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Devilian begins selling early access packs

Even in a free-to-play game, money talks, which is probably why Trion has begun selling Devilian selling early access packs to the community.

The packs, which cost $20, include a two-day head start to launch, guaranteed beta access, a corgi pet (because this is Trion Worlds), 15 days of patron status, and two additional inventory rows. Of course, if a beta key is your primary concern, might we remind you that you can get it for a pittance from Humble Bundle right now?

Trion has also beefed up its Devilian founder’s packs with additional in-game bonuses and talismans. The founder’s packs run from $50 to $150.

Source: Devilian


New H1Z1 game mode sends community into an uproar

The announcement of a new type of Battle Royale mode for H1Z1 called Green Dawn has the title’s early access community in a tizzy this week.

The crux of the outrage from fans is twofold: that H1Z1 is far too focused on Battle Royale instead of its survival mode and that existing game modes need more attention and work before tossing in additional modes.

There has even been a call for an H1Z1 boycott, which at the time of this writing has received 443 upvotes on Reddit. “A [Battle Royale]-centric focus has left a lot of your players looking to other games, which I won’t mention at this time, while still wishing for some progress in the mode they wanted to love, but for lack of reciprocation, was a love one-sided,” the boycott post states.

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BlizzCon 2015: Overwatch shows off three new heroes and Origin Edition bonuses

It’s been about a year since we first heard of Overwatch at last year’s BlizzCon. Since then, the beta has kicked off, and as of Tuesday, 82,000 matches had been played with an average length of about 7 minutes. But you don’t have to be limited to playing on your PC, as today’s panel and opening ceremonies confirmed that the game is coming to consoles. Developers have stated that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players will be on separate servers rather than being stuck in the same pool.

Players can now purchase the game’s Origin Edition, which includes five special skins for existing heroes from earlier in their histories and an assortment of bonuses for other titles. Diablo III players will gain a pair of Mercy-style wings, StarCraft II players gain portraits, Hearthstone gets a new cardback, and World of Warcraft players get a baby Winston pet. Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm players can look forward to Tracer joining the game’s lineup, although she’s very early in development.

Three new heroes were also on display. Mei is a climatologist wielding an ice gun and armored in a heavy parka, serving as a defensive character. Genji is Hanzo’s brother, an offense-oriented character with high mobility and lethal sword strikes in melee range. D. Va is a former pro gamer, piloting a mech and able to jump out of her mech when necessary. You can check out videos and screenshots below.

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Betawatch: Asta hops to the west (November 6, 2015)

It’s interesting to watch the progress of Asta as a title. The game shut down rather quickly in its native country, but it has entered its first closed beta in the US and is hoping to do better this time around. That’s a bit of an odd pedigree, yes.

Hey, we’re deep in the throes of a convention this weekend, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of hard dates for betas. But there’s still new beta stuff going on this past week.

Oh, yes, and there is that whole long list just past the break for those who want even more stuff to watch for. Let us know if something skipped phases, launched, or… well, in one case, unexpectedly changed its name without us noticing. Seriously, who does that?

Check them out, and let us know if something has changed without us noticing. It happens from time to time.

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Camelot Unchained reveals its magic-based classes

Every time Camelot Unchained does another class reveal, I think I’ve found my new favorite class. First it was the Black Riders who use their severed heads and spinal cords as weapons. Then it was the Specters and their mask-wearing mastery of fear. Today it’s the Flame Warden, which is more in line with the fireball-throwing mage that I usually play.

There are two other archetypes in today’s reveal, and they are the Wave Weaver and the Druid. The former “love water, fountains, and basically anything wet,” whereas the latter aren’t your typical fantasy Druid healer and instead are fighters and philosophers.

Source: Magic reveal, thanks Saiba!


Rust opens player-created item store

Rust is the latest online game to open up an item store, but it’s actually more interesting than it sounds. The store sells only player-created items, allowing gamers to make money on their designs.

The store is through Steam itself, which will apparently change depending on the demand and economy. There are already many player-created designs available, including weapons, clothing, and even bedding. Come on, you know you want to be the first person on your block to pay $5 for a virtual designer sleeping bag!

