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PSA: Claim your EQ and EQII loot before Legends of Norrath closes August 17

If you have played EverQuest or EverQuest II, chances are you’ve at least dabbled in Legends of Norrath — if nothing else for the chance to score some in-game loot. So you probably frowned with the announcement two months ago that the TCG was being shuttered for good and loot cards will be no more.

Well, the end is upon us, and this is your friendly reminder to get your stuff before it’s gone. The servers will shut down permanently on Wednesday, August 17th, at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Players who want to keep any of their loot from the cards for either of the two MMOs have only until that time to open packs and claim the items to ensure they will receive them in game. If you have any leftover goodies still to claim, you’ll need to download Legends of Norrath itself as the in-game access was already removed.


The Stream Team: SWTOR Dark vs. Light vs. Knights of the Fallen Empire

Let’s talk about Knights of the Fallen Empire. The latest chapter for the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion currently remains in early access and officially launches tomorrow. The game also sits in the middle of the Dark-vs.-Light event. Just like peanut butter and chocolate or oysters and watermelon, these are two great tastes that taste great together.

Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s Larry Everett combines his DvL experience and a speed run through the last six chapters of KOTFE. He probably won’t get it done in the allotted hour, but he’s not afraid to give it the old college try as the Stream Team brings you…

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: Larry Everett
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Bring your popcorn!

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World of Warcraft hotfixes loot and item issues

The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth, Demon Hunters are showing up, everything is chaos and nothing makes sense at all. A lot of that is intentional right now. Some of it is not, and thus World of Warcraft players have already gotten a round of hotfixes to correct chaos that was not meant to be impacting anyone’s play experience. For example, Demon Hunter glaives were not meant to be dropping for classes that couldn’t equip them (i.e., everyone other than Demon Hunters), so they will no longer appear for non-Demon Hunters in Legion chests.

Legion commanders will now drop some Nethershards upon defeat, Demon Hunters will no longer be impossible to delete due to unread mail, and Horde players will be able to buy items from Illidari Darkdealers. It’s a series of minor issues, but the fixes should all be quite welcome by players actively engaged in the defense of Azeroth. Whether or not this will help protect the world against the Legion’s invasion in the long run is another story. Some of that chaos is meant to be happening, after all.


Overwatch players are warned: use Lucio in Lucioball or face consequences

The whole point of Overwatch‘s Lucioball mode is that everyone plays as Lucio. The name of the mode is already “Lucioball,” the only character you can normally select is Lucio; it seems pretty transparent that you are only supposed to play as Lucio. Some enterprising players have found a way to exploit a bug to select characters other than Lucio despite this fact, because gamers are alike all over.

A recent forum post has confirmed that you really shouldn’t do that.

Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the team is aware of the bug and is trying to fix it, but players should not use the exploit for two reasons. First, it negatively impacts the experience of other players; two, because the customer service team is looking to hand out penalties to players who exploit the bug. So don’t do it. Enjoy Lucioball as it’s meant to be played (hint: with Lucio) and don’t try to exploit bugs. It’s just more fun in the long run.


Guild Wars 2 plots its fourth birthday bash

ArenaNet has begun teasing its plans for Guild Wars 2’s fourth birthday. Four years! The month of August will see a tag promo across multiple social media outlets, culminating in a “celebratory livestream” on the 26th. The team is also having a party at PAX West in Seattle on September 2nd — just make sure to apply for a guest pass first!

Any guesses on what we’re getting for birthday presents this round?


The MOP Up: Project Gorgon’s pig dance party (August 7, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week one player documented the strangest Project Gorgon “interpretive dance” party you’ll ever see, including a pig in a hat and a deer raving. We’ve got that plus stories and videos from Final Fantasy XI, Elite Dangerous, Dark Age of Camelot, and more, all waiting for you after the break!

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HEX celebrates its Sea Festival and announces a new card set

HEX continues to load up players with as many cards as they can handle (and then some) with the announcement of the game’s fifth set, Herofall.

“Herofall will feature over 275 new cards and introduce completely new mechanics to the game. There are a whole host of new style choices thanks to four new keywords — with both Ardent and Underworld having one keyword each exclusive to them. We are also introducing 20 new champions and 20 new gems to HEX!” the team said.

If that isn’t enough, HEX is currently hosting its Sea Festival 2016. Players can log on to get a free card sleeve and then participate in various activities to earn new cards and equipment before it all sinks back below the waves.


