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Aion’s Egyptian-themed event returns for a limited time

You may be able to walk like an Egyptian, but can you fight like one? You’d better if you’re going to venture into Aion this weekend, because the Egyptian-flavored Secret of the Ancients event is back for another run.

Players will be trying to capture the spirits of monsters while participating in an array of quests. These will reward Ancient Shards, which can be turned in for a goodie chest, XP, a key bundle, or a random Puzzle Box. The event is running from now through June 6th.

“The Ancient King Ramsus and his wife Queen Shepsut have returned to the world of Atreia,” NCsoft said. “With them have arrived mysterious monsters that threaten all inhabitants of Atreia. Help them return the monsters to their time, and get rewarded with EXP and fabulous prizes.”

Fabulous, people, FABULOUS.

Source: Aion


Champions Online brings out the vehicle-centered Circus Malvanum event

The heart and soul of Champions Online is either playing a superhero and taking out dastardly villains or flying vehicles around. The event hitting the game’s live servers right now is focusing more on the latter; help Jo finish her flying steam bike to earn it as a special vehicle and take part in the Circus Malvanum air race! You’ve got until May 31st to take part, or until November 16th, 2017. (The official page lists both dates, but we’re pretty sure the one from last year is a typo.)

If you think steam bikes are lame, flying or no, you can opt to just buy your way into the vehicle side of the game for slightly less cash; all vehicles are 20% off. That is, off the purchase price, not someone taking a hacksaw and chopping off a fifth of a given vehicle. Although that could mean a convertible.


EverQuest II’s Seeds of Vengeance has launched with a double XP event – go getcher free level 100 toon

Live in EverQuest II today is the long-awaited GU106: Seeds of Vengeance update. As Daybreak’s previously noted, the update includes the new Shard of Hate zone, the item examine window UI revamp, and new expert and expert event versions of some dungeons, plus the new fast travel feature to the Plane of Magic. There’s a big sale on cash shop items through the weekend, as well as a double experience event over the holiday to aid your leveling.

Beginning today, Daybreak has also kicked off a promotion granting “all existing accounts” a freebie level 100 heroic character, complete with a familiar, mercenary, flying mount, and a full set of gear, plus temporary access to the Planes of Prophecy so that you can actually level to 105 and check out the new stuff.

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The Stream Team: Springing into LOTRO’s Spring festival encore

Spring has resprung! The spring festival has returned to LOTRO for an encore, which means Massively OP’s MJ can participate! She’ll be running the maze rescuing elves, shushing tweens, and downing ales. The question is, will she find her way out? Tune in live at 6:00 p.m. to see if she gets lost.

What: Lord of the Rings Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 6:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

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Lord of the Rings Online continues to iterate on its class change patch, extends spring festival

The third build of Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 22.2 is now up on the test server, and players can preview it to see how Standing Stone Games is reacting to the testing and feedback of all of the class changes that are coming with this patch.

Hunters received a “more substantial” balance pass this time around, with more changes to focus generation and skill inductions. Lore-masters will rejoice to see the return of a changed Wizard’s Fire, while Minstrels might not be so pleased to see that their cries and calls have an increased cooldown. The patch also factors in the low-level anniversary scavenger hunts and featured challenge quests for certain instances.

And even if it’s starting to feel more like summer than winter outside, you can hang on to the vestiges of the verdant months with the extended encore of LOTRO’s Spring Festival. The event ends on May 30th.

Source: Patch notes


TERA hauls out scarves for the end of its anniversary month

TERA is busy wrapping up its month-long sixth anniversary, and its final week contains a few changes and events for players to enjoy.

These events include the conclusion of the Claw & Order community murder mystery, more anniversary items in the shops, double quest rewards all week long, increased drops from select dungeons, bonus reward items from battlegrounds, and free scarves if you’re able to track down and pester an En Masse Entertainment employee in the game. Scarves! Just the thing for those brisk summer months!

The studio is also running a contest through the end of the month: “Starting Monday, May 21st until Thursday, May 31st at 10 a.m. PDT, players can exchange 5 Anniversary tokens for an in-game Contest Entry Receipt to enter their account into the Anniversary Conclusion contest.” Three winners will be chosen per server and granted prizes like six months of subscription time and the choice of any item from the store.

Source: TERA


Overwatch’s second anniversary event, new FFA Deathmatch map, and new lootboxes are live

As promised, Blizzard is dropping a big anniversary event for Overwatch starting today as the game turns two, complete with sales and new loot. And yes, new lootboxes. The first one’s free!

“What better way to mark the occasion than with a new FFA (free-for-all) Deathmatch map and more than 190 Anniversary items, including new Legendary skins? We’re also making past seasonal brawls available to play in the Arcade. Earn Anniversary Loot Boxes as you play, plus pick up one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box if you log in from May 22 through June 11, 2018. Each Legendary Anniversary Loot Box comes with at least one guaranteed legendary item and can contain loot from past seasonal events or other classic content. Anniversary Loot Boxes are also available for purchase—but they’ll be locked away after the event ends.”

