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Trove officially launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Voxel sandbox Trove has formally launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, having been in open beta on both consoles since December. Trion says it's now "captivated nearly five million" players across both consoles, which by our estimate makes for about 10 million players total, including those already on PC.

Trove "has become one of the largest free-to-play console releases of all time during its successful Open Beta," the studio says, "with thousands of unique worlds being built by players and tens of millions of hours logged in the game before it’s even officially launched."

Existing beta characters and plots should be just as you left them as the studio promised no more wipes past closed beta. The game is free-to-play on both platforms. Check out the launch trailer below!

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World of Warcraft steps into the desecrated Cathedral of Eternal Night

The story of World of Warcraft: Legion is only just ramping up, as players prepare to move on to the Broken Shore to continue to fight against the Legion. Part of that fight will take place in Patch 7.2's Cathedral of Eternal Night, a five-player dungeon that takes place in the spires of the Tomb of Sargeras.

"While the dungeon is, of course, rife with Legion presence, we deliberately focused the areas of fel contamination around the portions of the structure closest to the source of fel storm," the devs said in a preview. "This amplifies the contrast and allows us to showcase large sections of untarnished elven architecture."

Players will face off against four bosses in the dungeon, each with their own unique mechanics: Agronox (an angry treant), Thrashbite the Scornful (brother of Smashsmite), Domatrax (a demon general), and Mephistroth (leader of the Legion invasion).

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PAX East 2017: Introducing Rend, a three-way survival sandbox from Frostkeep Studios

I don't really like survival games, typically -- I understand why a lot of people do like them, don't get me wrong, but I don't care for them myself, for a whole forest of reasons. To make a survival game that I want to play, you have to really come at the genre from a side angle, which can be hard to do while retaining the things that people like about the genre.

At this early juncture, I can't say that Rend (official site) will do all of that. But I can say that the groundwork is in place for something that might be worth getting excited about.

I was incredibly fortunate to be granted one of the first meetings with Frostkeep Studios and a first look at Rend itself, in a conspiratorial PAX meeting on the second floor of a fish restaurant on the Boston piers. It felt a bit as if I were being shown something that should not be seen, some artifact of great power that had been hidden away from prying eyes. Perhaps that's as it should be.

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PAX East 2017: Citadel Studios on Shards Online's switch to Legends of Aria

Big changes for MMOs frequently involve giving up almost as much as you gain. Not so with Legends of Aria, the not-actually-new title from Citadel Studios. Legends of Aria is Shards Online, you see, but it's also not Shards Online. It's everything you liked about Shards Online, but it's also placed into a larger context in which the ideas behind the game can have more space to develop and grow. If you liked the game before, you'll like it now, but if you didn't like the game before, you might think a bit more fondly of it once you see the changes.

The short version is that Legends of Aria has a robust "main" server set up. That means a large-scale map, plenty of things for players to go find, and a variety of different regions with different environmental effects. It is, in other words, a full-scale MMO which you can play as much as you'd like. But it's also a full-scale MMO that allows you to look at what the developers have done and say that you don't like it... and then make your own version of the game server.

We spoke to the folks from Citadel at this year's PAX East. Read on!

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PAX East 2017: Hands-on with the surprisingly fun Kritika Online

It's pretty much a rule of nature that at least one game is going to be far better and more fun to play than I expected on the PAX East show floor. This has been true every year, and while the past couple of years have involved my spending a bit less time on the show floor overall, I've still walked away with some surprises. This year, it was Kritika Online.

What I expected from Kritika Online was... well, nothing particularly impressive. I didn't expect it to be bad, but that was because I didn't expect much from it at all. It was a game that En Masse was bringing over that sounded, at a glance, like the sort of game which fades from memory shortly after you play it. What I actually got was a game that has a clean purpose and remarkably fun mechanics, like the pure product of an MMO marrying a Dynasty Warriors clone.

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One Shots: No more worlds to conquer

There's that special joy that every screenshotter knows when you're able to get that perfect angle, that photogenic pose, and then capture it for all time. I kind of feel that Rob was able to get that with this first picture from Star Trek Online.

What is his captain thinking? Is he bummed that the Federation has put a kibosh on his plans to warmonger his way across the galaxy? Does he want that planet to be named "Glory to Rob the Magnificent" and populate it with adoring subjects? Or is he merely contemplating the deep mysteries of what was in that replicator ration he ate for lunch?

No matter which it is, he's looking profound and deep doing it!

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PAX East 2017: TERA is coming to Xbox One and PS4 this year

Remember those rumors last year about a console port for TERA, buffeted by the surveys to selected TERA players about which consoles they play on the most? Time to drop the "rumor" flag, as En Masse confirmed at PAX today that the Korean-born import is indeed destined for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. It'll be free-to-play and include "the entirety" of the PC game's content.

