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DUST event orders the death of five million clones

As the saying goes, one death is a tragedy; five million is a pile of loot.

At the start of this month, DUST 514 ordered the player-driven execution of enemy gamers for the Five Million Clone Challenge. The team promised rewards to all participants who racked up at least three kills if the collective goal was met. With the help of a deadline extension, the five million line was crossed today.

CCP will be handing out an “event-exclusive BPO item,” 1,000 warbarge components, and 20 decryptor keys to qualifying participants.

[Source: Five Million Clone Challenge]


H1Z1’s latest patch buffs its Battle Royale mode

This morning’s H1Z1 publish is now live with its overhaul of the Battle Royale system. Daybreak told followers on Reddit last night that the patch is intended to improve Battle Royale matchmaking, bugs, disconnects, maps, population tracking, and “other anomalies.” Other game tweaks include new recipes, better base building functionality, and debuff adjustments. Critically, “furnaces and barbecues now have less health.” They were totally OP.

Daybreak is also promoting a test event this weekend for Battle Royale:

“Battle Royale is getting a lot of improvements with this next publish and we want you to help us test them. To show our appreciation, all first place winners of BR matches this weekend will receive a special item at the end of the round. Everyone who participates will earn a unique item which will be granted at a later date. The event will take place from Friday at 3 p.m. PDT through Sunday at 6 p.m. PDT and we encourage everyone to jump in and send us your feedback.”

[Source: Reddit thread, unofficial patch notes]


The Stream Team: Braving the Brewday festivities in EverQuest II

It’s that time of year again, when EverQuest II denizens raise a pint or 20 in celebration of Brewday! And as with most festivals in Norrath, there’s a new quest and plenty of new goodies to collect, so MassivelyOP’s MJ is diving in to join in the celebration. Tune in for some tipsy adventures live at 9:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you…

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Enjoy the show!

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Star Citizen’s Roberts talks FPS, pokes fun at EA

Did you miss PAX East this year? If so you probably also missed Chris RobertsStar Citizen presentation. Fortunately, though, there’s YouTube. The video runs for approximately 45 minutes, and as its title implies, it focuses chiefly on the evolution of the sci-fi space sim’s first person universe.

Over the course of the presentation, Roberts also touches on the game’s new damage state system, the Retaliator spacecraft, and the new build of Arena Commander, which features multiplayer free flight.

He also pokes fun at publisher EA with an in-universe bit about a former gaming giant named Electronic Access that was bought out and shut down by Original Systems. The Star Citizen version of EA is now “little more than the branding for Original Systems’ electronic rental storefront,” which in game terms equates to the recently announced rental equipment credits (REC) added to Arena Commander as a form of progression. Click past the cut to watch the full clip.

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Not So Massively: PAX East 2015 MOBA roundup edition

It’s been a huge week for online gaming, with GDC drawing to a close and PAX East being packed full of reveals. We heard from Diablo III game designer Josh Mosqueria on why the game’s launch was a failure and what’s been done in the intervening years to fix it. League of Legends revealed its new Party Rewards system to encourage people to bring their own friends into games rather than relying on a matchmaking algorithm to put their team together. DC Comics based MOBA Infinite Crisis announced its official free-to-play launch date of March 26th, and Hearthstone announced that its upcoming Blackrock Mountain expansion will start rolling out in April.

Popular Destiny streamer The HM05 was filmed this week soloing the Crota’s End group raid instance without firing a single bullet. Futuristic ninja FPS Warframe revealed a trailer for its upcoming Tombs of the Sentient expansion, and Heroes of the Storm coincidentally revealed its Tomb of the Spider Queen battleground. Star Citizen opened the floodgates with an invitation for everyone to try out its Arena Commander and Hangar Deck modules. Overwatch got a tentative closed beta release window of Q3 2015 and revealed its two powerful new heroes McCree and Zarya. And the Minecraft players who have been building a scale replica of the entire Game of Thrones continent of Westeros for the past three years are on their way to RTX 2015.

Read on for detailed news on all the above stories and more from the wider world of online games that aren’t MMOs.

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PAX East 2015: Watch Warframe’s Tombs of the Sentient trailer

If the reveal trailer is any indication, a major incoming threat is heading right at the world of Warframe. The update, called Tombs of the Sentient, will be coming out some time this year.

The team is planning a lot of additions for 2015, including a parkour 2.0 system, the Sentients enemy faction, a dragon-themed warframe, a PvP capture-the-flag mode, and other cool weapons. Check out the wall-running, zip-lining, robots-dropping trailer after the break and let us know what you think!