EverQuest is consolidating almost 200 alt advancement abilities

Daybreak has a note out to classic EverQuest players this week tempering their expectations for the August patch. “As we get closer to the end of the year, most of the team’s efforts are focused on working on EverQuest’s 23rd expansion,” the studio writes. “In preparation for the expansion, our August update focuses on AA consolidation and tuning systems.”

That update lands August 18th and is expected to include a broad alternative advancement ability consolidation pass, rune stacking improvements, combat balancing and riposte tweaks, and quest flagging for “many” classic items. There are close to 200 AA abilities on the list, mainly duplicate passives and “passive ability lines whose sole purpose is to augment an activated ability.”

Living legacy raids have returned as of this week as well; Marathon and Sprint are active until the patch hits later this August.


Overwatch is heading to the Olympics in spirit

If you maintain some hope of wowing audiences worldwide with your skills at playing Overwatch, we’re sad to inform you that playing the game is still not considered an Olympic event. You can, however, get some of the spirit of the event with an upcoming special item pack. The pack was presaged by teaser packages sent to various YouTube and Twitch streamers showing off new character outfits for Track & Field Tracer, Weightlifting Zarya, and Football Lucio.

A listing for Summer Games loot boxes was found afterwards on the PlayStation Store, confirming new sprays for everyone as well as the special skins. The packs in question appear to only contain one definite Summer Games item, and the items in question do not appear to be buyable via in-game credits. No word on when the packs will be rolled out, although it’s a safe bet that we’ll see them around the same time as the actual Olympics (August 5th through August 21st); the listing on the PlayStation store seems to confirm the packs will only be purchasable until August 22nd.

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Daring! Moonfire Faire returns to Final Fantasy XIV; the pose of a lifetime ensues!

The Moonfire Faire is returning to Final Fantasy XIV once again, but as veterans of the game know by now, these festivals never go off without some sort of problem. It seems that this year’s festivities are in need of some extra… let’s say attitude. Thus, players will be tasked with aiding the faire festivities once again to unlock fantastic prizes, chief among them being epic new poses based on sentai shows.

Six different emotes are available, along with a set of sentai-themed gear, an Orchestrion roll, and a new outdoor furnishing. Certain items from previous installments of the Faire will also be available for purchase, although we don’t know precisely which ones yet. The Moonfire Fan is warping in on Friday, August 5th, and heads out on August 26th, so you should have ample time for all the morphing action you could want.


A Tibia player is on the verge of unlocking a decade-old reward

Tibia is an old game. Very old. Old enough that the developers could add a more-or-less throwaway joke a decade ago, a door that could only be opened by someone at level 999. At the time, this was more or less impossible, as no one was even close to level 999. Years later, it’s still an insanely high level… but now, someone is close to level 999. Just one level off, in fact.

The character named Kharsek is now level 998 and well on track to reach 999 in a few days, thus allowing him to be the first to pass through the door and see what’s there. Whether or not he’ll reveal what’s behind the door is a subject of some debate in the community; he’s under no obligation to do so, but many people are anxiously hoping to find out what lies beyond a decade of mystery. There’s no way of being certain that it’s worth the buildup, though.

Source: Reddit


Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV and the weirdness of Yo-kai Watch

The fact that Final Fantasy XIV has now officially had a crossover with Yo-kai Watch feels rather odd to me. I’m honestly not a huge fan of crossovers in general because they raise a whole lot of questions that aren’t really going to be answered, but at least stuff like the Lightning crossover or Dragon Quest is reasonably easy to smile and nod about. Sure, there was a lady in weird armor marching around; there are golems that look unusual stomping about in Thanalan. I can accept these things.

Yo-kai Watch, by contrast, really never settles well against the game world. But I also recognize that’s my hangup more than anyone else’s, and it’s still something that merits further discussion. To the surprise of no one who has read the obvious headline, that’s actually what I plan on discussing this week. So now that I’ve spent the introduction explaining that the event doesn’t entirely sit well with me, let’s start in on why the event is totally fine even if it doesn’t sit well with you.

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Black Desert starts up the next stage of its Golden Event

You’ve had your chance with fishing, and you’ve had your chance with slaughtering monsters, but now it’s time for gatherers in Black Desert Online to get a chance at five million silver. That’s a lot of silver. It’s the latest stage of the game’s Golden Event, and gatherers will have a chance to dig up a Golden Backpack worth a cool five million silver just by going out and gathering.

Would you like that much silver? Then you had better get on this, as the event is running until the August 3rd maintenance starts up. You will, however, have another chance, since all three of the artifacts will be available to players from August 10th through August 31st. But why not get all of that silver now and then get more later? That seems like a good plan. Get out there and gather!


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