"TERA’s real-time and skill-based gameplay is the perfect fit for home consoles. While the game already supports a gamepad on PC, the console version’s control scheme is being redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to ensure a responsive and visceral combat experience. The game’s user interface is also being completely rebuilt for consoles with the controller and living room viewing distances in mind."

You can already sign up for the beta if you're interested! In the meantime, we've tucked new screenshots and the announcement trailer below.

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Dark and Light confirms 2017 early access launch

Toward the end of last year, we all did the math and figured the resurrected MMORPG sandbox Dark and Light had no chance of making its original "late 2016" target. In fact, it had missed both its fall windows for launch already. That's why it wasn't much of a surprise when in December, Snail Games admitted to a 2017 early access and full launch by the end of this year. We guessed January for the former, but nope -- just a few trickles of info so far since then.

Last night, the game's Facebook page told players it's not dead and is in fact still planning its early access in 2017.

"Development is still going strong on Dark and Light! Right now we're working on tuning and polishing overall graphics quality, particle effects, and animations for the Early Access launch later this year."

There's even a new Twitter gif of the "upgraded Blizzard spell from [the] most recent build." Sparklies to look at while you wait for early access, anyway.

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One Shots: All dolled up

It's always a crapshoot with our weekly screenshot challenges; sometimes they take off, and other times... not so much. But boy howdy did you all seem to fixate on last week's call to share pictures of MMO sights that creeped you the heck out. Now they're creeping me out and I need sleep tonight!

Reader Vexia kicks us off this this nightmare fuel from Final Fantasy XIV: "I have 3,784 screenshots taken from FFXIV. Having played since open beta, I take an increased total amount of pictures each year. I searched through my 1,744 between now and February of 2016 to find the perfect shot of something that is creepy and, coincidentally, child-like. For some reason, the Sharlayans thought these were just the thing to guard their abandoned magical stuff. In true Square-Enix boss fashion, this is not even the final form. I spared you from having to look at that because it somehow gets even creepier.

Um... thank you?

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Elder Scrolls Online's Earthtear Cavern home will be buyable next week

Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online's Homestead housing will probably want to take a peek at the coming-soon announcement for the cash shop, which finally includes Earthtear Cavern, which was buyable in beta and tourable on live but wasn't purchaseable. It looks like it's going live on March 9th.

"You want privacy? What could be more private than lost and forgotten Nedic ruins in a remote corner of Craglorn's backcountry? It even includes some Redguard touches from later occupants—but once you move in, it's all yours to decorate in whatever cultural fashion you please!"

There are also several new "multicultural" furniture packs in Redguard and Khajiit style intended for Earthtear's open spaces.

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Trove counts almost 10M players ahead of March 14 console launch

Voxel sandbox Trove's been in open beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for only a few short months, but it's already gathered "nearly four million" players across both consoles, according to a Trion Worlds press release this morning, which also notes that "Trove’s industrious console players have also placed more than one billion blocks in the Trove world, while destroying more than 5 billion!"

Back in December, Trion counted 5 million players on all platforms, including PC. Now, the company says that combined number is "almost 10 million." CEO Scott Hartsman says that "Trove is already dominating the Free to Play charts."

Trion is planning an official launch on both consoles on March 14th, but don't worry: Your characters and blocks are safe, as the studio promised no more wipes past closed beta. Just make sure you log in before the switchover and claim your free mounts!

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Black Desert celebrates first anniversary with Dark Knight launch, birthday gifts

The Dark Knight is officially live in Black Desert today as part of the game's first anniversary update. Hardcore players probably already took advantage of the pre-creation event, but if not, it's time to get rolling the melee/magic hybrid.

"A fearsome knight representing the Vedir tribe of Kamasylvia. Her use of the nature’s force, deeply rooted in dark magic, is rather destructive. The Dark Knight uses Kriegsmesser as a main weapon and Ornamental Knot as a secondary weapon. Her weighted blows are seamlessly connected through dark magic."

To celebrate her launch, Kakao has kicked off several events, including one that tasks players with collecting Dark Knight Seals for prizes, a combat experience buff for the week, and a death-penalty-free run at specially spawned field bosses. "Loyal" players will also receive 20% off coupons for the cash shop.

Do make sure you log in this week to claim your anniversary presents too, as unclaimed gifts will be deleted.

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Exclusive: Indie sandbox El Somni Quas has been 'rebuilt from scratch'

Over the last few months, we've published several exclusive dev diaries from El Somni Quas, an indie sandbox from a Czech studio that cut its teeth on Ultima Online emulators and plans to port a lot of the ideas it tested there into its built-from-scratch 3-D venture. The first diary covered the game's arena design, while the second focused on free-for-all PvP and sandbox features like housing.

Today's deep-dive, penned by David Šanda, covers the game's technological roots, its search for a proper game engine, and how the team has basically rebuilt the game from scratch.

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