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Star Trek Online’s Delta Recruitment to feature events, bonuses

Cryptic has announced an in-game event called Delta Recruitment for Star Trek Online. It starts April 2nd, and it involves progression-based rewards “including gear, week-long events, upgrade materials, and valuable numerics through both personal and community-wide goals,” according to a new press release.

The catch is that it applies only to new captains created during the event. Don’t fret if you’re a veteran, though; Cryptic is giving out new character slots so that everyone can create a Delta Recruit. The progression-based goodies also come with “an account-wide unlock variant,” the company says.

Delta Recruitment also features the invasion of an ancient race called the Iconians, who will drive “a story-rich wartime experience that will span several months.”

[Source: Cryptic press release]


Star Citizen is letting everyone fly for free this week

Fellow players, the galaxy is your oyster this week, for Star Citizen is allowing anyone to test drive one of its ships in the current pre-alpha build.

It’s called the PAX East 2015 Free Flight Week, and here’s how it works: You’ll need to go to the promotion page, enter in the code PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15, and download the game. Following that, you can pilot an Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship in the Arena Commander module or walk around the hanger deck.

The Free Flight Week will go until March 15th, so get in there and fly! And if you want to get on board with the Star Citizen hype, check out the new damage model video after the jump.

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PAX East 2015: Recapping the ‘Where Did Multiplayer in MMOs Go’ panel

The last time I was asked where the social aspects of MMOs went, I was pretty directly snarky: They’re still there. And it’s true, but it’s a bit heavier on the “pithy” end of the spectrum over the “explanatory” side. Ask for sound bites, receive same.

Pithy comments aside, all the participants on PAX East’s Where Did Multiplayer In MMOs Go? panel Saturday agreed that there has been a large-scale shift in how MMOs handle other players and how we view our fellows. The initial discussion focused on the experience of being in a World of Warcraft garrison at max level, where you aren’t talking or directly interacting with anyone. The only sign that you’re in an MMO is the fact that general chat is still rolling.

With two MMO journalists, one founder of a gamer social network, one community manager, and one lead developer, you would expect that we would all be coming to different conclusions. But we were actually all of more or less the same mind, and a lot of the question of “where has the social gone” can be answered simply by looking at how players and developers look at other players.

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PAX East 2015: Hands-on with Undead Labs’ Moonrise

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I first laid hands on Moonrise at this year’s PAX East so I suppose that “fast-paced party-based Pokémon” should not have actually come as a surprise. It sort of did, though.

Moonrise is the new game coming out of the developer currently best-known for State of Decay, and it’s an interesting creature. Comparisons to titles like Pokémon are inevitable, as the game focuses very heavily on capturing and training up monsters. But the game is also a party-based affair with a lot of things going on at once, and the addition of the trainer as an active participant shuffles up gameplay significantly.

There’s more lore to it than that, of course, but at this point the lore is only broadly sketched out and isn’t particularly relevant. What does matter is that you field a team of two monsters and do battle with “corrupted” versions of monsters, slowly building up your own army and taking on other players and trainers.

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PAX East 2015: Heroes of the Storm plans tuition tourney, reveals Sylvanas champion

How does earning your college tuition by playing video games sound? Blizzard hopes it sounds mighty fine, as the studio is running a special Heroes of the Storm tournament to dish out full tuition rides to the five players on the winning team.

The Heroes of the Dorm tournament, as it’s called, will hand out other prizes as well, including gaming systems, premium currency, and other in-game goodies. The finalists will compete this spring and will be televised live on ESPN.

In other news, at PAX East this weekend Blizzard revealed that Sylvanas Windrunner will be the next playable champion in the game. The studio also showed off two battlegrounds: Tomb of the Spider Queen and Sky Temple. We’ve got a mess of videos for all of these after the break!

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward launches on June 23

The expansion releases on June 23rd, early access begins on June 19th, and pre-orders open up on March 16th.Since the original launch of Final Fantasy XIV, the city of Ishgard has waited, inaccessible, present, a long shadow over the entire game. When Heavensward releases, players will finally get to access the city and fly into the lands beyond.

As for what we’ll find there… well, that was the focus of the media presentation I got to take part in on Friday at this year’s PAX East. And as someone eagerly anticipating the expansion, I now feel suitably informed.

While the presentation included a lot of information that will be familiar to those avidly following the various fan festivals, there were still new pieces of information and new visuals on display. I also had a chance to speak with producer and director Naoki Yoshida regarding the expansion and what comes next for Eorzea, from the features available at launch to those planned for slightly down the road.

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