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April Fools’ Day around the MMOverse

Happy April Fools’ Day, and remember not to believe anything you read on the internet today! We’re stepping outside of our own BuzzFeed-headline prank for a moment to deliver a quick look at some of the events and gags playing out today across the MMORPG genre.

Shown in the header: a cel-shaded graphical overhaul to Paragon Chat, one of the last remaining ways to get your City of Heroes fix.

Super Adventure Box has really, truly returned to Guild Wars 2. The fake patch notes that arrived today, however, are not to be trusted! “Fixed an exploit that allowed chronomancers to go back in time and kill their opponents in PvP before the match began. Fully customizable UI has been added, with scripting support for Ada, COBOL, and Fortran.” Hah! (Thanks, Xephyr!)


Blizzard unveiled a Hearthstone MMO, a new mount-based transportation company called Flyt, and Azeroth TV, plus there’s the usual run of fake World of Warcraft: Legion alpha patch notes and the newly unveiled Frostdoge Clan.

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The largest PvP war in gaming history has begun in EVE Online

Sci-fi MMO EVE Online has had no shortage of huge battles in its lifetime, from the world-record-breaking 3,110 player battle in 2010 to the Battle of Asakai in 2013 and the now-famous Bloodbath of B-R5RB in 2014, in which the equivalent of $310,000 USD of ships went up in smoke. There’s something about the stories of colossal battles, political dealings, underhanded scams and record-breaking heists in EVE Online that manages to grab the attention of the gaming world. People look on with a mixture of awe and schadenfreude as players in the world’s biggest sandbox MMO roll the dice and someone loses big-time.

New Eden has actually been pretty quiet for the past two years, but things began heating up recently when the largest military coalition (known as CFC or The Imperium) decided to invade low-security space. The CFC has largely been considered undefeatable due to the sheer number of ships it can bring to a fight, so when the group decided to capture valuable moons held by lowsec alliances, everyone expected only one outcome. What actually happened was a series of escalating events like something out of a really great sci-fi novel, and it’s led to the largest PvP war in gaming history, with over 60,000 players around the world choosing sides.

Read on for a brief overview of how the war started and a video update on how gaming’s largest war has gone so far.

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Watch Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs storytelling shenanigans live tonight

If you haven’t had enough of listening to Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs this week thanks to our pair of podcast interviews, then prepare for more tonight: The CSE boss has agreed to take on a live storytelling challenge at the behest of the game’s backers. The backers will pick a relevant fairytale or legend, and Jacobs must write a CU-appropriate “Becoming” story revolving around it — live and on the spot.

The festivities begin tonight at 7:30 p.m. EDT. And should Jacobs fail? Well, let’s just say you should come with fitting punitive demands to humiliate him too! Brings new meaning to the name City State Entertainment, doesn’t it?

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Guild Wars 2 brings back Super Adventure Box for April Fools’ Day

So we’re going to cross our fingers and hope that this is all true and not just a new April Fools’ joke about an old April Fools’ joke — because that would just be mean — but it appears Guild Wars 2 is reintroducing Super Adventure Box content.

Super Adventure Box has returned with the Super Adventure Festival! Play World 01 and World 02 on Normal, Infantile, or Tribulation Modes. Play through World 02 in record time, utilizing brand-new shortcuts. Seek out new hidden furniture shops and collect Fancy Furniture Coins to purchase decorations for your guild hall. Speak with Moto in Rata Sum and browse his reward items. If you own the Infinite Continue Coin, speak with Moto to receive your free Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier. The Infinite Continue Coin will now grant 99 lives when used in Super Adventure Box. Moto has created a set of orange Super weapon skins. Complete Moto’s Course Work daily achievements for extra baubles, and earn an orange Super weapon skin.

ArenaNet posted that the event runs through April 19th.

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The Division’s Incursion update launches April 12 [Updated]

Update: A recap of the stream follows after the cut.

This afternoon, Ubisoft will stream the first look at its next free update, Incursions, due out in April.


Incursions are essentially challenging 4-man endgame PvE content, so if the PvP-oriented nature of last week’s patch didn’t do anything for you, maybe this PvE-centric update will.

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Who wants a slice of Elder Scrolls Online’s birthday party cake?

Mmm, cake.

The Elder Scrolls Online is about to ding two years old, and that means a grand celebration beginning next week. And cake!

“To celebrate ESO’s two year anniversary, we’re welcoming Chef Donolon to Tamriel. This esteemed master of baked treats is known across Tamriel for his delicious cakes. We’ve heard that Chef Donolon is trying out a new recipe for a Jubilee Cake, which we’re confident you’ll want to try. All you need to do is bring him a voucher for the cake. One slice of his decadent creation and you’ll earn twice as much Experience in-game! Must be all that sugar…”

The event kicks off at 7:30 p.m. EDT on April 4th and runs to the same time on the 10th across all servers and platforms. The cake quest will trigger as you log in via the cash shop. Eat up! And happy birthday, ESO!


