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Destiny developers clarify the shift to event-based updates after The Taken King

Players of Destiny might well have expected the game’s future updates to resemble what had happened before The Taken King, with medium-sized DLC packs containing more content. But that’s not the direction that the game is going, and a recent update from the development team clarifies what is in the works. While the game is moving to a more event-based update model for this version of the game, that doesn’t mean that the game is abandoning big content upgrades, just changing how they’re put forth.

Big updates and content are still planned, but the game’s developers want to avoid some of the longer gaps in earlier development. Unfortunately, the development team does still feel the need to be vague about what that content entails, but what is absolute is that not all of those updates will be limited-time events; they’ll just be released on that sort of schedule. While it doesn’t confirm what’s coming, it does at least reassure players that more substantial updates are still on the table.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku


SkySaga commemorates a year of alpha testing and teases holiday events

Let’s get this out of the way before having any sort of serious discussion about SkySaga: The developers have tweeted a picture of a chicken in a holiday sweater, and it is the best chicken-related thing you are likely to see today. There’s also an equally adorable sheep with presents hanging off. Does this mean that the game is going to have some sort of holiday event? We don’t know, but that certainly does seem to be the hint, doesn’t it?

Of course, the game has had time to develop that infrastructure for holiday events now that it’s been in alpha testing for a year. That’s the big centerpiece today – a new video showing off the changes made to the game in the span of the last year. So jump on down below and check that out. There are no chickens in sweaters therein, but that’s why development is ongoing.

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Hearthstone welcomes Winter Veil

Hearthstone is adopting big brother World of Warcraft’s holiday event, as the card game has officially ushered in the start of Winter Veil earlier this week.

Of course, this being a card game and all, there isn’t terribly much to the event. While Winter Veil is running, the board will change to reflect the season and players will have access to a cheery emote. Blizzard is teasing something else to come but isn’t saying what it is quite yet.

Winter Veil will conclude on January 6th.

Source: Hearthstone


Party poopers attack Skyforge’s Winter Celebration

The Winter Celebration is upon Skyforge, but wouldn’t you know it, party poopers want to shut it down! Player deities-in-training are called to smack down the Khelps that want to get rid of the shiny festivities.

Snowball fights against weird bearded aliens are but the start of Skyforge’s newest event. Players can grab a free gift from under the large Christmas tree every day, seek out Vibrant Criolanta to help with the whole followers thing, and pick up several new rewards, including costumes and mounts.

Feast your eyes on the Winter Celebration trailer after the break!

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Help Anarchy Online’s leets save Christmas

The holidays are upon Anarchy Online and that means one thing: utter leet madness! Santaleets, elfleets, gift-wrapped leets, and gingerleets all need your help with various tasks, up to and including driving alien forces out of a certain industrious workshop.

The seasonal events are running through January 5th and include several quests scattered around the game world. If players are feeling up to a challenge, they can also try to best Father Time and steal his much-desired treasures.

Anarchy Online is also throwing a subscription sale that includes bonus months of game time and extra goodies for pre-paying in blocks.


WildStar developers will be joining you… IN SPACE!

Very soon now, WildStar players will be scurrying about, collecting spaceship parts and enjoying everything that Expeditions have to offer. But why should the players be the only ones out in space? The developers asked themselves that question and could not come up with suitable answers, so the development team will be queuing up and joining players in the pursuit of deep-space style rewards. Developer characters will have the tag “CRB” at the start of their names, so they won’t be hard to spot.

The developers will be joining players on December 10th between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. EST for North American servers (EU servers can expect developer presence between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. GMT). There’s no certainty that you will run into a developer while taking part in the space chase, but you have the chance to. So why not kick back and enjoy some space adventures with the development team?


EVE Online releases its December patch with Operation Frostline

The winter holidays are very different when you are in space and literally everyone is threatening to blow your ship up. That’s hardly the only thing included in EVE Online‘s December patch; it also includes 13 new ships, the new Micro Jump Field Generator, and a massive increase to grid size. Modules have been rebalanced, killmarks have been added for ship hulls, all of that fun stuff. But there is a holiday event running, too, and that in and of itself is pretty spiffy.