The event runs through June 11th, so you’ve got some time even if your Memorial Day weekend is already booked. If you’ve never bought the game before, the new Legendary edition ($39.99 on PC and console) is probably a decent deal, as it includes the whole base game and toons plus some special skins and goodies for Blizzard’s other big titles too. There’s a cheaper version ($19.99) if you just want the basics, though. Those deals run through June 5th.

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Defiance’s got 99 problems, but you ain’t one

With the conclusion of Defiance 2050’s closed beta last week, players might be at a loss for something to keep them occupied for the rest of May. Don’t fret, future warriors: Trion is going to unload 99 Problems on you.

That’s actually a good thing! The 99 Problems event is running through June 4th, giving players special pursuits to complete for EGO boosts and achievement points. The game is also cutting 50% off of the price of Arkforge through May 28th.

Trion Worlds also wants to remind you that playing old-school Defiance right now isn’t a waste of time. Players can earn valor from participating in events and activities and then use that valor to buy cosmetics and other rewards in Defiance 2050 when it launches this summer.

Source: Defiance



RuneScape fans can start buying RuneFest 2018 tickets… now

Jagex’s RuneScape-themed fan festival, RuneFest 2018, is locked in for October 5th-6th this year, and tickets are officially on sale as of 11 a.m. this morning. The UK company is calling it “the biggest and best RuneFest yet,” partly owing to its new (and twice as large) venue in Farnborough (outside London rather than in it). Tickets run £150 (just over $200 US) and get you into both days of events.

“RuneFest 2018 will see a world first with the premiere of RuneScape Live, an exclusive performance of RuneScape music by the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. […] While the theme for the eighth RuneFest will be revealed at a later date, the event promises to build upon previous years mix of announcements, LAN gaming, role-playing, and developer panels. […] Main stage showcases, big hitting entertainment, new activities and panel sessions, meet ups with JMods & Content Creators, all wrapped up in a new theme that will transport RuneScape and Old School players to iconic areas of Gielinor.”

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Elite Dangerous has big plans for a Memorial Day weekend bonus event

Frontier isn’t exactly known for running bonus weekends, but it’s doing just that in Elite Dangerous as it joins the throng of online games vying for your eyeballs during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

“We’re pleased to announce that, starting from May 24 to May 30, we will be introducing an extended ‘Bonus Weekend’, which will bring temporary but lucrative bonuses to the galaxy!” the studio says.

“The bonuses we will activate for this period are as follows: All profits from trading activities will be increased (the amount of profit will vary depending on what you are shipping and where you’re shipping it to. Rare commodities are excluded from this bonus.) The materials requested for engineering recipes will be at one rank below the existing ones (cheapening the current cost of engineering your modules.) Whether you’re a penniless pauper or a wealthy space-tycoon, it’ll pay to haul this weekend, so dust off your freighters and get out there! Oh, and if you need a little extra jump-range, the engineers have you covered!”

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Jetpacks woosh into Fortnite, while Epic Games puts $100M toward tournaments

Players can take to the skies in Fortnite today, thanks to Patch 4.2 and the long-awaited introduction of jetpacks. Unsafe? Environmentally unsound? Chaotic? Probably — but most assuredly fun as well.

The patch notes give us some idea of how jetpacks will function:

“The Jetpack is the first of a new item type: Backpacks. Backpacks take an inventory slot (like weapons & consumables) and can be moved to different positions. Only one Backpack can be carried at a time. […] The Jetpack is engaged by jumping while in mid-air, providing additional mobility. While flying, there is a limited duration it can be used before it must charge again. Recharge begins when the Jetpack is not in use. You can not enter Targeting Mode while in the air. On controller, using the Targeting Mode input will trigger the Jetpack.”

It should also be noted that the jetpacks are being described as a “limited-time item,” although this may change on release.

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The Stream Team: Age of Conan turned 10!

Welcome to double digits, Age of Conan. The Barbarian MMO turned 10 years old this weekend, and Massively OP’s MJ is on hand to celebrate that milestone. She’ll be exploring Hyboria on her Demonologist. Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. to hang out with a 10-year-old and wish AoC a happy anniversary with us.

What: Age of Conan
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 21st, 2018

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PlanetSide 2 celebrates the anniversary of classic PlanetSide

Even though the original PlanetSide has been dead and in the ground for going on two years now, Daybreak isn’t going to pass up an opportunity to exhume its corpse for an easy shot at publicity. As this week would have marked PlanetSide’s 15th anniversary, the studio is running an event in PlanetSide 2 to mark the occasion.

Through May 25th, PlanetSide 2 is enjoying double XP (quadruple XP if you’re a subscriber), a construction sale, a free “bending beacon” device that triggers a meteor shower. Players can also log in every day to get a free throwback bundles containing classic PlanetSide gear, camo, and vehicles.

While you’re celebrating the 15th anniversary, make sure to reminisce about classic PlanetSide with our Game Archaeologist retrospective on this MMORPG shooter!

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