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The Stream Team: Going after new dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved

While MassivelOP’s MJ was away, a few new dinosaurs were added to ARK: Survival Evolved. There’s a monkey man that can literally toss people around as well as a roly poly armored mount — and MJ just has to get one of each for herself! Join us live at 12:00 p.m. to help her search out these new pets in the wilds.

What: ARK: Survival Evolved
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 29th, 2015

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PAX Prime 2015: Devilian reveals founder packs

At PAX Prime last night, Trion announced founder packs for its upcoming OARPG import, Devilian.

The cheapest bundle, at $49.99, includes beta access, 2500 credits, a two-day early access, a month of Patron status, two extra character slots, two extra inventory rows, a character potion bag, a Founder title, and a multipurpose Corgi pet.

The $99.99 bundle stacks on even more Patron status and credits, plus a Vanguard title and talismans. For $149.99, you snag all that, plus more credits, more Patron time, a Harbinger title, and a polar bear mount, among other perks.

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Star Citizen’s social module is now playable

Star Citizen fans have a lot to chew on this weekend, as Cloud Imperium has released the game’s social module, a dev blog on electronic warfare, and the weekly Star Marine status update.

Design director Tony Zurovec has penned a lengthy intro to the social module, which allows you to choose from a handful of character configurations and “explore the first of many planetary landing zones” with up to 24 other players.

The electronic warfare blog outlines ship signatures, radar scanning, and both offensive and defensive EW in detail, while the Star Marine update hits the usual gameplay, art, audio, animation, and UI highlights as well as “the big merge” from staging to game-dev.

Sources: Social, EWStar Marine; thanks Gene and I-Spy!


PAX Prime 2015: Trion tries turn-based strategy with Atlas Reactor

Trion, the creator of Trove and RIFT, has turned its attention to the online PvP market with its new game Atlas Rector. At its core, Atlas Reactor is a turn-based strategy game. But unlike X-Com or even Pirate101, Atlas Reactor is PvP, and so far, only PvP.

On the surface, it has the makings of a thinking-man’s PvP game. As of right now, the PvP market is flooded with fast-paced MOBAs and team-based shooters, so Atlas Reactor takes a different path, making the action more strategic and measured. But like its twitchy cousins, the cast of characters is meant to foster a sense of ownership and empathy in players.

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Betawatch: August 28th, 2015

Project Gorgon‘s latest run on Kickstarter is over, and it was a pretty big success for the title, hitting almost $75,000 in funding. That means the game is moving forward with improvements, and it also means that players are going to need to start paying money to get into the test client. Hey, it had to happen eventually.

So what other beta news do we have before this weekend’s convention?

Plus we’ve got our usual list of games just past the break. Did we miss something? Is another game further along than we know? Let us know down in Ye Olde Commente Sectionne.

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Camelot Unchained’s talks Friday Night Fights, concept art, and more

Camelot Unchained is currently in the midst of a Friday Night Fights bonus round, but that didn’t stop founder Mark Jacobs from penning his customary Friday update. It features a lengthy section on user stories as well as a full body shot of the Fir Bog who debuted last week.

There’s plenty of fresh concept art in today’s update, too, along with another mention of the team’s plans for next month’s DragonCon and the associated build prep work.


Undead Labs cancels Moonrise, cites lack of projected profitability

Pokémon-like battler Moonrise won’t be seeing the light of commercial release, apparently.

Undead Labs announced today that after several months in early access testing on both PC and iOS, Moonrise wasn’t quite working out the way the studio had hoped and would need to be shelved.

“What we’ve found is that while some people really love Moonrise, there were unfortunately many more people who played the game and then moved on after a few days,” founder Jeff Strain wrote. “For a standalone, offline game that might be fine; but for an online game with significant server hosting costs and an expectation for ongoing development and new content, it can mean a game that not only doesn’t pay for it’s development costs, but might even cost money to operate.”

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The Stream Team: Landmark life is like a box of templates

There’s an old phrase from a movie about chocolates, but MassivelyOP’s MJ thinks that life in Landmark is more like a box of templates. And boy, do you get plenty of templates! From beginner ones to ornate structures and items from friends or the Marketplace, there’s a whole lot even non-voxelmancers can create. MJ has spent plenty of time touring lately, so now she’s settling in to tinker around on her plots — and she invites you to come help her build. Don’t have a beta key? Well she’ll be giving some away along with lots of other goodies. Join in live at 5:00 p.m. and see what things you can create alongside MJ from the myriad of templates.

What: Landmark
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 28th, 2015

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Bless gets an English trailer and a final KCBT date

If you want Bless news, this is your post. If you want a western release date, though, we can’t help you. At least for now. That said, it can’t be far off, since the final Korean CBT has been announced. It starts on September 17th and runs through the 25th. MMO Culture reports that the final phase will add two new classes (Mage and Assassin) as well as more gatherables used for crafting. The site also says that realm-vs.-realm PvP is the game’s “core feature.”

Also, the latest teaser trailer is in English! You can view it after the cut below.

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The Stream Team: Poking around more Project Gorgon

Anyone who has popped into Project Gorgon knows that there are plenty of interesting things to do and no specific order you have to do them in. MassivelyOP’s Justin has recently started playing as a cow! Last time, MJ was learning how to be a werewolf, but the other possibilities really moooove her, so she’s seeking out the many forms. Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you more…

What: Project Gorgon
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, August 28th, 2015

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Project Gorgon is soon switching to Steam and restricting alpha access

With its successful Kickstarter campaign behind it, indie MMO Project Gorgon is forging ahead with plans to transition to Steam.

Elder Game sent out a letter to all backers this morning with a timetable regarding the team’s fall plans. The big announcement is that in a few weeks the alpha server will be closed to everyone except those who pledged funds. Previously, the game had been open to any and all who wanted to try it out. Following the server restriction, Gorgon will make the jump to Steam in late October and require players to access the game through that service.

The team said that there will be options available for fans to buy into the alpha or upgrade their pledge going forward, perhaps with PayPal. Additionally, a preview of the guild system is tentatively scheduled for the next update, which should be good news to the social structure of the game.

Source: Kickstarter, official forum. Thanks to Kanbe for the tip!


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