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Saga of Lucimia argues GM events should be mandatory in MMOs, not an ‘optional service’

A few months ago, we ran a Leaderboard poll asking players what kind of live studio-led events they want out of MMORPGs. By way of example, I compared the types of GM-run live events I saw in Ultima Online and EverQuest. In Ultima Online, we often saw long-running plotlines, mysterious NPCs, decorated special locations, dungeon crawls, and weddings galore. In EverQuest, I saw weddings, yes, but also GMs running around massacring newbies to get the highbies to come take them out (which wasn’t such a grand time as you lost experience on death). In Asheron’s Call, well, don’t take my word for it – just listen to Andrew talk about some of the biggest MMO events that ever took place in the genre.

Such GM events – the good ones, at least – are the subject of Saga of Lucimia’s weekly dev blog, which ought to make the majority of you who voted for plot, roleplaying, and activities other than endless murder in your event happy.

“Over the years, that type of interaction faded away as it became too ‘cost prohibitive’ for companies to maintain the type of staff required to create such unique events, and these days you are hard-pressed to find a GM logged into any game, much less get customer support to answer your emails in a timely fashion,” Lucimia Creative Director Tim “Renfail” Anderson maintains. “Cash shops and loot boxes are the name of the game these days. Game masters? What are those?”

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Nexon’s MMORPG Mabinogi is about to turn 10 years old

Nexon’s adorable and frankly underrated free-to-play sandbox Mabinogi is preparing to celebrate a decade of life come March 27th, and that means events galore – in fact, some have already begun, including the Festia anniversary zone and miniquests, the Cave of Trials challenge, and the Sneaky Developer quest.

Coming up later in the month are daily and weekly giveaways and handouts, the Festival Troublemakers Event. My favorites, however, are the Popularity Contest and the crafting quest known only as The Fattening. Don’t forget to grab your 10th anny gift box too!

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The MOP Up: Dragonball Online kicks off beta testing (March 11, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from FlyffRecord of Lodoss WarOld School RuneScapeLineage 2 RevolutionCorum OnlineZombie BarricadesFinal Fantasy XIMU OnlineRagnarok OnlinePokebel OnlinePath of ExileProsperous UniverseWakfuDragonball Online Global, all waiting for you after the break!

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Paladins nukes P2W Cards Unbound, compensates players, and adds seriously crappy art

Once again, gamers prove that protests can work.

Here’s the deal: Paladins players have been grousing about the Cards Unbound system for months, alleging that the system basically turned in-game purchases made with gold into purchases made only with real cash – in other words, that Hi-Rez had gone way too far over into lockbox-centric pay-to-win territory. At one point, the Paladins subreddit was so fed up that players were “designing” really terrible MS Paint-esque fake cards in protest.

At the tail end of February – the same day IGN posted an article citing an anonymous source claiming that the Cards Unbound system was forced upon the dev team by greedy execs, the studio finally backed down.

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Trion looking into RIFT Prime XP issue, says Carnival should be arriving next week

Had a few issues with running out of XP from doing quests on RIFT Prime’s new progression server? You’re not alone, pal. Following concern and feedback from players on the slower-than-expected intake of XP (which was apparently set up to mimic the rate of gain at the 2011 launch), Trion Worlds said that it is looking to improve the situation with careful tweaks.

“We are looking into things and are planning on solving it with a scalpel and not a sledgehammer,” the team said on today’s livestream. Linda Carlson followed this up with a post on the forums: “XP is under review and being revised RIGHT NOW. Rift and invasion exp is definitely being retuned as well. I don’t have the ETA, but can guarantee it’s ASAP.”

Trion encouraged both the regular server community and the Prime server community to get along and not to snipe at each other. It emphasized that the studio is not giving priority to either server type and said that, if all goes well, the Carnival event will be arriving across the entire game next week.

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The Stream Team: Happy first anniversary Revelation Online

It’s been a year since Revelation Online opened its doors to the west, and that means it is anniversary time! The game is throwing a party, from daily log in gifts to events, and Massively OP’s MJ is joining the festivities. Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. to help us wish the game a happy first anniversary.

What: Revelation Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EST on Friday, March 9th, 2018

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Closers asks fans to vote on its next playable character

Are you Team Tina or Team Harpy? By the blank stares that you are giving us, we are guessing that you’re not playing Closers are the moment. But you could be — and then you might become invested in the next playable character to be added to the game.

Right now, En Masse is running an in-game event through which players will be able to influence the choice of a new character. Through March 14th, players can craft either a Tina or Harpy token by accomplishing various in-game tasks, and then use that token to cast their vote. If this isn’t enough election thrills, players can also craft 8-bit masks to wear because this is how it’s done in video game politics.

