessors represent the darker side of religion

The team behind Crowfall is hard at work preparing what it’s calling a “core combat test” between three diverse archetypes. One of these, the female Confessor, is the target of a post today that provides some of the background on her narrative and approach.

The Confessors are a branch of the Mother Church that diverged from the Templars when the Hunger started ravaging worlds, claiming that man’s sins were to blame. Disturbed by the events going on, the Confessors turned to fire as both a shield of defense and a sword to punish the wicked.

ArtCraft said that the many archetypes of the game, including the Confessor, were chosen to provide a wide array of cultures with different viewpoints that often examine the same thing. You can check out the Confessor being modeled in 3-D after the jump!
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Guild Wars 2 to restore Lion’s Arch in the next update

It won’t be long now, faithful Tyrians, before you will be walking down the streets of the shiny, reborn Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2.

ArenaNet announced that Lion’s Arch 2.0 will be fully restored come the next content update. As part of the facelift for the once-ravaged city, Lion’s Arch will get new names for its quarters as voted on by the players. The upcoming content patch will also contain the new core specialization system, replacing the old character traits.

There’s even something to enjoy right now, too! The studio pushed out a patch today that fully activates the streaming client for all. The new client will make getting into the game for beginners and downloading patches faster than before.


H1Z1 aims for a ‘massive world,’ adds team members and resources

Daybreak Game Company isn’t pulling back on H1Z1’s development, but is instead doubling down on the survival zombie sandbox by adding more team members and resources to build what President John Smedley calls “a massive world.”

Smedley posted an update of H1Z1’s future development on Reddit today, listing several features that will be coming down the pike. These include guard towers, machine gun emplacements, a streamlined building process, professions, and smarter zombie AI. He also hinted at an announcement concerning the Battle Royale team later in June.

“Our goal remains to have a massive world,” Smedley said. “We’re doing that with Forgelight 2, which has been in development for quite a while now. We’ll be able to show stuff to you soon, but needless to say we’re super excited by what we’re seeing.”

Source: Reddit


Marvel Heroics: Six leveling tips for Marvel Heroes

Welcome to Marvel Heroics, my look at the superhero exploits of Marvel Heroes! Just about half of Massively OP has gotten hooked on this title, so it felt right to devote some space to talking about this OARPG. And what better place to begin than grappling with the leveling game?

While dealing with around 50 heroes, legendary items, omega levels, and prestiging (re-level those characters for added benefits), there is no shortage of leveling to be done here. It might seem like a herculean task at the start — even with one character — but the game is designed to accelerate the process so that subsequent trips up the level ladder go faster and faster.

Here are six tips that I’ve discovered and others have shared with me to make the most of my efforts in leveling my roster of comic book wonders!

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EU team disqualified from Guild Wars 2 world tournament

One aspiring Guild Wars 2 PvP team will be sitting on the sidelines when the world tournament comes to a conclusion later this year.

ArenaNet has announced that the European team Majestic Capricorns have been disqualified from the event due to misrepresentation and unsportsmanlike play: “After a thorough internal investigation it has become very clear that the players who signed up to play on the roster of ‘Majestic Capricorns’ in the European World Tournament Series Invitational Qualifiers were not the ones who actually participated in the event, violating a number of rules regarding eligibility.”

The disqualified team’s opposition will move on to the series finals instead, and ArenaNet promised to consider additional penalties against those involved in the deception.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


X-Wing spiritual successor Starfighter Inc. fails to fund

You can’t win them all, kid. And while $226,000 is an impressive chunk of money to raise for a game, it wasn’t enough to launch Starfighter Inc. into development.

The spiritual successor to the popular X-Wing space shooter, Starfighter Inc. was attempting to utilize Kickstarter as a fundraising platform to raise a quarter of a million dollars. Even though it had a strong start and was eyeing stretch goals early on, Starfighter still fell thousands short of hitting the mark.

The good news is that Impeller Studios doesn’t look to be giving up on the project, encouraging fans to stay tuned: “We’ll update the front page later today and send an announcement on our partners as well as the roadmap via the newsletter this week.”

Source: Kickstarter. Thanks to Vikingr for the tip!


Fly through the aquatic wonderland of Aion’s Cygnea

Cygnea may roll off the tongue like an ugly medical condition, but in truth it’s a rather gorgeous zone that’s coming to Aion with June 17th’s Upheaval update.

The zone used to be at the bottom of the ocean but is now well above the waves and ready for the onslaught of player tourism. It boasts a heavy aquatic theme, of course, although there are elements of dragons peppered about as well. Because it’s an MMO and that’s sacred MMO law.

You can enjoy a non-stop flythrough of Cygnea after the break, so buckle up!

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Survive the treacherous land of Goliath with the help of high-tech armor

Tired of survival games yet? Whalebox Studio is truly hoping you aren’t, because it has another contender in the works called Goliath.

Goliath is a multiplayer title that throws players onto an island with hostile giants and kindly dares the smaller fleshlings to live to see another day. Fortunately, players have access to a robotic armor factory that can be used to fashion suits and gadgets for survival. Past saving your own skin, you’ll have the opportunity to side with a faction, explore a dynamic world, and help to conquer territory.

Goliath is currently in a pre-alpha state and is taking player sign-ups on its website. You can watch its announcement trailer after the jump.

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