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Darkfall: New Dawn developers outline rewards for players on the InDev setup

The ultimate goal of the Darkfall: New Dawn team is not just to relaunch the original Darkfall with no alterations, hence the subtitle. However, while the full-on reboot is being developed, the team is providing players with the InDev server, which is just straight-up classic 2012 Darkfall. But how do you get players to play on a server that’s definitely going away once the real thing is ready without having it feel like a glorified waiting room? With rewards, naturally.

Players will not be able to carry over progress directly from the InDev server to the Darkfall: New Dawn servers, but benefits will be earned by purchasing and playing the older version of the game. Players who make significant progress will also be rewarded with certain unlocks and gear rewards to help accelerate veterans out of the starting areas. Check out the full rundown if you’re thinking about taking part but want to make sure that your time on a temporary server will still be rewarded.


Guild Wars 2 hacking post sheds light on 300 cheaters caught last April

If I had a dollar for every time someone wrote us a letter or comment about how he’d been unfairly banned from an MMORPG, we’d have enough cash to hire a truckload of columnists. That’s why a post on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit this past weekend raised more than a few eyebrows, including a pair at ArenaNet itself.

The poster, going by the name MegaWormHole, says that he ran a hack program “for a few months,” even taking advantage of insta-speedruns in Super Adventure Box back in April to make $75 at a gold selling website — and never got banned. And he’d like to know why not.

“If these ANet customer support employees claim the system does not make mistakes, and the decision is final, why have I been hacking for a few months and have apparently been reported by other players countless times, and I’m still not banned? Now, I’m not over here yelling for you guys to come after me, I’m posting this expecting major consequences, I’m just letting people know that this is a serious problem we have on our hands, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

Guild Wars 2 Game Security Lead Chris Cleary has responded, saying he thinks he knows what happened.

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Don’t hold your breath for Black Desert’s class awakening system

In response to a lengthy (and apparently frequently posted) player complaint thread about class balance and the pace of class awakening delivery, Black Desert’s western arm, Daum EU, has issued a — can we say exasperated? — statement defending both its pace as mandated by Korean releases and its communication on that topic.

“[A]ew weeks ago we said that we wanted to release all the awakenings all at once. That is still our plan so far,” writes Community Manager Tytyes on the official forums.

“There are no silence around this, mostly maybe a ‘let’s not repeat ourselves everytime someone new ask for it.’ Now, this is mostly due to the fact that releasing only a part of it might create some unbalance in the actual PvP system. Your concerns are based on the PvE yes, but that doesn’t mean PvP will not be impacted by it. On top of that there are 2 things to notice, first not all classes have their awakening skill ready to be released, this is not a matter of “this new class has an issue let’s try to fix it”, it can only be solved by waiting, would it be ok for them to wait ? Would it be if we were playing a class without awakening when everybody has its own?”

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Crowfall shows off the making of the visuals for Gaea’s Wail

Gaea’s Wail is a Druid spell in Crowfall in which the Druid summons a spectral bear to attack people. This is, quite obviously, the best spell ever. There’s no need for other spells. In a perfect world, Crowfall would just be armies of bear summoners on either side of the battlefield, summoning bears to slash the living heck out of people all over the place. But while the nature of the spell suggests certain options for the visuals, the artists decided to go the extra mile to make a really compelling ghost-bear.

You might ask yourself whether or not you really have the time to sit down and watch a seven-minute video about making an appropriately ursine visual for a spell, but a better question is whether or not you can afford not to watch it. Click on below to go full bear.

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Get the rundown on what we know of Camelot Unchained’s classes

Quickly, how much do you know about Camelot Unchained‘s classes? Do you know all of them? Do you know how they work? Would you be able to do anything other than stare for a moment before finally mumbling, “Warrior, probably, that’s always in there?” Because there’s always Warrior in there, really. But the point here is that you may well not know much of anything about the classes.

Sure, you could pick back through ages of coverage and discussion, but why not get primed beforehand? A new fan video from YouTube channel Bevie Gaming runs down the quick and dirty version of what we currently know about Camelot Unchained‘s classes. Why not hop down and watch it? You’ll be glad you did if there’s a quiz later.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s live letter reveals more about patch 3.3

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV is arriving on June 7th, and just like other patches, it’s bringing quite a lot of stuff along with it. That pile of new stuff was detailed in the most recent live letter from producer/director Naoki Yoshida, with a quick translation available now for fans who just can’t wait for more information.

Players can look forward to a new trial against Nidhogg on the Steps of Faith, along with a separate Extreme version for those who want to challenge the great wyrm for weaponry. The Moogle beast tribe quests were also revealed to be focused on crafting and gathering, much like the Ixali quests in the 2.x series. There are also new flower pots coming for housing, a new map for Frontlines play, and a system for saving your HUD layout. There are only a couple of weeks left now before the patch lands, but it looks like there’s going to be plenty to be happy about when it does.


RIFT offers a quick guide to making the most of minions

Are you making the most of your minions in RIFT? You really should. Minions are a lightweight way to get a little more out of the game on an account level, and all you really need to be capable of handling is some bookkeeping. The developers have assembled a quick guide to getting involved with the Minion system so that everyone can benefit from these loyal companions.

