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Skyforge players called to repel multi-month alien invasion

A massive, multi-month alien invasion is underway in Skyforge, and the game’s player gods are being called to do their part in the fight against the plant-based Phytonides.

“Each invasion is a huge event in Aelion’s ongoing timeline and one that could change the face of the game world,” Allods Team explained, saying that players will fight on multiple fronts in several stages to prevail.

Currently, the event is in its preparatory stage and will progress to full-fledged invasion in a couple of months. Players can do their part by helping to research the aliens and fight back in small- and large-group events. The developers teased desirable rewards for participating, including epic gear and new costumes.

You can watch a developer diary on the invasion events after the break.

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Guild Wars 2 hands out third anniversary gifts

If you created a character at the beginning of Guild Wars 2’s head start, then you’ll want to log in today to get your new birthday gifts.

Yes, it’s incredible to realize that Guild Wars 2 is already celebrating its third birthday! As such, the game has a parcel of presents ready to hand out to characters who have been around for three years. Included in the gift pile is an instant-level 30 scroll, a choice of one dye from one of the themed kits, several teleports to friends, and two birthday boosters.

Players will also get a new finisher that sends the Guild Wars 2 logo flying into the air (with a neat planetary effect), which you can see after the jump.

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League of Legends retunes juggernauts

League of Legends’ juggernauts — what Riot Games is calling its slow, powerful melee characters — are being retuned with Patch 5.16.

The latest patch delivers a series of buffs and nerfs with the larger heroes, including Darius, Garen, Skarner, and Mordekaiser. “Tanky melee carries walk the line between power and peelability, but in order to find distinct playstyles for each of these four champions, we looked to add a little more uniqueness where we could,” Riot said.

League of Legends will be holding qualifiers for its 2015 World Championship soon, and the team is promising increased transparency in how it structures and runs the tournament. To wit, Riot will host a live group draw between first and second place finishers.

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Guild Wars 2 will demo ‘challenging group content’ at PAX

Guild Wars 2 fans heading to PAX Prime later this month will find a lot to do with their favorite MMO.

ArenaNet said that the game will be the focus of an August 29th press and fan conference that will contain major announcements about the game’s future and the reveal of Heart of Thorns’ new “challenging group content” that’s been teased. The conference will be in the Hydra Theatre at 1:30 p.m. EDT and also be streamed on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch panel.

For those tooling around on the expo floor, you’ll want to swing over to Corsair’s booth at #3342. Guild Wars 2 will have a demo set up there and promised to be doing giveaways during the weekend.

Source: Guild Wars 2


Final Fantasy XIV previews its anniversary event

It’s been just about two years since Final Fantasy XIV relaunched and surprised more or less everyone by being an enormous success story. Not a word had been said about anniversary rewards until now, prompting some writers (ahem) to wonder whether one was even going to happen, but there will indeed be an event kicking off on August 27th to celebrate two years of operation.

This year’s rewards include miniature versions of Lady Iceheart and Yugiri, both of whom are important figures through the story of Heavensward. There’s also a new style of firework available. Check out the details on the official site, but be sure to jump in relatively quickly; the event is running only until September 7th.

Source: Event page


Blade & Soul founder packs are now available for planned Q1 2016 launch

I was very excited to sit down during Gamescom with Nicolas Coutant, producer at NCSOFT West, about the upcoming US and Europe release of Blade & Soul, a quirky Asian fantasy MMO developed by Team Bloodlust. Some of you may have seen our very own MJ Guthrie’s fantastic E3 hands-on, but for those of you who are new to the title, know that this F2P MMO features a beautifully crafted online world and some very unique combat mechanics. I got to briefly try out the Windwalking movement feature and some of the signature combat combos that call to mind the best classic martial arts movies, and I was very impressed with what I saw.

Today I’m able to let you know that the highly anticipated entry to the US and EU MMO marketplace is now on sale via three different Founder’s Packs, each offering good value and a shedload of extras for the keenest fans to grab early. Every tier will include access to Closed Beta and also will grant players entry to the title’s Head Start access, meaning that those players who decide to purchase early will enjoy early access and full testing privileges. I was also promised at Gamescom that Blade & Soul will release in the first quarter of 2016, so we don’t have long to wait until we can get our hands on this stunning looking game. Read on for details of the three packs and my initial impressions.

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Alienware is sponsoring a modding contest for ARK

If you’re a pro modder and you like ARK: Survival Evolved, you might want to have a look at the dino sandbox’s new modding contest. It features over $25,000 in prizes that include cash, Alienware desktops, and Nvidia graphics cards.