Rust recently wiped the game to allow for a new early access build that’s more organized, has better loot balance, and allows players to place windows and doors.


Black Desert’s North American website and forums launch

Black Desert’s English-language website has just gone live. It’s a bit bare right now, though Daum is hyping videos from Paris Games Week.

The site includes user registration and newsletter signups, but official forums have been slightly delayed. On Reddit, Daum CMs told players,

There is always that last minute bug. I see our devs are working hard to bring back the new forums online. If they manage to rapidly squish the bug, I’ll high five them for you! I’ll post again here once I have an update about the forums.

Source: Official site via Reddit. Thanks, Leiloni!


Escape from Tarkov brings realistic military action to MMOs

There’s a new player on the MMO scene, and this bad boy wants to do military action right.

The game in question is Escape from Tarkov by Russian developer Battlestate Games. In the MMO, players will join up with one of two military factions investigating (and assuming from the title, trying to leave) the mysterious city of Tarkov. The game will incorporate both RPG and FPS elements, and Battlestate promises that in addition to questing, Escape from Tarkov will boast realistic firefights, injuries, and movement.

Battlestate is planning an early 2016 beta test, and you can sign up for a chance at a key today. You can also watch the announcement trailer for Escape from Tarkov after the jump!

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New Crowfall site design asks players to consider their legacy

Roads can deteriorate, statues crumble, castles collapse, and books are lost. But legacies persist. A redesign for Crowfall‘s website plays up the idea that each player of the game will need to choose a legacy, not in the sense of a mechanical decision but in pursuit of the game’s major design goals. The idea is explained in more depth in a news post on the official site outlining the three categories of glory, wealth, and power.

Glory is all about defeating enemies, taking control of territory, and making use of the fact that the non-eternal part of the game can be won before things reset once again. Wealth, of course, is about acquiring items, driving the economy, and hoarding resources. Power, last but not least, is all about acquiring allies over time, being feared and respected, and having oaths of fealty allowing you to direct armies in the game. Major design revelations are promised in December, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to give some thought to your own legacy before you start playing the game.


Revival looks back at its first year of development

On the eve of its the first anniversary of its development, Revival and its team are looking back at the year that was while getting ready to embark on the next stage of the game’s progress. The team admits that the first year wasn’t always great, with delays and the switch over to the new game engine, but that it ultimately will be worthwhile.

“We want to move as fast as possible, but above all that, we have to make sure that Revival stays true to our vision and that vision includes a commitment to quality, which takes time,” Lead Designer Adam Maxwell wrote.

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Infinity’s Kickstarter is two thirds complete with two weeks to go

Is this a new golden age for space sims? Could be, what with Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, and seemingly dozens of other high-profile projects springing up on Kickstarter in recent years. The latest such is Infinity: Battlescape, an ambitious and long-in-development space shooter from I-Novae Studios that boasts a procedurally generated universe, seamless transitions from space to planets, and Newtonian physics.

Star Citizen founder Chris Roberts recently took a moment to highlight Infinity on the Star Citizen website, calling it “a real winner” and pointing interested community members toward the new title’s gameplay videos and Kickstarter page.

As of press time, Infinity has raised over $210,000 of a $300,000 goal with 14 days to go.


ARK’s new giganotosaurus towers over the t-rex

Studio Wildcard has added a new dino to ARK: Survival Evolved. Finding, hunting, and taming the giganotosaurus requires top-of-the-line gear and skills, and it represents a late-game challenge for elite players and raiding tribes, according to Wildcard’s press release.

Fighting the new beast is not for the feint of heart, as its rage grows with each hit it takes, and extra rage means extra energy for its deadly bites and extra stamina. Today’s patch also adds swords and a set of primitive and modern shields designed for advanced melee combat usage.

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Overwatch will be on consoles as well as PC

Overwatch will be playable from the living room couch as well as at a desk, as word has leaked out that Blizzard’s team shooter is heading to consoles as well as the PC.

GameStop said that it received permission to share the news that Overwatch is coming out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Additionally, the retailer revealed that the game looks to be buy-to-play, with a price tag of $59.99 for all versions.

We’ll be hearing more about Overwatch from this weekend’s BlizzCon, so stay tuned for the official confirmation of these details and more!


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