Minions can be earned via quests, achievements, drops, artifact collections, and so forth, or just flat-out bought in the RIFT store. Each minion has certain attributes and abilities, with rarer and more valuable Minions having more than the standard two attributes or various other beneficial traits. They’re also shared account-wide, allowing all of your characters to reap the benefit and take part in management; higher-level characters just derive a bit more from gathering missions you can send them on. Check out the full walkthrough if you’re eager to send your diligent followers out on their own adventures.


Guild Chat: How to get real-life friends to join your MMORPG guild

Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, my cosy wee corner of Massively Overpowered in which we can all come together to help a reader in need tackle his or her guild-related issue. As has been the case previously, I received a reader submission just after publishing the last edition that I didn’t want to shelf for nearly a month, so you’re being treated to back-to-back Guild Chat once more! The topic at hand is encouraging (read dragging) along your real-world friends into the MMOs you love and specifically into the guild in which you spend so much time. Reader Krystalin has asked me to help her come up with a strategy for engaging people who may not initially understand the appeal so that she feels less guilty about the hours she’s logging in-game and can share her virtual world with more of her local circle.

It’s an interesting topic with no easy answer: Check out Krystalin’s full submission and my musings below, then add your two cents in the comments to help her out.

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One Shots: Post-murder spree bliss

When all of the enemy mobs lie defeated at your feet and you’ve rifled through their corpses for any valuables, there’s this precious slice of time of silence before all of the flies settle in (or respawns happen). That’s when players like Torquatos take a moment to enjoy the peace of victory.

“I took this while adventuring in one of the starter zones in Elder Scrolls Online,” he wrote. “One of many towns under attack by some insidious rebels, but it looks a touch more peaceful now that I killed them all.”


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The Daily Grind: Are you interested in making money in your MMOs?

When my friends need to borrow money in Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XI, they come to me. It’s not because I’m higher-level than they are or anything, they just know I have money. Which is a true fact, but it’s also an odd one because I’ve never once tried to make money in those games. I sit on a huge pile of energy credits and Dilithium in Star Trek Online, but I never sought those riches out. I just accumulated over time with steady momentum and management.

The thing is that I know some players live for that. There are people who get really excited at the thought of cornering materials markets in FFXIV or making a killing in the markets of EVE Online. I enjoy making money, but it’s never more than an ancillary purpose for me, something to consider when I’m doing the stuff that I like to do anyhow. Which raises the question to you, dear readers. Are you interested in making money in your MMOs? Do you go out of your way to make the big bucks, do you err on the side of making money over not making money, or do you really not care as long as you can pay the basic costs associated with playing a character?

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TennoCon 2016 brings Warframe players together this July

As we mention in the Massively OP offices from time to time, Warframe is one of those games that seems to be doing ridiculously well even though you hardly ever hear people talking about it. It’s doing so well, in fact, that it’s warranted its own convention: TennoCon.

In fact, TennoCon 2016 is heading our way in a couple of months, as it’ll be hosted in “the other” London, Ontario, on July 9th. This all-day convention will be backed with panels, previews, cosplay, dev chats, and — naturally — an archery range. Attendees will also get an exclusive Syandana to wear in the game. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Outward Bound Canada, a charitable organization designed to encourage people to explore nature.

Can’t go? There’s a Twitch for that. You can board the hype train for TennoCon by checking out the invitation video after the jump.

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Camelot Unchained shows off weapon concepts and the growing world

One of the big elements of Camelot Unchained‘s design philosophy is the difference between its three factions. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense if everyone looked the same, would it? So the start of the most recent update from the development team shows off the concept art of Arthurian swords vs. Tuatha swords. Both are very clearly designed to be slightly ornamented weapons, but the swords look very different. And really, aren’t pictures worth thousands of words on the open exchange?

Let’s hope so, because that’s largely what the update is about, with more pictures showing off improvements to the game’s rendering of building and blocks. The current version of the test client is capable of supporting 181 million buildings blocks on a server, compared to 5000 on a server in the initial builds. So while you can’t quite test the game, it’s good to know that the version you will be able to test has space to grow… and it will look pretty.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, btt.


WRUP: The first rule of Punch Club edition

The first rule of Punch Club is that you do not talk about Punch Club. The second rule of Punch Club is that you do not talk about Punch Club. Third rule is seriously, do not talk about Punch Club; I will punch you in the mouth. Fourth rule is that I will punch you in the mouth no matter what happens. Rule number five is that no one else can punch anyone in the mouth. Rule number six is a lot of physics equations about how much harder I will punch you in the mouth if you talk about Punch Club compared to a normal mouth punching. The difference, I assure you, is substantial.

The seventh rule of Punch Club is that hamburgers are awesome. That one… I mean, I just feel like everyone idolizes pizza and tacos and bacon all the time; hamburgers are pretty great too. Eighth rule is that no one gets to quote any overused Monty Python sketches at Punch Club; there’s a pamphlet about the disallowed one. Ninth rule is actually just a list of shirts I don’t like. Let’s just forget about the ninth rule. I was getting tired by that point.

You know what? Let’s just forget punch club and do What Are You Playing. Punching is dumb.

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