Operation Frostline isn’t just a holiday event, however, as it’s also leading into the narrative structure of the game’s big release in the spring of next year. Players will be alerted about several hotspots in which an NPC corporation’s holdings can be freely raided for loot, with the obvious caveat that other players will also be there along with said corporation’s security forces. New ship appearances and other holiday-themed goodies are available, so players who want to get in on the spirit should jump in, enjoy the patch improvements, and start celebrating the holiday EVE-style.

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WildStar’s Winterfest Extravaganza starts on December 16

WildStar’s twistedly funny — consumer-saturated — version of the holidays is coming next week to a server near you.

The very first Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza is cranking up on December 16th, bringing festive decorations and “jaw-dropping, amazing deals” from the fictional corporation. The centerpiece of the event is the new SuperMall-in-the-Sky (no relation to SkyMall, we’re sure), where players can take on quests to earn event currency.

WildStar promises lots of things to buy during the holiday with that currency, including toys housing decor, and mounts, although the full list won’t be available until the 16th (of course, if you can’t wait until then, fan datamining has you covered). Winterfest will run through January 1st.

Source: WildStar


RIFT kicks off Fae Yule and Patch 3.5 this week

Have you been a good little boy or girl this year? You have? Well then — you deserve a big fat content update and holiday event, don’t you!

RIFT’s Patch 3.5: Winter’s Wrath is landing on servers in just two days, on December 9th. The patch brings PvP tweaks and the new affinity system to the game. It also heralds the start of Fae Yule on December 10th.

This year’s Fae Yule will bring back previous festivities as well as a few new additions. There will be a seasonal instant adventure in Iron Pine Peaks, new minion missions, extra gifts from dungeons, and even the ability to earn raid-level gear by collecting Faelight Sparkles. Players will also be able to complete daily quests to earn companions, cosmetics, and more. Check out the lengthy Fae Yule guide to prepare your body for this frozen madness.

Source: RIFT


Play Elder Scrolls Online for free this weekend (unless you have a PS4)

If you’re one of those MMO gamers who have yet to pick up Elder Scrolls Online but are interested in perhaps trying it out some day, then ZeniMax has made your plans for this weekend.

From December 10th through the wee hours of the 14th, Elder Scrolls Online will be available to play for free even if you haven’t bought the game. While Xbox One players shouldn’t have any problem getting into the free weekend, PC accounts will need a code that’s available in limited quantities from certain websites.

ZeniMax said that it’s not offering a free weekend for PlayStation 4 accounts due to technical issues but hopes to have one in the future. The studio is currently offering ESO at 60% off and is incentivizing players with a $1M giveaway contest and discounts on store currency.


Perfect World is running a bunch of holiday events

Perfect World Entertainment has brought back its annual winter holiday events to its stable of MMOs. We’ve mentioned the goings-on in Star Trek Online already, but you might also want to check in with Neverwinter for its Winter Festival of Simril for daily quests, starlight parcel gifts, and more. It starts on December 17th.

Perfect World International is hosting login bonus events beginning on December 18th, while Forsaken World gets a 12 Days of Giveaways promotion that starts on December 14th and runs through Christmas day. Finally, Champions‘ Black Harlequin and Holiday Event has already started, and it runs through December 31st. On December 11th, players can battle Clarence the giant teddy bear and Black Harlequin; on Christmas Eve, players can collect presents that contain random rewards.

Source: Perfect World press release



SWTOR plans nostalgic fourth anniversary rewards

Believe it or not, four years has passed since Star Wars: The Old Republic first brought BioWare’s brand of storytelling to the MMO space. Now it’s time to make a cake, light some candles, and open gifts in celebration.

Gifts? Why, yes. BioWare has several presents for its community on this occasion, starting with four-credit Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds. There will be an anniversary vendor handing out free gifts as well, including an Ebon Hawk wall mount, an HK-51 statue, and an Ebon Hawk rest animation. Players can claim up to 10 copies of each for their accounts.

The SWTOR anniversary rewards will go live on December 8th and remain available through January 3rd, 2016.


Elder Scrolls Online is giving away a million bucks

Who ever told you that playing video games would never pay off? If you happen to win Elder Scrolls Online’s new giveaway, you can shove a million bucks under the nose of any who doubted your direction in life.

That’s right: Elder Scrolls Online is giving away $1 million to a lucky player on February 1st, 2016, as well as several thousand crowns to 1,000 runners-up. To get in on that action, all you need do is fill out a form and log into the game by January 10th.

Elder Scrolls Online is currently 60% off as well, which is a good holiday deal for this buy-to-play game.


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