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Black Desert patches in Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 minigame, anticipates Drieghan region in Korea

If you found Black Desert’s little black spirit dude disconcerting, this week’s patch is… not gonna help that. Today’s update adds Black Spirit’s Adventure 2, a second season of the minigame with a refreshed look. Kakao is also incentivizing fishing with the Ancient Relic Crystal Shard drop event, plus adding tweaks for battlefields and new login rewards. And this sounds ominous: “The dragon flying around North Kaia Mountain has suddenly disappeared without a trace.”

Meanwhile, Korean players are anticipating the launch of the Drieghan region in their version of the game as of tomorrow. The teaser site is live now, and if you can wade through the Korean with Google Translate, you’ll be able to scope out the new grind areas, level 59+ areas, a new hunting ground with a diurnal spawn cycle, new loot, changes to contribution levels for experience, mass processing crafting, a new minigame, and the city of Duvencrune. The trailer for that is down below.

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Dual Universe launches additional crowdfunding with supporter packs

Excited for the release of Dual Universe? The game is still planning for a launch this year, but like any ongoing game project, especially one that’s delayed its alpha already, it could benefit from additional funding past its successful Kickstarter. So the game is jumping onto the ongoing fundraising train with the addition of its supporter packs, along the lines of the now-ubiquitous founder’s packs but oriented more toward the ongoing crowdfunding for the title. Developers have also previously said that a second crowdfunding campaign is coming, so this is probably that.

A variety of packs are available for purchase now on the official site, with silver level and above getting automatic closed beta access while gold level and above gets automatic alpha access. It’s worth noting that players will be able to simply subscribe once the game goes live, so if you don’t feel like dropping full retail price for future closed beta access, you’ll just have to wait longer to get into the game. Check out a new selection of screenshots and an accompanying trailer just below.

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Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s A Bug in the System

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for: After a short delay, episode 2 of Guild Wars 2‘s fourth Living World season, A Bug in the System, is finally ready to release. It feels as though Daybreak was a lifetime ago after being spoiled for so long with super-fast episodic content drops throughout the Path of Fire story, so I’m delighted to finally get to grips with some new story now. I had a little glimpse at the action two weeks ago in a dev-guided preview and was honestly left jaw-dropped, so it’s been exceptionally difficult waiting for its release to talk about my impressions. The episode is dangerous, political, and impactful, and I am just about hanging onto my seat as I get to see more today.

In this episode of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’ll recap on Daybreak’s content for those who haven’t quite caught up before launching into my first impressions of A Bug in the System. I played for around 45 minutes with some key developers and have only had a glimpse at the content, so this article will be a nice teaser for today without spoiling too much more than the trailer does. Having said that, if you would prefer to go in fresh, give this one a skip to avoid potential spoilers until you’ve played yourself.

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Dark and Light pushes the Air Temple PvE update to the end of March

Dark and Light players are probably still irritated over last week’s patch delay and rollback – Snail hears you. “February was a hectic month, and there were a lot of different aspects of Dark and Light that we wanted to work on,” the team says in its community letter this week. “We delayed patches and content so that we could address further issues and improve content.”

The good news is that it’s released its promised March timeline with a patch every week starting March 8th. The first three tackle bugs, optimization, and quality-of-life upgrades, while the last patch of the month includes the Air Temple.

“As you can see, the new PvE experience has been pushed to the end of this month. […] We have a new community event planned for the week before and leading up to the patch on 3/29, and we’ll have more information on that event in the near future.”

That does mean a delay until April for the dev kit currently in testing.

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One Shots: This is too weird for even me

I like to think that I have a fairly open mind when it comes to accepting strange sights and races in fantasy MMORPGs, but Final Fantasy XIV seems hellbent on finding my breaking point. Literal cat-fish might just be that. It’s too weird for me, I’m out of here.

“Looking for NPC comic relief?” Vincent asked. “I give you the Namazu. Half-cat, half-fish (?) and I’m pretty sure the person who came up with the design was half-baked. The other shot I took on the way back to Castellum Velodyna (Beast Tribe quest hub) just as the fog was about to lift…”

When you’ve just made Moogles look normal and mundane, you’ve really accomplished something.

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Here’s your first look at newbies playing the Ship of Heroes combat alpha

Ship of Heroes has something to cheer about today as it’s just begun its combat alpha, complete with “signature heroes, the Apotheosis City environment, their offensive powers and powersets, enemies, UI, AI, and several other gameplay features, all of which are integrated into the Alpha version of the game.”

More alpha tests are expected this year, along with beta by the end of 2018, “but that does depend on the results of the intermediate alphas,” Heroic Games’ Gasey McGeever said in the press release today.

Take a peek at the combat alpha video down below: A trio of devs took a trio of total newbies and ran them up against a trio of enemy groups just to see how they’d all fare. “With one exception, each team member is playing a signature hero from SoH, and employing superpowers shown in previous videos. Sword Blossom, the Dual Swords Brawler, shows off a new offensive melee powerset for the first time,” Heroic Games told us.

