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Neverwinter outlines the path to masterwork crafting

Masterwork crafting in Neverwinter is not meant to be something you just start doing on your second day of crafting. It’s right there in the title – this is master work. It’s difficult. The newest development entry on the official site explains what’s involved to become a masterwork crafter as well as the fantastic items you can craft once you reach that height of skill.

Players with a level 12 guild stronghold and at least 25 skill in one profession will be able to undertake a series of crafting-based quests for new masterwork recipes. These recipes will require a wide variety of materials, including some lower-rank materials and ones from professions you may not have leveled, thus stimulating the economy across the board. It’s meant to be a lengthy climb, but the reward at the end is making level 140 items that can be fully traded and sold. Check out the full rundown to get a clearer picture of what you need to do to be the best around at making pointy weapons.


Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a Final Fantasy XI farewell through the end of the year

Not everyone who is playing Final Fantasy XIV right now was originally playing Final Fantasy XI. For players who never explored Vana’diel, the new Maiden’s Rhapsody event is nothing more than a chance to get some new wardrobe items. But for players who have played Final Fantasy XI, it’s a crossover and a farewell to a game that directly led to Final Fantasy XIV in the wake of the former game’s final story update.

And a chance to get some new wardrobe items.

Players can start the quest on the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa. The event will start on November 11th (tomorrow) and run until December 31st, giving everyone plenty of time to participate in the cross-world farewell. You can also drop a little money and dress up like one of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn at this point, if you’re so inclined.


Final Fantasy XI’s producer bids farewell to the community

After 13 years of development, Final Fantasy XI finally received its final major story update today with the November Version Update. Producer Akhiko Matsui took the occasion to say a few words to the community, emphasizing that this update is not a death knell but a celebration of the game’s long life and active playerbase. The servers will remain on, and minor updates will continue through and beyond April 2016. It’s just that the active story is saying farewell.

Matsui went on to state that the game’s staff will be planning a campaign to welcome back former players who have yet to experience the story and reward those who have been playing all along. He offers his thanks to the community that has kept the game running and rewarding for such a long time. It’s a send-off, yes, but it’s one in a positive spirit.


Not So Massively: BlizzCon 2015 (November 9, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really fit into the MMO category. Join me each week for Not So Massively, where I gather together the top stories from the biggest MOBAs, competitive card games, first person shooters, and other popular online games in one place.

BlizzCon 2015 took center stage this weekend, producing a ton of news for Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm held its first ever world championship tournament, Overwatch the rejected free-to-play business model, and we learned that Blizzard is hiring a developer to bring oldschool Diablo II back to life.

Meanwhile, impressive one-to-one scale space game Infinity: Battlescape has just 12 days left to raise around $70,000 on Kickstarter, Destiny players have raised money for charity in a livestreaming event, and Path of Exile hinted that an expansion announcement is on the way. We also read an insightful article on systemic sexism in SMITE‘s e-sports scene, looked at League of Legends‘ new social tools and controversial Dynamic Queue, and discovered that Star Citizen‘s Alpha 2.0 release may be about to land.

If there’s a game or story you’d like to see covered in next week’s Not So Massively, please drop us a tip and let us know.

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Tree of Savior’s Korean open beta starts next month

Tree of Savior’s open beta is starting this December… in South Korea. The news comes to us from Steparu, who posted about a Tree of Savior advertisement that was recently sighted in the wild. The print hypes up the game’s appearance at South Korea’s upcoming G-Star 2015 convention, and it features a tag line that reads “2015.12. Open Beta.”

Steparu predicts that new game info is forthcoming, including a new trailer and possibly details on rank 7 classes.

Source: Steparu


Raph Koster: Game developer, and now published poet

People wear many hats in life, and noted game developer Raph Koster has donned another one that most folks aren’t used to seeing him wear: published poet. For the last 10 years, Koster has posted a poem on his personal blog every Sunday. Now, he’s compiled a number of those — and added a few others — into a book you can hold in your hand (and peruse while spawn camping!). The subject of the poetry extends far beyond the realm of gaming, covering whatever was happening during that week, from the news to music to even his children’s homework. Of his musings, he said,

As I wrote, I found myself bending the writing to suit the audience: rather than confessional or deeply personal work, I tended towards light verse, towards musings on history or science, or even on programming and video games. And of course, the sort of subject matter that still carries echoes of the world of geeks: ghost stories, real world mysteries, mythology and magic.

