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Devilian spotlights the Shadowhunter and the Talisman mechanic

You wouldn’t think that hunting shadows would be a very lucrative profession, since all it takes to catch them is a light source and functional eyes. So it can be assumed that Devilian‘s Shadowhunter is less a hunter of shadows and more a hunter in and around shadows. As the class is armed with a whip and shuriken, the arsenal seems a bit better suited to that goal in the first place. You can read about it on the official site as part of the game’s slow roll of information for players.

Also part of that slow roll is a feature on the Talisman mechanic. Talismans are functionally cards that can be upgraded and consumed as you collect them. Equipping the Talismans provides a variety of stat boosts, and unwanted Talismans can be consumed to level up existing Talismans. Check out the full rundown on the mechanics to see how you can derive a lot of power from a set of cards.


Crowfall shows off the first pass of the Legionnaire’s abilities

Ask about the Legionnaire in Crowfall and most people listening are going to look at you in confusion because everyone just thinks of the Legionnaire as “that centaur guy.” This is really hurtful to him. As the latest ability preview shows, there’s more to him than just being a centaur. He’s a gentle soul with a love of poetry and insightful diatribes to share about humanity’s inhuman treatment of its own members.

By which we of course mean that he’s a huge freaking horse-man with a giant axe that smashes things. (He could probably also be a poet, though.)

The Legionnaire is a frontline battlefield support character who moves really fast (it’s the whole horse thing) and has a variety of abilities focused on supporting his allies whilst demoralizing opponents. With the ability to knockback opponents and charge at them after flinging them aside, it looks like a fun character for anyone who likes galloping on a frightened and broken enemy. You know, the sort of person who would play “that centaur guy.”


ArcheAge’s China launch moved to August 6

If you think you waited a long while for ArcheAge as a western fan, imagine how the title’s Chinese followers must feel. Tencent Games has delayed the Chinese launch until August 6. MMO Culture reports that the fantasy sandpark will enter a “non-wipe” phase on that date, and that players will need an activation code in order to participate.

Curiously, the initial level cap is 40, and Tencent says that ArcheAge China will feature “20 servers” as well as guilds from “all over the world.”

Source: MMO Culture


World of Warships highlights the in-game functionality of signal flags

In the real world, ships started making use of signal flags as a method of communication because it’s easier to fly a flag than to try to shout to other ships. World of Warships had to include these flags, naturally, but the flags serve more of a purpose than simple communication in a game that features a chat function to begin with. No, the signal flags still serve to communicate because they’re functionally gear for your warships.

Sets of flags can be earned in a variety of ways; players can earn a set of flags that will swiftly put out fires, for example, when a ship goes down due to a fire on deck. Aside from providing the benefit, the flags also will communicate the ship’s immunity to other players. It’s an interesting system, and one that you can learn all about in the video development diary embedded just below.

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Roberts calls b.s. on Star Citizen’s feature creep police

Chris Roberts hasn’t really responded to all of the internet angst surrounding sci-fi virtual world Star Citizen. He’s kinda been busy with, you know, making the game. With his latest letter from the chairman, though, he has some pretty strong words for armchair experts and the feature creep police.

“There are people out there who are going to tell you that this is all a bad thing,” Roberts writes. “That it’s feature creep and we should make a smaller, less impressive game for the sake of having it out more quickly or in order to meet artificial deadlines. Now I’ll answer those claims in one word: Bullshit!”

He goes on to say that Star Citizen matters precisely because of its size and its expanded scope, which he notes was done at the behest of backers who willingly funded all the additional stretch goals. “Is Star Citizen today a bigger goal than I imagined in 2012? Absolutely,” he says. “Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not: it’s the whole damn point.”


Devilian shows off Shadowhunter class and devil form

Action-RPG Devilian is cranking up its hype machine, with a pair of informative dev blogs posted this past week about the game’s features.

The first is a succinct post about the Shadowhunter class. The Shadowhunter uses whips and shurikens to wreck its enemies’ day and can specialize in run-and-gun, stealth, or AoE mechanics. The team also talked about Devilian’s signature hook: “Once you’ve harvested enough devil souls, you’ll have the power to enter devil form, which has a distinct set of abilities and its own unique equipment with which to battle.”

Trion Worlds also posted a one-hour livestream with the devs in which they showed off the game’s pre-alpha build and demonstrated the devil form transformation. Check it out for yourself after the break!