Black Desert’s Mediah update is live today; so is the Cherry Blossom event

As promised, Black Desert’s Mediah expansion goes live today, and the patch notes are up on the official forums. There are new buyables in the cash shop, and a Cherry Blossom Event arrives to usher in spring (it runs to May 4th).

According to forumgoer SomeKRPerson via Dulfy, a Korean press conference has revealed approximate dates for the release of major updates for the western version:

  • April – Blader/Plum
  • May – Another pair of classes
  • June – Valencia and Awakening update

Yesterday’s launch trailer is tucked down below; stay tuned for our regular Black Desert column later today!

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Sandbox Wild Terra adds male characters, hunger system, safe zones

Wanna play a bit of Wild Terra? The sandbox is in a true open test period for anyone who wants to sign up for it through April 5th. Juvty Worlds has a long list of feature additions and bug fixes made to the latest build of the game; among them are male characters, reworked server architecture, the hunger system, more 3-D mobiles, updated wearable models, and the new zone system that divides the world into safety, conflict, and standard zones.

The studio has also released a new infographic highlighting the game’s major features. Check it out below for a quick look at what this sandbox is all about.

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Get your Noblegarden eggs before World of Warcraft hides them for another year

As spring creeps out from underneath blooming bushes and wiggles its bushy tail in the sunlight, Noblegarden returns once again to World of Warcraft.

The short (a little over a week) annual holiday is full to the brim with bunnies, eggs, flowers, and all sorts of pastel candy. Players can hunt around cities and areas for hidden goodies, although Blizzard has also made eggs available at vendors for players to stage their own hunts. There’s a new pet that players can earn this year, a mystical spring bouquet. Yes, it’s a pet entirely made of flowers. Do you have a problem with that?

Wowhead has an officially approved guide to the full event in case you want to make the most of this week. Noblegarden will end on April 4th, so find those treats while you can!


Neverwinter whips up a new tabletop campaign for April

You might recall that the too-clever-by-half Neverwinter team created a game-within-a-game a while back, transforming players into tabletop figures to go through a campaign by the marvelous Respen. Now a new campaign is on its way for April, inspired and created by the same mind behind a live D&D show at PAX Prime.

Starting in April, Portobello’s Campaign will take players on a multi-week adventure through brand-new tabletop maps and dungeons. Each week of the month will offer a new trial, taking players through the Underdark and beyond. Players can use the new campaign system to track their progress through the event.

Cryptic said that players should consider themselves in for a treat: “Being able to work with Chris Perkins was amazing. He wrote the dialogue for his characters and also contributed their voices. The recording sessions for his VO were side-splitting and he was great guy to collaborate with. If you liked the live game at PAX Prime, you’ll love getting to experience this new story with your favorite characters.”

Source: Neverwinter


The MOP Up: Easter springs upon us (March 27, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Today is Easter, and a few MMORPGs are getting into the spirit of the spring holiday with events, eggs, and all sorts of bunny benevolence. Dark Age of Camelot heralds the return of the Rites of Spring, World of Warcraft opens the doors of Noblegarden, Cabal 2 is being invaded by the Easter Moon Bunny, Portal Knights is hosting an Easter egg hunt, Skyforge has all sorts of Eastery contests going on, and even ARK has a giant egg-laying hare in its bestiary.

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Harvard and Michigan teams disqualified for cheating in Heroes of the Storm tourney

Harvard University’s motto, “Veritas,” feels more apt than usual this month as the truth came out about some of the school’s students and their attempt to cheat in a Heroes of the Storm tournament.

Blizzard ruled that teams from Harvard and Michigan engaged in sharing account access with non-registered players as part of the ongoing Heroes of the Dorm tournament. The studio not only yanked the teams from the tourney but is considering taking account action against those involved as well. Considering that this touches upon a competition for part of a $500,000 prize pool, it’s definitely serious business for all parties.

“We have found that players from Team Ambush have violated several tournament rules,” Blizzard posted. “An investigation by Tespa and Blizzard Entertainment revealed that a player on Team Ambush was sharing his account with a higher-rated player who was not on his team’s roster during official tournament matches. As a result, Team Ambush has been disqualified from Heroes of the Dorm […] Team Hot Boys from Michigan was disqualified in the Round of 64 for a similar issue, and the players involved will face similar disciplinary action.”


EverQuest II kicks off Bristlebane Day, prepares to unlock next TLE expansion

Judging by the propensity of some of our commenters to seed mischief and merriment (often in the form of image memes), there’s a prankster spirit that dwells in the Massively OP community. For those that skew toward trickery and mirth-making, EverQuest II’s Bristlebane Day could be the most welcome in-game holiday of the year.

This annual event of levity and jests kicks off today across the MMO’s servers and continues through April 7th. In addition to all of the fun activities of previous years, this edition of Bristlebane Day includes a new pie collection, a quest to rescue a princess, and more “perfectly serious items to craft.”

EverQuest II also announced that, thanks to the results of a recent player vote, it will be unlocking the Echoes of Faydwer expansion on its TLE server on April 7th. Wait, just one server? Well, yes, because both of the current servers will be merged into one on April 5th. Prepare yourself!


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