The contest boasts two rounds and two categories: new maps and new functionality or game modes. Instructions for entering the competition as well as a list of rules is available on Alienware’s website. Entries are due by October 6, 2015.

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Champions Online overhauls events and offers sales

Events are the real thing to do at this point in Champions Online; there’s not a whole lot of new updates in the pipe for the game, sadly. So it’s a good thing that the game has overhauled the way that events work as a whole with an eye toward making sure every single month has some events running in the game. There’s also an overhaul to the previous hourly events, as those setups were frequently too short for players to take advantage of the bonuses; the game will now host longer special events that allow more time for players to cash in on special things happening.

If that inspires you to spend more time in the game, you could take advantage of the 20% off hideout sale currently running. Or you could just skip the leveling process by directly buying the limited-time Power-Up Pack, which boosts a character above level 5 straight to level 30 and offers a set of starter equipment for the top level. That should provide you with enough to get you moving at the top end, at least.

Source: Event overhaul, Hideout sale, Power-Up Pack; thanks to The_Grand_Nagus for the tip!


Skyforge wants to see your guild tearing up the dance floor

How would you rate your dance skills in Skyforge? What about the rest of your pantheon? If the lot of you have the moves, you could win something in the game’s latest community contest, which asks players to submit videos of their pantheons dancing and generally showing why they’re fun pantheons to be part of. Winners receive the Heavy Metal Fan costume before it’s available to purchase and the knowledge that the winning pantheon contains the best video game dancers possible.

But where will you hold this dance off? Perhaps on Naori Island, the latest zone in Skyforge to get both a lore description and a panoramic view to scroll around. It’s a tropical paradise, assuming you can overlook the army invading it from beneath the sea. But hey, maybe those amphibious invaders don’t just want to destroy; maybe they’ll join you in your dance hall ambitions.


RuneScape convention sells out, fans post 324-page history of the game

If you ever thought that RuneScape was a piddly title beneath your notice, then here’s a wake-up call for you today. The game’s upcoming October 3rd convention in London, RuneFest, has completely sold out since ticket sales began in mid-July. “The demand for tickets to RuneFest 2015 has been astounding, and we’ve sold out in record time — bonds and money sales alike,” Jagex posted.

Fortunately, there will be a way to attend digitally, as the convention will be livestreamed on Twitch. RuneFest will feature reveals and panels for the hybrid free-to-play MMO.

Meanwhile, a passionate team of players have been working on the RuneScape History Project to catalogue the entire backstory of the game’s development and events. As a result, the team released a 324-page online book this past week detailing the past decade-and-half of RuneScape’s history. If only all MMOs had such devoted fans.


Marvel Heroes previews new Mystic Mayhem event

Limbo is returning to Marvel Heroes, retuned for a new challenge and a new era. Yesterday, Gazillion unleashed a preview of the upcoming Mystic Mayhem event in which players will charge into the Infernal Limbo to stop a demon from invading Earth.

The plus-sized event, which could be activated later this month, will turn on the loot faucet with new legendary limbo scrolls, eternity splinter bundles, mystic chests, unique neck items, and hero tokens dropping. Players can team up in groups of five for a new mission to invade Limbo and beat down the boss as quickly as possible. There will also be “mystic achievements” with clues for the community to deduce.

The first Mystic Mayhem should come out by the end of the month, but in the meantime players can enjoy a weekend of Odin’s Bounty, which is currently running.


Today is the last day to play Infinite Crisis

In case you had forgotten, Infinite Crisis is shutting down for good on August 14th. That makes today the last real day to play and enjoy the game before it’s gone forever. If you have any last-minute tasks you’d like to accomplish or some final screenshots to take, today would be the day.

Infinite Crisis announced its shutdown back in June and cited a failure to find sufficient audience in the crowded MOBA market following its March launch. You have today to get in your last bit of superheroic arena antics; we recommend you make the most of it.


ESL to test for cannabis at this month’s Counter-Strike tourney in Cologne

The Electronic Sports League will test pro Counter-Strike players for cannabis and other banned substances at the $250,000 ESL One Cologne later this month. Eurogamer reports that the decision is a first for e-sports drug testing, though the ESL is only banning the use of cannabis during the competition. So, puff puff pass before and after, apparently!

ESL will administer random saliva-based tests. Punishments for testing positive include deductions in tourney points and prize money, disqualification, and a two-year ban from ESL events.

Source: Eurogamer


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