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Shroud of the Avatar’s Long talks building narrative on top of a sandbox

Shroud of the Avatar’s latest Update of the Avatar has been released. As per usual, it sums up the major happenings for Portalarium’s crowdfunded fantasy sandbox in a lengthy newsletter format. This week we’re treated to an early look at some in-progress Obsidian architecture.

Also noteworthy is Starr Long’s appearance on NBNN’s YouTube channel. He talks about everything from SotA’s upcoming release 20 to the challenges inherent in building narrative structure on top of a sandbox game. You can view the stream in its entirety after the break. There’s a lot more to Update of the Avatar #134, so don’t forget to follow the source link!

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Make My MMO: July 18, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Derek Sm… ah, you know what? Never mind. This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Shroud of the Avatar’s Starr Long talked about the challenges of providing narrative structure in a sandbox. Camelot Unchained’s beta was delayed, and Star Citizen continued to update everyone about its FPS module progress.

You can read our full crowdfunding roundup after the break.

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Star Citizen’s FPS elements to feature ‘slow-paced tactical gameplay’ and consequences for death

Cloud Imperium has published another one of its weekly Star Marine status updates for Star Citizen. The post covers everything from engineering and coding to animations to level and game design to weapons and gadgets to the UI, so yeah, it’s a long one.

Perhaps the most interesting bit falls under the game design sub-heading, where CIG states its intentions for the Gold Horizon team elimination mode and Star Marine in general. “We want it to be a simulation of the rest of the persistent universe’s first person gameplay rather than a throwaway action mode that doesn’t speak to the larger project,” CIG explains. “We want gameplay where there are consequences for death, so that the player is encouraged to be slow, careful and there’s a reason to help your friends and do your best to overpower, deceive and defeat your enemies.”



Betawatch: July 17th, 2015

If you were excited for Camelot Unchained opening its doors for the first time next month, we’ve got some bad news for you. The game’s planned August beta has been delayed due to programmer issues, with the vague possibility that the game won’t be ready for testing until next year. We had a lengthy interview with Mark Jacobs on that, so by all means, take a look.

But, of course, the beta testing world goes on. Betas find a way. Some of them do, anyhow.

Did you know that there’s an entire lineup of games just below? Because they’re there! And they might include some games that snuck into another phase of testing or it might be missing something, in which case we encourage our readers to let us know in the comments.

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Das Tal showing off small events with this weekend’s playtest

Das Tal is still a ways off from operating an ongoing alpha program, but the team is throwing a one-day test for this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EDT to show off some of its improvements and even a new feature.

“This will be the very first time that testers will get a chance to try out the new small events,” the team announced. “We are really interested to see how the addition of these smaller, yet more numerous opportunities, change the flow of the game.”

The test will also show off new map icons and some wicked cool tree designs. Fairytale Distillery said that it’s continuing to work through a checklist in order to get 24/7 servers online for the PvP MMO.

Source: Das Tal


Mark Jacobs explains Camelot Unchained’s beta delay, confirms game title [Updated]

Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs has admitted to backers today that the first round of CU’s beta, originally planned for August, will be delayed.

Jacobs has explained that the senior programmer hired in June was essentially poached two days after his arrival. While CSE has since hired yet another new programmer, he won’t begin until September, making the August beta impossible. Jacobs told Massively OP that the beta could be delayed into next year, but he won’t set any date until the refreshed programming team is back on course.

He has, however, assured backers that the game’s “spending is below projections,” so the budget is good shape. CSE will continue to issue a refund to any crowdfunder who requests it.

We spoke to Jacobs prior to the official announcement to ask a few questions about the delay and its impact on the development of the game. Read on for the full Q&A and the Twitch stream.

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Star Citizen’s Lesnick promises ‘incredible progress’ and addresses concerns

The war of words between developer Derek Smart and Star Citizen isn’t over yet. A recent livestream for a German fan channel saw director of community engagement Ben Lesnick addressing fans not just on the future of the game but on the recent controversy and the issue of refunds. Lesnick specifically stated that this sort of skepticism is why the game went to a crowdfunding platform and that supporters will see incredible progress in the coming weeks.

Lesnick also stressed that everyone is welcome to his or her opinions and that Smart is hardly the first (nor likely the last) person to raise similar concerns regarding the ambition and scope of the game. It was also mentioned in passing that the next planned update to the game’s test servers will likely be delayed to next week.

It should be noted that Lesnick’s interview was conducted before Smart’s most recent demands were published.

Source: CRASH_academy via Polygon


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