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Albion Online guild creates narwhal propaganda posters

Narwhals. They’re swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion because they are so awesome. I’ve even heard that they beat polar bears in a fight.

They’re also the mascot of a new Albion Online guild. To promote the guild, one player has created a series of Narwhal-themed propaganda posters that will bring a tear to your eye. “Unlock your final form” is my personal favorite.

Check them out and let us know in the comments what you think are the best guild recruiting techniques that you’ve seen over the years!

Source: Reddit


Wisdom of Nym: Analyzing Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.1 notes

There are a lot of things that I really like about Final Fantasy XIV, a fact that should come as a surprise to practically no one reading this column. This specific week, however, I’m happy that the game’s developers have a longstanding tradition of making the patch notes for large patches available well in advance of the actual patch. Sure, certain elements are omitted before the full notes, such as the recipes that could otherwise lead to widespread market inflation, but the gist of the notes are available in advance.

Patch 3.1 is no different, and as such I’ve had a couple of days to mull over the notes. The obvious big features like Void Ark and the exploratory missions are things to be discussed as the patch is actually played, and you know that’s going to be the subject of the column over the next few weeks. But some things can be analyzed just from the notes, and so I’m going to examine the notes, consider what we know, and rant about a colossally dumb decision that has been made.

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World of Warcraft begins its examination of class design with Hunters and Priests

One of the facts repeated throughout BlizzCon was that classes and class fantasies will be getting overhauled in World of Warcraft‘s next expansion. So what does that mean? Well, there wasn’t time during the panels for the developers to talk about it in depth. Instead, a series of blogs are being posted, starting with a look at how Hunters are changing and how Priests roles are getting better differentiation.

The blog argues that Hunters have a strong class identity but that the lines between the three specs have always been blurry. By revamping the design to have Marksmanship with no pet, Beast Masters at range with a pet, and Survival in melee with a pet, Blizzard will make all three variants far more distinct.

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO have you played the most?

I updated Lord of the Rings Online over the weekend, and as I was looking at the game in my Steam list, I was surprised that it showed over 400 hours logged. That’s just on Steam, too, and I’m sure I have three or four times that in total because I played heavily at launch and throughout 2007, well before I even started using Steam.

I doubt LOTRO is my most-played MMO, though, simply because of the crazy amount of life I wasted on Star Wars Galaxies back in the day!

What about you, MOP readers? Which MMO have you played the most? Can you estimate your total hours?

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Lineage II is coming to Steam and adding a new server

Long-lived fantasy MMORPG Lineage II is coming to Steam on November 12th. The announcement post mentions exclusive Steam badges, emoticons, and trading cards. NCsoft is also adding a new server called Zaken, on which it says that both new and returning players may compete for server firsts and “the excitement of leveling together.”

You can add Lineage II to your Steam wishlist today and receive a notification on November 12th when the game is available for download and play.

Source: Steam, thanks Lukas!


Star Citizen’s monthly report is out; also, some guy spent $30K on the game

Cloud Imperium has released its monthly development snapshot for Star Citizen. It’s a high-level look at what each of the firm’s studios has been doing to prep the release of Alpha 2.0, which is the “first serious look at how the puzzle pieces fit together.”

As opposed to previous module releases that have showcased individual portions of the game (the hangar, single-seat dogfighting, socializing in ArcCorp), 2.0 starts to tie it all together and adds things like multicrew ships and first-person ground combat.

In other Star Citizen news, this dude has spent $30,000 backing the game. He also has great musical taste, so there’s that.


One Shots: Don’t be crabby

I don’t think I could take the blow to my ego to boot up and play something called Dragomon Hunter, but then again, I am one of those refined upper-class British types whose monocle falls into my tea every time someone does something mildly inappropriate.

Reader Vexia is more woman than I, as she sent in this headlining pic. “Lately, everyone has been understandably caught up in the expansion buzz,” she writes. “However, this past weekend my attention was completely captured by this cute new import MMO: Dragomon Hunter! Under its uber-cute exterior, the game has some surprisingly deep systems, one of which lets you catch monsters to raise on your ranch or ride around as mounts! Onward, my crabby steed — to victory!”

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