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Sky Noon is a mash-up of Super Smash Bros. and westerns

Probably the most ingenious design decision of the original Super Smash Bros. back in the day was to ditch boring health meters in favor of simply knocking your opponent off of the screen entirely (albeit with rising chances of this happening as a fight progressed). This odd-yet-satisfying multiplayer setup is echoed in Sky Noon, which trades Nintendo characters for futuristic cowboys.

In Sky Noon, two to eight players jump into arenas and attempt to defeat each other by knocking them off of floating islands. There are several tools and weapons to keep quick-witted players on the up-and-up, including grappling hooks, lassos, shotguns, jet boots, and dynamite.

“There are no health meters in Sky Noon,” the studio said, “instead, to eliminate enemies, players use various super-power compressed air weapons to send them flying out of their boot spurs! Grappling hooks and lassos must constantly be used to prevent players from falling off into the great blue sky.”

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Path of Exile previews Bestiary League rewards, balance changes, and ascendancy classes

Are you pumped for the release of Path of Exile 3.2.0 and the Bestiary League Friday? Grinding Gear has been trucking out info to get players prepped on what to expect, including what kind of loot to expect: new crafting recipes, as well as exclusive microtransaction rewards, like the new helmet, wings, portal, and hideout decor. But not everything is being revealed early.

“We have decided not to announce the challenges before the league starts, so that the team have freedom to keep adjusting the challenges as final testing continues,” explains the studio. “This league’s challenges follow a similar format to the ones you’re familiar with, so there should be no unexpected surprises there.”

GGG has also piped up on the balance fixes coming in the update; of note, mods that debuff monster damage will “now actually work properly,” key farming mobs (like Oni-Goroshi) won’t pop as often and will kick your butt when he does, normal mobs will drop fewer items, and sextant spam/blocking/abuse should no longer be a factor in league play.

Patch notes are up now; the trailers are below!

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Funcom announces Mutant Year Zero, a tactical adventure game

If mutants, post-apocalyptic settings, and turn-based combat sound intriguing, then Funcom’s got a pleasant surprise in store for you today with its announcement of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Developed by Sweden’s Bearded Ladies and published by Funcom, Mutant Year Zero is a tactical adventure game in the style of XCOM that takes place in an alternate timeline in which humanity is gone and mutants roam a world in ruins. It is based on the Mutant pen-and-paper RPG that is part of the package that Funcom picked up a little while back and will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this year.

Before you ask, no, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that this is a multiplayer game, but it does show that Funcom is flexing its publisher muscles in an attempt to diversify as a studio.

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Shadow’s Kiss shows pictures of sex clubs, cemeteries, and penthouses

While we haven’t heard too much about Shadow’s Kiss following its small but successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the team has been teasing its followers by posting several screenshots (or mock ups) from the vampire MMO on its Twitter feed.

We’ve compiled all of the pictures for you below, including shots of Grand River Cemetery, a BDSM club called The Lash, a penthouse view (a patreon reward), an industrial graveyard, and the Slayer base. What do you think so far? Is this a game that you’re interested in trying out for its vampire angle or mature themes? Let us know in the comments!

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Elite Dangerous’ Beyond – Chapter One launches today

Commanders, today is your day: Elite Dangerous’ Beyond – Chapter One goes live this afternoon after today’s lengthy downtime. As we’ve previously noted, the update is free and rolls out to PC, PS4, and Xbox One simultaneously.

Beyond – Chapter One introduces challenging Wing Missions, all-new megaship interactions that allow for collection of data and cargo, and a range of major quality of life improvements including changes to the crime and punishment mechanics, visual planetary enhancements, an overhaul of the mission rewards system and the addition of a trade data overlay that will help Commanders find the most profitable trades in the Milky Way.”

Expect a continuation of the ongoing Thargoid plotline, a new combat ship, and more clues about the Guardians too. We’ve got the brand-new cinematic short video and new images down below. Good luck in there, and if you spot my husband flying around, tell him to log out and get back to work.

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One Shots: The Elvish temptation

I’m sorry to have to begin this week’s column with a public service announcement, but this has been a long time coming. Friends, beware of the Elves. Elves will only lure you into danger, tempt you down roads best left alone, and make a mockery of life insurance policies. Reject the Elf in all of its forms.

“Sadly I’ve been resucked into World of Warcraft because elves (only because Justin has such a hate on for them),” wrote Winter.

DARN IT, Winter. Did you not hear a word I just said? No matter. The Massively OP Intervention Unit (MOPIU) is on its way to your home as we speak. Put down the fake pointed ears and listen to them, won’t you?

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Black Desert players take their first peek at the game’s next region, Drieghan

Yes, players have finally gotten a sneak peek at the next new land arriving to Black Desert, a vast and mountainous region to the south of the existing map. The bad news is that the page offering that first look is in Korean, being as the game is of Korean origins. So you’ll have to rely upon the analysis on Reddit if you want to make sense of it.

Or you could already know or learn Korean, obviously, but that might be a bit much for a fairly simple preview of the game’s next areas.

These new areas do not have a release date yet for the US version of the game, although it’s still early in the year. Players will be able to explore new lands and presumably continue the game’s main storyline, so players are no doubt excited to see what’s in Drieghan. And you can see it right now… a small slice of it, anyhow.

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