The two characters won’t merely be cosmetic variants of each other but will feature different playstyles. Tina is a gun-toting marksman while Harpy uses kinetic playing cards. The winner will be revealed on April 3rd.

Source: Closers


EverQuesting: Take a swig of EverQuest II’s Brewday festival with this guide

A festival dedicated to getting sloshed? No, this isn’t college life — it’s EverQuest II’s Brewday! Every year near St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration dedicated to libations runs throughout Norrath. There are drunken quests to do, pink elephants and talking cabbages to collect, tons of themed crafts to make, and plenty of drinks to partake of. This year’s festival runs from March 6th at 3:00 a.m. EST to March 20th at 2:59 a.m. EDT.

While it is disappointing that Daybreak has not added any new content to the festival for 2018, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. And there are a couple new items to acquire — namely a spiffy griffon mount and the next crafting recipe book. Here’s a guide to get you through the weeks of revelry. You can also get a visual walkthrough of some tasks by watching The Stream Team festival escapades from 2015, 2016, and 2018.

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DC Universe Online’s GU80 is a big boon for hoarders

The grandly named but modestly sized Game Update 80 has rolled out for DC Universe Online players this week. Daybreak says it’s tweaked inventory stack sizes for specific items, upped armory and amenity caps for bases, rebelanced NPCs for artifacts (that’s a buff for lowbies and a bigger challenge for highbies), and bugfixes several powers and powersets.

Starved for space? The update doubled the total number of inventory, bank, and shared bank rows that players can buy in the cash shop; it’s now 24, 16, and 4, respectively.

The patch also preps the game for the St Patrick’s day festivities expected to launch on March 12th. Last year, the iconic Mister Mxyzptlk got a base overhaul, a new pet leprechaun, and a new quest for a satchel. We’ll have to wait a few more days to see what we’re getting this round!


EverQuest II toasts a new Brewday and moves its Fallen Gate server forward

What does the color green, beer, and garish carousels have in common? EverQuest II’s Brewday, of course! It must be from one of those Elf sub-sub-races, you know, the Sprite-rish.

Anyway, Brewfest is raging in EverQuest II from March 6th through the 19th, bringing back the previous round of refreshments and quests while adding some new crafting items and Brew Barrel Carousel set for players to use in their homes. Sadly, this looks to be more cosmetic than an actual ride, but you can always twirl your monitor around and pretend.

In other EQ2 news, the Fallen Gate progression server just unlocked the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. This gives players on that shard a lot more to work with, including the Alternate Advancement class trees, more crafting professions, and six heritage rewards that will transfer to live servers.


The Stream Team: Raise a few during EverQuest II’s Brewday

Whether you want to raise a toast or drown your virtual sorrows, EverQuest II’s Brewday festival is the place to do it. The annual celebration of being sloshed started today and runs through March 20th at 2:59 a.m. (EDT). While there doesn’t appear to be any new quests to complete, there is a new mount to get and wild boar loot that drops from Hammy in High Keep, so Massively OP’s MJ is diving in to chug, chug, chug! some festival goodness. Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. and have an ale or 10 with us.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

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RuneScape goes deep sea fishing

Every MMO has fishing. Been there, angled that, am I right? But as of this week, RuneScape has taken this sport to the next level with (wait for it) DEEP SEA FISHING.

Players can cast out their lines at this offshore fishing hub and try their hand at landing prize sea beasts, such as jellyfish, sailfish, great white sharks, and sea turtles. The activity gets even more nuts with a new Fishing Frenzy mechanic, which shows up at skill level 94.

In addition to deep sea fishing, this month offers the epic finale to the pirate quest series, some new enemies in the Unspeakable Horrors, and a revamped Spring Fayre. Get the full preview of March madness after the break!

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Revelation Online dishes out birthday presents on its one-year anniversary

It has already been a full year since the release of Revelation Online in the west on March 6th, 2017, and the game is throwing a birthday celebration with events running through most of the month.

From today through the 16th, players will receive special daily login rewards, including a little whale pendant on the 11th. Then there’s the anniversary forecast event from the 12th through the 19th that features activities paying out in “forecast discs,” followed by free anniversary fortune eggs handed out from the 19th through the 26th. Free stuff, you can’t complain, right?

“We’d like to say a big thank you to our community for sticking with us through thick and thin,” said the team. “The first year of Revelation Online has certainly been a rollercoaster, but we still had plenty of positive moments throughout the last year, which we hope to continue on throughout 2018 and beyond.”


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